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Please DONT nerf Anakin, BUFF other heroes instead.

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edited February 2019
Buffing the other heroes instead of nerfing Anakin would change the game in a good way. Like, I would want to see Darth Vader Choke killing some enemy troops, or Grievous slaughtering some clones with his Unrelenting Advance ability. For example, giving Gtievous %90 damage reduction when using Unrelenting Advance would fix the problem about him. And the same for Darth Vader's choke.

Removing the health cards would have been great too so that we could pick 3 cards instead of 2. Because the health on kill card is a must have.

The only nerf for Anakin maybe would be lowering the damage he deals with push. Msybe he deals %30 less damage with his push eould be enough for him. Poeple will be complaining about Galactic Assault mode with the hero improvements maybe. So, lowering the number of heroes woulf be the solution. Makes them hard to get, but you can feel the power and preciousness of the heroes at least.

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  • My guess is that they would rather nerf 1 hero than have to buff 19. Just a guess, though.
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  • 1. Heroes should only regen from kills as a passive
    2. Anakin is easily countered if you actually know what he does and understand it, hence why no one can.
    3. Heroes in general are inconsistent that there's no way to play them how you want and expect results whenever you play to that strength.
  • dominokerem
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    edited February 2019
    My guess is that they would rather nerf 1 hero than have to buff 19. Just a guess, though.

    Adding damage reduction on abilities would be enough.
  • I agree but let's be careful what we wish for.
    If hero's are too powerful the try hards and professional gamers will be getting hero's in the first minute of matches and keeping them for the whole match. No one else will get a chance unless matchmaking is throughout fixed or an ability to block playing with\against certain players.
  • you would have to buff the other heroes like crazy to get them at the same level as anakin. And that would be way to much work it’s much easier just to nerf anakin and tone him down a bit. It’s ridiculous how powerful he is atm
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