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Focused Feedback: Hero Balance

1051 posts EA Community Manager
For this Focused Feedback thread we want to hear everything that you have to say on Hero Balance. We know this is a topic that many of you feel passionately about.

When detailing your feedback, please ensure that you make a note of whether it's in relation to Galactic Assault or Hero Modes.

Who do you think is balanced right now?
Who do you think is too strong?
Who do you think could do with a bit of a buff?

Look forward to reading what you have to say!


  • TheUltimateHope
    1650 posts Member
    edited March 2019
    Those who could use a buff : Phasma, Luke (only in HvV), Lando (only in HvV) , Phasma, Chewie (only in GA).
    Also it's really nice to want to balance HvV but take a look at GA too, lightside is ridiculous right now, they have basically access to everything : huge area damage, survivability, intel capability while the dark side only has area damage that can anyway be mitigated by LS abilities.

  • Boba Fett:
    -Revert jetpack to how it worked originally, more focused on horizontal movement than vertical movement.
    -Reduce the speed of it to roughly 60% of what it usually would be.
    -Make it take about 0.5 seconds longer for boba to properly start his ascent when holding the jetpack button
    -Increase the start damage of each blaster bolt from 35 to 45 and the end damage from 20 to 30.
    -Increase the damage drop off from 20m to 30m
    -Change the reticle to the one from battlefront 2015
    -Move the melee to the y/triangle button on console and allow for toggle zoom when pressing the right stick (same as bf 2015)
    -Concussion rocket should actually blind enemies or at least increase the blur effect to make it harder to see what’s going on
    -Enemies should be affected 2 seconds longer than normal
    -Enemies killed during for the hunt restore 20 base health without his hok card
    -For the hunt has a 4 second longer cooldown
    -Increase base health to 650
    -Increase regen by 50

    For anyone saying this is a stupid idea, please explain your opinion. This would make him play a bit more like the first game, and the extra health and damage is balanced out with slower jetpack movement, making him play more strategically and not be able to run for the entire game.
  • Too much to say, I already made a thread about it, pasting it here would result in a huge post, so I will only leave a link:
  • Royazeee
    244 posts Member
    Well to be honest... the balancing in this game is better than ever and i am very happy how this game turned out... <3<3
    And if you ask me, few of these heroes/villains could use a buff:
    1) VADER
    well i know he is possibly the best dark side villain and very fun to play...but, his choke kinda feels underwhelming and its more risky than i think a damage increase to 150 and a 30%-50% damage reduction would be awesome!
    I feel like she’s a lot of fun to play but once you’re low on health...there’s nothing much you can do...for that reason i think she deserves a HOK card....
    Possibly my second fav villain (after vader) I absolutely LooooVe playing as him and i feel his blaster and his abilities are in a great place but his health is where he, health increase by 100 (to 650)and a better regen would be aweeesomeeee...and also tweaking his jetpack fuel would also help....
    I think playing as Finn is fun but again there’s nothing much you can do when you’re low on health so HOK for him would be good but the main problem woth him is that his damage output is kinda underwhelming...and also his abilities are,as most of his abilities are tied to his blaster i think a damage cap increase per bolt would make him waaayyy stronger...
    Roughly the weakest hero in the game...there’s absolutely no point playing him in GA...he has a great damage output but his regen is the regen increase to 250 would make him perfect and alternately giving him a HOK
    Card will also make him better....

    And lastly, this is kind of a long shot but im a huge fan of lightsaber heroes one shotting regular troopers (except heavy ofc.) so...make that of what you will....

    Anyway i love this game and will support this game till the end and i LOOOVEEEE the new heroes...keep up the good work and im looking forward to what’s ahead....

  • Given that they can't even add new star cards its ludicrous to suggest adding a fourth ability, the excuses are amusing to say the least rather than just outrightly saying it...
  • chims
    78 posts Member
    Phasma - Make staff strikes better, more damage on blaster
    Iden - Fix sniper rifle
    Grevious - Change movement of unrelenting advance to be normal movement range but at the same pace he moves currently. Also it doesn't block most heroes blaster shots like leia and lando.
    Anakin - Needs more nerfs
    Vader - More base damage to be in line with anakin. damage reduction during choke.
    Yoda - lightsaber block or have him have a small window of invincibility during his flips while attacking that he is dodging light saber attacks.
    Maul - some sort of block

  • Do wookie warriors count?
  • Raices
    1592 posts Member
    Yoda needs to deal more dmg with his saber, specially against heroes, his unleash also needs to deal more dmg max, 150 min 250 max. His saber dmg needs to be around 150. He needs better defense against saber villains.

    Luke needs to deal the same amount of dmg he deals to troopers to the dmg he deals against heroes, im talking force powers, his saber dmg needs a slight buff also.

    Vader needs to deal 150dmg with force choke and one shot troopers with furious resilence, he also needs dmg reduction on furious resilence without the card(around 15%).

    Boba needs around 600hp

    Anakin needs a nerf in GA mostly, his retribution is OP. His heroic might still need some tweaks against infantry.
  • Raices
    1592 posts Member
    edited March 2019
    Maul needs to deal 200dmg with saber throw.

    Yoda needs to deal 150dmg with his saber. Needs to deal 150 with unleash min and 250 max.
  • Hi. I play the game a lot. Here are my suggestions.

    Who do you think is balanced right now?
    Vader, Bossk, Maul, Grievous, Phasma, Fin, Han, Chewie, Iden, Obi-wan, Kylo. All these heroes seem the most balanced right now to me.

    Who do you think is too strong?
    The strongest character in the whole game is Anakin, Mainly his heroic might ability is too easy to spam and get kills with. I abuse it all the time in GA and get full health back everytime. Maybe make Anakin's resistance lower when he uses it to make it a more risky move to use and give it a longer cooldown, otherwise it is too broken. Another thing is Anakin has another force move that makes him over the top better than most which is his Retribution ability. Retribution is way too good and hard to counter because how instant it is, i suggest make it deal less damage because of how easy it is to abuse as well.

    Notable characters that can be abused against infantry but are not too strong.
    Yoda: This one is simple. Yoda himself is fine but His presence ability with cards gives too much health to allies around him making him the worst in GA. Completely easy mode on chokepoints on certain maps like Naboo.

    Palpatine: The range of his lighting is too far. Makes him safe to use with his mobility and easy to kills tons of people with.

    Who do you think could do with a bit of a buff?

    Leia: Her blasters are great against Infantry but against villains she can die early, specially by using stuns on her. Her shield ability does nothing but gives villains the advantage because how the shield rewards damage being funneled inside, so her shield makes her dead weight when she uses it. Please give her shield something or change it entirely.

    Luke: Needs to get more health back with HoK card.

    Boba: Runs away too much. This is only a problem in HvV. I suggest making his Jetpack slower if hit for a brief amount of time and buffing his health a lot or something like that.

    Dooku: I have a hard time getting his saber attacks to connect sometimes. Specifically in lightsaber duels when someone is getting stunned from my block, he can't do a followup attack like most lightsaber heroes.

    That is all my feedback and suggestions. I hope you guys find it helpful because i would love to see the game succeed. :blush:

  • JediPacoElFlaco
    1848 posts Member
    edited March 2019
    Nerf to all heroes. Trooper must win ever XD

  • cosworth99
    699 posts Member
    edited March 2019
    I'm really liking the Phasma love in here. Her blaster needs a buff. Not incremental, but a serious poke upward in power. Once you play with Iden, Han, or Lando and see what their blaster can do, Phasma loses her shine.

    Also, let Phasma deploy her staff while she is being hit by a lightsabre. Reduce her droid stun a bit and get her away from being a pinch point camper.
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  • Hmmmmm, I got some hero/villain buff suggestions.

    Increase his repulse damage to enemies
    Decrease the damage luke is taken while using the repulse ability
    Increase his rush damage to enemies.

    Decrease the damage vader is taken while using his choke ability
    Increase lightsaber throw damage (a little bit, so it could one hit kill heavies).

    Make his lightsaber blocking better

    Have droid shield block lightsaber attacks if a lightsaber hero is attacking the shield.

    Increase his health
    Increase his primary weapon.

    And i got no nerfs in mind.
  • Arcanewarrior
    463 posts Member
    edited March 2019
    Give everyone 4th ability!! a saber throw for LS?

    Also give Maul a block! Uno it make sense ;)
  • Cadoth
    1237 posts Member
    I’m just gonna say... make different stats for GA and HvV
  • Apparently, Yoda is judged by his size, and his jump is horrible. Its embarrassing! I need an Uber to get around in Tatooine if you fall from the roof at any point.

    And I think more people would play SF if you got a bit more points from it. It takes ages to advance any ship
  • Deckard112
    567 posts Member
    edited March 2019
    Regarding DARTH MAUL:

    I take this idea from a twitter user under Ben Walkes twitter

    1. Fix his throw
    2. Give him a 1.5 - 2 seconds long block (with a little animation attached to it) that blocks force & saber, also deflects blasters but ricochets the blasters in random directions with a cool down of 4-5 seconds. Actually a pretty genius solution imo.
    3. Give him an additional dash (very optional imo)
    4. Make his F ability (the saber dash) up dmg from 100 -> 150 or at least 125.

    That way we can keep his extreme mobility playstyle, and due to his very weak block he still does not need a stamina bar.

    Win - win for everybody. Sounds pretty balanced to me.

    @F8RGE please make it happen.
    Make Maul great again.
  • CC_1010
    3728 posts Member
    I think it’s pretty balanced in hvv now.

    But the light side needs some small buffs.

    Luke is average. Buff his lightsaber attacks.
    His force abilities should do a bit more damage.
    Then he would be fine.

    Obi wan.
    His mind trick should last maybe three seconds longer.
    His devesive rush could knock enemy’s down.
    That would make him perfect.

    Han Solo could use a little more health. Maybe 50 hp.

    Needs to jump higher. Give him a medium block.

    Leia could use a forth ability. Something that gives her better chances in hvv.

    Dark side

    Maul needs a block. At leat a weak one that protects him from being used as a projectile by LS heros. He is getting thrown around like a ball at the moment.
    And maybe increase the damage of his choke.

    Sidious Lightning should slow the movements of his enemy down.
    Also another dash would be cool.

    Grivous unrelenting advance would do more damage. Nobody should be fine after waking into four rotating lightsabers.
    Also he would take 30% less damage when using this ability.

    Boba Fetts blaster needs to be more accurate and do more damage.

    Phasmas Blaster also needs to do more damage.

    Just my thoughts.
  • Empire_TW
    7564 posts Member
    Boba Fett: Target system in HvV needs to go and in GA his jetpack, not working needs to be fixed.

    Darth Vader: His force choke, saber throw combo needs to be less effective against heroes

    Darth Maul: saber throw needs to be fixed

    Kylo: abilities not working consistently needs to be fixed

    Palpatine: fine, for the most part, dark aura shouldn't stop heroes from jumping

    Iden: Fix pulse cannon not working and either fix droid batteries or change the card description (change the card description if saber "combat" and "dodge" is gonna continue to be the worst thing ever)

    Phasma: She needs her blaster to be better and less dependent on her droid. Needs regular health on kill

    Grievance: His hit detection needs significant fixing and button mashing needs to be fixed

    Doughku: Fine

    Bossk: His mines should visual markers, his explosion visual effects need to be significantly toned down

    Anakin: Health nerf, having 1000 health along with having multiple damage reductions are problematic in both GA and HvV and that's not counting having health buffs from Finn and Yoda. Heroic might and retribution should have smaller areas of effect. He should also be voiced by Hayden Christensen or a sound alike.

    Yoda: Presence in GA needs a significant nerf, he needs a better way to fight saber users, and he needs his hit detection fixed.

    Finn: His undercover team speed boost needs to be better if it is even working at all. Big Deal should give points.

    REY: Hit detection with dash strike needs to be fixed, should also break block.

    Luke: Abilities working needs to be fixed, should be buffed more for HvV.

    Leia: Squad shield needs to have an actual use.

    Han: Should charge should be more effective against troopers

    Lando: smoke grenade should be given something to be more viable.

    Chewbacca: Needs a regular Health on Kill

    Obi-Wan: Push needs a bit of a rework, should be voiced by Ewan Mcgregor.
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  • unit900000
    3943 posts Member
    edited March 2019
    ross42899 wrote: »
    Phasma's blaster needs to be a little bit more powerful. It's damage needs to be increased slightly.

    I absolutely hate it when people ask for her blaster to get a buff shes melts you in HvV the only thing that needs to be done is her accuracy mechanic needs to be removed so she can shoot without having to spray first to be accurate.
    Dont act a fool and you wont get called out. PSN: DarthOdium- old PSN: unit900000 Xbox gamer tag: MetaltronXII
  • Han:
    He should be able to run or walk faster while sharpshooter is active

    His shoulder charge needs some serious tweaks as right now it’s only useful for running away in GA, it felt much better in BF2015

    Her flash grenade should be swapped with the officer’s

    Her shield should give allies faster health regen and give them faster cooldowns while inside, maybe this could be a star car

    Saber damage needs an increase to 115

    Push and repulse need better hit registration

    Push should deal higher damage to villains Repulse needs damage reduction while activating

    His rush should flow more smoothly with his running and give him a speed boost for a few seconds after use

    His smoke grenade is useless in both modes, it doesn’t even stop saber villains from doing a closing strike like it’s supposed to

    He needs a regular HOK

    His charge should give a little damage reduction by default

    Too many to list, some of the ideas suggested here would help

    His health needs reducing to 750

    His saber damage should be reduced to 130

    His abilities are ridiculous by nature, they’re all old abilities hit with powercreep

    Passionate strike should have less lock on and shouldn’t knock people over

    Heroic might max damage needs taking down to 300

    Retribution max damage needs taking down to 400

    Pull Dominance needs changing; it’s just Kylo’s pull hit with powercreep

    He shouldn’t be knocked out of the sky by everything

    An ADS mapped to Triangle/Y or something would be appreciated

    I wish his EE-3 felt more like BF2015

    She needs a regular HOK

    Her staff needs a complete rework
  • unit900000
    3943 posts Member
    biggest thing is damage, health and health regen across the board for all heroes need to be increased to be around Anakins level heroes like Luke honestly feel terrible to play now. 2nd main thing that needs to be done is all heroes need a 4th ability.
    Dont act a fool and you wont get called out. PSN: DarthOdium- old PSN: unit900000 Xbox gamer tag: MetaltronXII
  • Health on kill passive +20.

    Health on kill off heroes +100 = star card

    Health without killing eg iden, palp = star card
  • In GA hero's should do more damage to troopers than hero's
  • In GA hero's should do more damage to troopers than hero's

    Cause hero lords just need even easier kills in GA.
  • In GA hero's should do more damage to troopers than hero's

    Cause hero lords just need even easier kills in GA.

    I think he meant heroes against heroes should be the same in GA as it is in HvV.
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