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Felucia Transmission
No Match for a Good Blaster

Jedi and bf1 blaster hero's and villans

the clone legion jedi commanders as well as Ashoka and padmé,

Stass allie (salucami and sullust are both key rebel era planet aswell as cw multi era use map 😉
Plo koon ( cato numodia)
Aayla secura (would love to play a remade felucia 2005 nostalgia)
Mace windu (we have space ryloth why not make it ground map aswell)
Luminara (for kashyykk)
Saesse Tinn (some kind of space battle air to ground map maybe over corusant)
Kit Fisto (general grevious oriented map)
Shaak ti (specifically for kamino)
Ki-adi-Mundi (Mygeeto)


  • Going out on a limb here... Luminara fan?
    Knights of Gareth
    XBL- JsOnMyFett 13
  • ElfiGreen4
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    edited March 3
    I am she's a pretty decent clone wars character and we never saw her reaction to bariss''s role in the ashoka frame job, I reckon there is lots of potential to build more of her story for the new season coming this year, I'm a pretty big fan of stass allie although her lore is limited I think she's another character that need's more spotlight she wasn't a council member because her cousin died she must have done something significant to aquire such a role I found out she did some training to teach bariss offiee the application of force healing which is intresting to me, would like to see that as an arc of like 2 or 3 episode for season 7 😂 we can all dream
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