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Focused Feedback: Hero Balance



  • TertiusRegent
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    Health regeneration needs fixing too. As far as I knew it reset full aftertastes a target was killed. I just spent the entire last match playing Luke a 268. The entire stupid match. Oh, and for some bizarre reason, I was the target every other time it switched. This has happened often over the last week or so, and I’m sick of it. I just jump off the map now.

    Reducing the duration of all the stubs would be great. I’m sick and of Lando or Iden (usually with aimbot loaded as well) casually walking up, stunning me, and firing until I’m dead. Don’t talk to me about dodging either. You can’t dodge when 3 force pushers are knocking you around because the have shortened cooldowns.
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  • I think with Heroes vs. Villains there is now much more balance because of the way you built Anakin. The dark side, with experienced players, can just be a beatdown, the true Murderer's Row being Darth Vader, General Grievous, Palpatine, and probably a real skilled Boba Fett player.

    Palpatine: would be reasonable if you would just eliminate his ability to bounce up and down so high and often. This is what the experienced players have always done to exploit his character, and there is absolutely no counter for him if you're a trooper and he is facing you. He should be able to get stunned in some way by grenade or weapon to slow down and possibly escape an instant kill.

    Grievous: I've been saying this for awhile - he does not have force powers and should not be able to successfully block all incoming laser fire. Just because he has lightsabers does not put his on equal ground with the powers of a force user, despite his training and cybernetics. He is built like a tank, and already has plenty of powerful attributes.

    I can argue about Bossk or Boba Fett, but it really comes down to the skill level of the player, but they can be a real nuisance in the right hands.

    I'd say Rey is the most balanced, Vader is as he should be, Kylo Ren about right. Others have their strengths and weaknesses. Luke has come a long way, but still is not as strong as he should be; I really dislike his repulse ability and always thought something more appropriate to his canon character should replace that ability. His dash strike is still awkward. Obi-Wan is also weaker than he really should be.

    I've played enough HvV games since launch that I am just beyond exasperation with all the pushes, getting thrown off platforms, and prolonged immobilizing effects. Would like to see a faster spawn timer as well.

    Palpatine nerf? 😂😂. hell no.
  • awakespace wrote: »
    HoK is passive trait for all heroes (this includes Palp's Lightning Absorption and Iden's Friend in Battle becoming passive traits)

    All saber users do minimum of 150 damage if hitting from behind

    All blaster heroes get 50 more health regeneration

    All heroes aside from Anakin get 50 more base health

    Note: I'm adding some capacity to break through block to all saber users

    • Decrease retribution maximum damage to 250 (choke does 150 - final push does 100)

    • 120 damage base
    • 120 Rush
    • Push damage to heroes increased from 90 to 120
    • Rush breaks through block partially causing 50 damage
    • Repulse does 150 damage and has 40% damage reduction during use
    • Buff his cards - Jedi Fighter stamina increase to 30%, Rush Immunity damage decrease to 50%, Deflection Mastery adds 25% damage to deflected shots

    • Dash Strike breaks through block
    • Increase hero HoK from 60 to 100

    • Jump as high as basic Jedi (Rey, Kylo, Obi, etc.)
    • Push does 150 damage base and 300 at full charge
    • Yoda can block lightsabers with his lightsaber
    • Star Cards: Increase Jedi Mentor damage resistance to 10%, Opposing the Dark Side damage increase to 20

    • Defensive Rush move speed increased - 25% faster
    • Able to jump out of Defensive Rush
    • Defensive Rush can be triggered while blocking
    • Defensive Rush will break through block
    • Mind-trick is reworked to stop all offensive capacity, abilities, and blocking - and only allow characters to run, jump, and dodge. If boba is on the ground he will not be able to startup his jetpack, but if he's in the air, it will not knock him out of the sky.

    • Saber throw fixed to work exactly like it did at launch
    • Spin Attack partially breaks through block causing 75 damage
    • Base lightsaber attack does 110 damage
    • Choke Hold does 100 damage
    • Maul has 50% damage reduction during Choke Hold
    • Add ability to block force attacks like Yoda but not lightsabers or blasters

    • Pull has base damage of 50 (can be increased to 100 with card)
    • Frenzy fully breaks through block
    • Frenzy can be triggered while moving and/or blocking

    • Choke does 150 damage
    • Vader has 50% damage reduction during Choke
    • Focused rage causes 150 damage per saber strike

    • Expose weakness allows Dooku (only Dooku) to partially damage through block at 40%
    • Lightning stun has increased range by 20%

    • Thrust Surge partially breaks block causing 100 damage but no knock down

    • Big deal causes no running speed reduction
    • Regular HoK (not tied to Glie)
    • Undercover team Glie-44 breaks through block at 50% damage

    • Increased damage of blaster slightly
    • Have less damage drop-off at range
    • Decrease recoil
    • Smoke slows opponents (similar to Palp's Dark Aura) and increase any damage taken by 25%

    • Make shield inside area cause damage to villains who enter at rate of Bossk's Dioxis

    • Concussion missile should cause 50 damage and cause knock down if it hits directly - if it is just splash it should function as it does now
    • Can recover if knocked out of the air - this works to recover from both explosions and from force powers - this is a 4th ability (triggered like Anakin's) - it has a 7 second cool down - it makes a mechanical click sound like he is repairing it - the ability takes 1 second to complete before Boba can fly again

    • Full HoK (not tied to only staff strikes)

    • Full HoK (not tied only to charge slam), but when defeating villains it only gives him 50 health (not 100)

    These are verry good ideas, but i think yoda´s presence is too good he tanks everything with his overhealed troopers.
  • @F8RGE , Thank you for finally focusing your attention on this matter. It’s been a long glaring issue that’s honestly been ignored for far too long.

    I’ll try to keep it relatively brief and to the point. First let’s address the Hero Balance in HvV, because, obviously it is an entirely different context and you’ve already made changes to stuns, ect there. These key differences include:

    The fact that the player count is substantially lower.

    On average over half the players are melee fighters.

    Team Play is the more paramount factor here in winning.

    The Maps are smaller and encourage constantly moving around with no set area to really attack or defend besides the target itself.

    Many, Many attacks can be evaded, blocked, rolled, or otherwise resisted.

    These and other factors pretty much ensure that any one Hero in HvV can perform substantially well, and while the usual Hierarchy surrounding them that exists in GA(we’ll get to that later) is still there, it is much less apparent and plays a lesser role in deciding the outcome of a match.

    As it stands now, I have no problem really killing any hero with any other Hero in the mode. With Fights between two very skilled saber Heroes being able to last for a respectable duration until team mates get involved. I suspect this will improve and look visually more appealing when your lightsaber changes update rolls out. That being said, the Heroes themselves aren’t really that much of an issue in that mode per say and I’d urge you to consider most of your re-balancing in the context of Galactic assault from here on out.
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  • Galactic Assault

    In Galactic assault Heroes Cost Battle Points to play. They all virtually cost the same because at one point or another on certain maps they’re either in, or out of era. This becomes a problem when some Heroes just completely, undeniably, outperform others when deciding the outcome of a match.

    It becomes a major dichotomy between what I dub marginal players vs. game changers.

    This is not to say some of these game changers are perfect either, most of them are not, and could use some of their own improvements as well.

    Let me list them for you.

    Game Changers:

    Dark Side: Emperor palpatine, Bossk
    Light side: Rey, Finn, Yoda, and Anakin Skywalker.

    Literally Everyone else is a marginal player that’s only as effective as the enemy allows, if you play extremely passively behind your team, or if you fight off the objective picking away at stragglers one at a time. They’re significantly harder to play in general, have a hard time pushing or defending objectives, suffer from a weak star card line-up that promotes a meta pick and just one play style, and/or are equipped with abilities sometimes far too situational to even be bothered using period.

    What makes a game changer a game changer in my view is having 3/3(4?) useful abilities that are versatile enough to see consistent use. They Have a star card line-up that doesn’t promote just one style of play, which goes hand and hand with having all useful non-overly situational abilities, or their particular niche is done so well they need not rely on anything else. I’ll illustrate this concept more as we eventually go Hero by Hero.

    The point of all this is that this imbalance in the power level of Heroes leads to just a select few constantly being spawned in GA in a never ending revolving door of the same faces all but in the final phase were people don’t bother waiting on the cool down. I mean why spend bps on Luke when you could easily make 3x the impact on Anakin, or like wise on the Darkside with palpatine and phasma.

    I get Heroes are supposed to have different play styles and all, but what happens when their particular niche is either so underwhelming or too narrow in scope to really accomplish what could be done better on someone else for almost half the effort? They end up just not worth playing, and doing so is just shooting yourself in the foot for what amounts to relief from the boredom of playing the same few faces match after match. In general they’re just not as fun to play.
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  • With that being said let’s go over some general changes every Hero could use, and then evaluate what could be done on an individual basis.

    We’ll also mention some fairly useless star cards and what they could potentially be modified into. The general theme with that is that all star cards should be realistically applicable to both modes, not just HvV.

    General changes:

    HP Regeneration:
    150 regen on nearly every blaster Hero is one of the primary things holding them back from being “good” in GA. They’re just way too easily injured in any remotely close range encounter or outside a group of supporting infantry. Leading to the pot-shot, passively behind-friendly lines playstyle most of them must adhere too. 200 or a Heavy’s regen should be the default baseline for all these Heroes period.

    As for saber Heroes without the ability to self buff their HP, or access too an increased Max HP/Increased regen card, they should get +50 regen or one of their lesser used cards turned into another form of Health Card. I’ll go into further detail as I break down each character, but keep this in mind.

    It’s currently too easy to constantly harass Heroes with enforcers, speeder bikes, dive-bombs, ambushes ect and likewise getting a flank off or taking an opponent/objective by surprise is near impossible. With Heroes no longer seeing sprinting infantry on their scanner as well the issue is further compounded.

    What I recommend is making Heroes appear on the radar when they’re sprinting, attacking, or activating an ability. This allows for a more overall tactical approach while making those with abilities that make them disappear from the scanner still relevant.

    Heal cards for every Hero was a first great step as some form of regen is mandatory on a Hero when playing Galactic assault. However with this in mind, the illusion of choice for a card build becomes just that with this type being entirely ubiquitous.
    Rather than entirely eliminate them, make them a default trait every Hero has. Give every Hero + 15 HP for every soldier they eliminate and + 50 for a Hero, and even more with their relevant star card equipped.

    Saber Damage should be 130 for every saber hero so they can instantly kill any base infantry besides the Heavy from behind. Force attacks should be harder to roll, or be out right un-resistible to base infantry. If you can’t separate out the invincibility frames on a Hero from a trooper, then don’t bother with this change.
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  • Exton91ARC
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    The main problem is the transmission unit of the characters and the interruption of abilities.
    Somersaults of heroes should not ignore the abilities of force, for example pull and freezing of Kylo Ren.
    The block must be placed on time and continuous combo attacks passing into the block.
    Next, characters that need to be improved:
    Obi-Wan must have 800 hp, with a card increase to 200.
    Recycle mind trick: he must send all abilities to recharge and slow down enemies.
    Defensive Rush: must either be replaced with a pull, or its protection will be improved and upholstered for a time of rush becomes unresponsive to damage.
    Darth Maul needs a block at least weak to block the abilities of force.

    It is necessary to remove the interruption of Palpatine’s lightning abilities. And reduce the damage of alternative fire Eden Versio.
  • Now onto the individual Heroes.

    Captain Phasma is in the running for worst Hero in the game at this rate in Galactic assault and the reasons are pretty simple.

    Her heal card is on staff strikes. Staff strikes itself was at a time a terrible ability that warranted almost no use unless you wanted to take damage in a long self stunning animation. Even now with your improvements, and with a regen threshold of just 150 HP, getting close enough to even make use of staff strikes becomes counter productive when you’d probably take more damage than you’d heal back in the first place.

    What needs to happen for phasma to be a competitive pick is that:
    She get’s a general Heal on kill Card.
    Staff strikes receive an uninterruptible stance, perhaps when survivor is activated, and every strike, not just the first, has a lunge associated with it.
    Her regen threshold should be increased to 200 as previously mentioned.

    Her “Survivor” Abilities HP should decay at a rate similar to Yoda’s.
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  • Iden Versio

    Iden Versio is best played as mobile mortar. Engaging with Her actual Tl-50 up close with just 150 regen is just a way to hemorrhage HP in near every gunfight. That being said I feel she could use 200 regen since she’s primarily a close range fighter.

    Her pulse canon is completely underwhelming doing only 120 damage… fully charged, at least in arcade. Correct me if I’m wrong, but that needs to change big time. The default uncharged pulse canon shot should be 120, and 200 when fully charged with a moderate AoE effect.

    Her Shield is pretty much a slightly more powerful specialist shield and doesn’t really standout. What you could possibly do to make it more unique is give it a knockdown repulse when it’s fully drained to targets within 5 meters. At any rate it doesn’t really stand out and isn’t worth running any star cards for. Seems far from a “Hero” ability to me. Maybe you could find a way to make it feel a little more powerful.
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  • Boba Fett

    Boba Fett is essentially denied his Jetpack by any form of explosive shot infantry have access too. To address this I’d say give the knockdown effect on bobas pack a threshold of 80 damage. Increase His base regen to 200 and replace his “Extended Exposure” Star card into a flat added duration to his “For the Hunt” ability, or turn it into “Bounty Hunter’s Resolve” that grants 100 increased health regeneration. Additionally give boba 600 HP.

    Restore the Launch Area of Effect on his barrage, and make his anti-hero rockets into a flat damage or AoE increase. As it stands now his barrage requires far too much accuracy for an explosive projectile, not nearly as useful as it once was in Galactic assault.

    Boba Fett’s “For The Hunt” ability should simply be the Mirror of Rey’s insight.

    His Concussion missile doesn’t hinder his targets enough to grant him that much of a tactical advantage. In addition to further distorting it’s targets vision it should come with a slow or immobilizing effect like the officers old flashbang. 25-50 or so damage should be inflicted to those caught near the blast as well. These changes would actually make the acute concussion star card actually viable instead of the useless pick that it is now.

    His “Death From Above” Star card grants 15% damage reduction while flying with his jetpack and using rocket barrage. It’s worthless and nobody uses it. Make it a flat damage reduction of 20% when boba’s Jetpack is active.

    His EE-3 is near worthless at long range, and with 150 regen, close range use is just an easy way to hemorrhage HP and get whittled down to nothing. Too many infantry and enforcer blasters simply out class this weapon. So I see an Increase to the base damage of his EE-3 to 138, or 46 damage per blast, trailing back down to 105 past 25 meters.

    Lastly, while “For The Hunt” is active, disable boba’s melee and make the right bumper his zoom. While active He receives no damage drop off on His EE-3 and he gains a passive 10% damage reduction.

    Boba is now a game changer.

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  • AbyssWatch3r
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    Darth Maul:

    General Stats: +50 HP, +50 HP regen, 130 saber Strikes.

    Since Launch Darth Maul has needed a block, and even more so now. As it stands he simply is no match for any saber user who can block his attacks with no way to penetrate their guard without using his basic attacks, which get him repelled and exposed for free damage. He is also highly susceptible to force attacks and stuns with no way to defend them other than dodging, which is far from a unique defense. This is mainly a HvV issue, but it also arises when he faces Light saber users in GA as well. Coupled with only 100 damage strikes he simply doesn’t have the DPS to win even a saber mash. He will almost 100% of the time lose to any Anakin he Faces, with only slightly better odds against anybody else, relatively speaking.

    A master Duelist Maul took on both Qui-Gon Jin and a Young Obi-wan Kenobi on Naboo, at the same time. He nearly would’ve won too if pride had not clouded his judgment. In light of this Maul Should be highly proficient at blocking light saber strikes, but lacking in defense against blaster fire. Make his relevant ratios the opposite of Anakins.

    Next I would look at Maul’s saber throw. In the movie trailer he uses it to take out a group of patrolling clones. Now, he’d be lucky to kill even one. None of the relevant cards as a result are ever worth running. The “Accelerated Throw” Card in particular which adds 30 damage is pretty much redundant since it still wouldn’t even kill a Heavy in one-shot. Make the damage buff + 50, but don’t even bother if you don’t change mauls throw in the first place

    My recommendation on this ability would be:

    Make the Saber Throw completely Horizontal, you could then adequately re-shape the hit box so the ability not only see’s more use, but is a more reliable tool in mauls arsenal. I could probably count on my hands the number of times Mauls throw has actually ever damaged me, and I’ve been playing since launch. This ability rightfully see’s little use and it needs to change if mauls ever to step up from being just an average hero.

    Maul’s Dash attack is by far his most reliable move, but I feel the damage is a bit low and it can be dodged or blocked. So with that in mind I’d increase its damage to 130 for each dash attack.

    The Star Card “Fool Me Once” Isn’t a noticeable enough increase to really warrant use unless used to counter the increased Cool Down of his “Flow Motion” Starcard. I’d consider replacing it with this. Being Damaged gives Maul a 20% chance to reset all his Cool Downs.
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  • Kylo Ren:

    Your buffs to Kylo Ren have been progressively better but He’s just not there quite yet. I’m suggesting a few changes to his stats and some to his star cards.

    What I would do is remake his “Total Control” star card, currently it increases the freezes duration by 50% if 3 or more targets are caught in it, which is still less than what it was before you nerfed it. Turn it into a 100 increased regen threshold card as it’s even more useless now that the freeze has been nerfed.

    His “Resiliency” star card is another example of a too situational pick in GA, so I would consider making it a Flat saber Damage increase, and looking at Anakin or Greivous, there’s really no excuse as to why not.
    His Harsh Pull star card should increase his pull damage by 120, 50 is way too low considering What Anakin is capable of. Ren should be the most proficient at it since he first defined it's use in the Force Awakens.

    Additionally, not too long ago you guys added damage reduction to Kylo Ren’s frenzy. It was necessary because at the time it did low damage, had a propensity to swing at air, and there was no way to exit the move. It’s a lot less relevant now since the ability has a max of three strikes and can travel much further distances.

    In the movies Kylo was able to shrug off pain while pressing the attack, making him a ruthless aggressor. To keep in line with this and put Ren at a game changer level I suggest turning his underused “Berserking Tantrum” star card into a Flat damage reduction of a maximum of 30% damage resistance while swinging his light saber with stamina. Increase his base attack stamina by 15%. As a drawback make his stamina replenish slightly more slowly than the other saber users (-35%).

    With These changes in mind Ren definitely would be a force to consider and I think just as powerful at taking points as palpatine or bossk.
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  • AbyssWatch3r
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    General Grievous

    The Droid General is a formidable foe indeed, but really only relies on his claw rush and “Sith Trained” Star card to do the brunt of his assault. Without of which infantry have a much easier time tying him up with roll immunity due to his slow swing speed, and it becomes exponentially much more difficult to take more than 1 well trained Clone at a time.

    In light of Anakins Damage potential with his increased damage star card, Grievous should have his additional stamina cost lifted off his card.

    “Unrelenting Advance”, still even with your adjustments, is an underwhelming overly situational ability indeed. Even now it still has poor control, and without the ability to move backwards and reposition, it frankly never will. Further increase the forward movement and turn speed a tad amount, 20-25%. Hits with unrelenting advance still don’t trigger Fast enough to prevent enemies from rolling behind you without the use of "Deadly Slashes" star card. You are also still yet an even easier target with explosives and blaster fire alike.

    Since “Sith Trained” and “Beating Heart” (increased Damage and regen, respectively) Are so fundamental to Grievous’s most successful playstle theres simply no feasible reason to ever run these two cards. The ability would still see next to no relevant use unless it receives a buff. With this in mind I believe “Unrelenting Advance” should receive base damage reduction of 40% and Base strikes of 150, it really is realistic considering just how deadly a high rpm lightsaber buzz saw would actually be.

    With that in mind his Deadly Slashes Star Card could be remade into “Droid General” A + 200 HP star card similar to Anakins. 190 dmg on the Advance might be too powerful in Hero modes.

    As For his “Thrust Surge” I think the ability should allow Grievous to retain is 4 sabers for a brief duration to attack with. I’m sure it hasn’t been animated yet, but you clearly have a static pose already made. At any rate this is something every fan wants to eventually see. Having 4 light sabers it what made Grievous such a cool character in the first place.

    We also want to see that green-caped Grievous appearance, I know you had trouble animating it during the claw rush, but perhaps you could simply remove or modify it during the animation. This is the signature Grievous appearance everybody wants to play with.
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  • AbyssWatch3r
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    Count Dooku

    Dooku is a formidable melee fighter to be sure, with many and fast recharging dodges and high light saber damage with his “Duelist “ However he is not without his own faults despite being one of the better Light saber wielders in the game.

    One of the biggest glaring drawbacks to Dooku has in particular is that he’s entirely limited to close range engagements as his force lightning in my opinion has an unrealistically short range.

    My Recommended Change would be Make the “BLIND SPOT star card increase the range of Dooku’s lightning to a maximum of increase of 8 meters or so.

    Dooku’s expose weakness in Galactic Assault also has an incredibly long animation that immobilizes dooku and leaves him too vulnerable too attack. Being a single target effect that it is, it’s almost always better to just use duelist or better yet regular strikes to kill anything but a Hero.

    My Recommended Change would be to make the ability a straight buff to Dooku. Anybody within a 12 meter radius takes more damage and is slowed for it’s duration. Killing Targets under it’s influence Heals Dooku an additional Bonus +25 HP and extends the abilities duration by 15%. Targets effected deal less damage to Dooku.

    Dooku also experiences a BUG where his “Duelist” ability's increased attack speed animations will be canceled whenever performing a closing strike. Which is pretty much at any point dooku is sprinting before he attacks, which is near always. Needs a fix.
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  • Darth Vader

    While a powerhouse at launch Vader has fallen from glory since then and is no longer the Hero he once was for clearing out points or really changing the tide of battle.

    For starters his base HP needs to be reverted back to 900. Right now the young Anakin has more Max HP than his more armored self and it definitely doesn’t sit well. Vader was also known for being a physically hard hitter with his cybernetics, so a base damage increase to 135 per swing should be in order, additionally he would now do 150 damage per swing with Focused rage.

    “Focused Rage” should grant an inherent 15% damage reduction and augmented further with his “Furious Resilience” Star Card for a total of 40% damage reduction.

    The “Fueling the Rage” Star Card suffers from a DAY ONE BUG that makes any recovered amount of time that bleeds over the max amount automatically disable the ability and put it on cooldown. This needs to change if the card is ever to be useful. (This bug effects all abilities like this such as Bossks “Ultimate Predator” as well)

    “Force Choke” wouldn’t need damage reduction if it were just fire and forget like the last game. I think it should go back to being instant cast ability as channeling it in GA is usually more harm than good. It doesn’t kill anyone out right and leaves Vader too vulnerable to massive damage. Not worth running any of it’s relevant cards in GA, and such a shame too for such an Iconic ability perfectly nailed in the last game. If it upsets the balance in HvV make it function as it does now, but only against Heroes. Or a system similar to what I just described. Base of 150 Damage.

    Vader’s “Intensified Lightsaber Throw” Star card should simply be a flat increase to Vaders lightsaber throw. It’s still to situational to be worth running in GA over nearly anything else. Perhaps you could also completely rework it into an additional charge for saber throw that deals half damge or doubles the Cooldown.
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  • Bossk

    The Trandoshan Bounty Hunter is one of the few Heroes I feel the team got right from the start. He has full HP regeneration. 3/3 working, versatile abilities that help clear points, secure objectives, and inflict maximum damage. A formidable Star Card line-up means Bossk has plenty of options to choose from as well.

    There is only really one thing that needs to change on Bossk and that’s his “Sniper Expert” star card, It’s pretty useless and I’ve yet to see anybody ever use it since launch. The advantage you’d get out of the disabled overheat is virtually worthless at the ranges you’d be sniping at.

    My Recommended change would be “Each Head Shot kill with his relby instantly disables the charge up time on his sniper blasts for a maximum of 5.5 seconds.

    Would definitely be a competitive card to the meta of the 2 Dioxis and the “Multi-Traps” cards everybody else runs.

    The “Unrelenting Predator” Star Card which reduces the CD on his other abilities should be on any kill, not just those while in “Predator Instincts”. It too is a fairly useless-noncompetitive star card.

    The “Trap Arming Speed” card should simply be bonus damage. Non-competitve and has to be paired with “Multi-traps” to be particularly advantageous.
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  • Emperor Palpatine

    The Dark Sides absolute undisputed powerhouse that can almost single handedly turn the tide of a losing game, end an opposing enemy Hero in seconds, and absolutely decimate whatever threat he’s up against. In raw right hands. He is to the Darkside what Anakin is on the Lightside.

    It’s all primarily due to a meta star card pick that he would honestly be nothing without. We all know it, and near everybody runs them in GA.

    The cards are “Lightning Reach” “Lightning Absorbtion” and “Surge of Lightning”. This combination gives Emperor Palpatine a considerable distance to attack with a powerful current of force energy, and the potential to strike and kill multiple targets with his chain lightning and Heal back to full in the process. Paired with extreme mobility and the ability evade blaster fire while suspended in mid-air he’s very dangerous to all who encounter him.

    That being said he could use some work on some of his other star cards so maybe we wouldn’t see the same Palpatine every game in GA. I'm speaking Primarily of the ones dealing with his stun “Electrocute” because as of now, they’re completely worthless if they weren’t already before with the nerf on it’s duration. Specifically they are “Forked Lightning”, “The Rule of Two”, and “Prime Electrocution”; Increased AoE, Increased Damage to Stunned Targets, and increased stun duration to 3 or more targets stunned.

    With the nerf to stun duration the “Rule of Two” has near no benefit, and Forked Lightning as well as Prime Electrocution were never competitive picks to begin with. As Follows I suggest “Prime Electrocution” be changed to a damage on the stun in intervals of 75, 100, 125, and 150.

    Let The “Rule of Two” Star card be a replenish able 50, 75, 100, 150 HP buff to nearby Villains and palpatine when they are within 20 meters of each other, it slowly decays otherwise.

    Let Forked Lightning make Electrocute Fire off Twice.

    This is how you teach scrubs:
  • That’s it For the Darkside. And again, if every Hero had a default 15 HP or so per kill, a lot of the meta picks would no longer be wholly necessary for GA and free up space to equip some actually unique cards. I hope you and the team can gleam something from all that I wrote. I’ll begin all the Light side Characters at some later point next.
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  • I'm going to start with GA, since most people on here hardly ever take that game mode into consideration when discussing balancing.

    Before I begin on each hero, I've got to say that even before the Chosen One broke this game mode (it's still broke), health stacking remains a problem.

    ANAKIN: Extremely overpowered. This all stems from the 90% damage reduction you gave him for heroic might. That should be lowered to 60%. Here's why:
    1) with HoK and that radius, it's hard to put significant chunks into his base health.
    2) if you're going to just run into a crowded room of enemies, it show be a pretty big gamble to pull off a team wipe. Right now it's too easy.
    3) by lowering the damage reduction, it also makes it harder to build up retribution. Maybe it's a big, maybe it's not, but while heroic might reduces the damage taken, it doesn't reduced the amount of damage points built up in the retribution bar. If it's not, reducing the damage reduction to 60% will make it harder to build up reduction because Anakin could easily die by a rising into heavily armed areas.

    FINN: Big Deal should not give teammates damage reduction. This goes back to health stacking, but this ability makes it next to impossible to win with DS on GA because it gives infantry three times the health, thanks to the damage reduction.

    YODA: Inspiring presence should either give less health to infantry or it should go away quicker. Giving teammates 200-260 extra health throws the game balance way off. I want to make clear, the health he gives to other heroes can stay, it's how his ability affects infantry that makes it OP.

    LEIA: Balanced

    HAN: Balanced

    LANDO: Lower his damage fall off and slight incease his base damage. This is definitely need for HvV and will help him in GA as well.

    CHEWY: Switch his HoK to where furious bowcaster delivers HoK. He still remains the weakest hero on GA. By switching his HoK to furious, he becomes a much more viable option to use on the field. Right now, he's basically a victory cigar for when you're running the other team.

    OBI-WAN: Balanced.

    LUKE: his base saber damage needs a buff. I'd also add 15% damage reduction to his repulse ability.

    REY: take away the bp assists she gets from insight

    KYLO: Balanced

    PALPS: increase his dodge cool down. This will slow him down to a more appropriate level so that he's not always playing keep away with saber users, outside of Anakin.

    VADER: please add a cooldown to his saber throw after a choke. That combo is still OP both in HvV and GA.

    GREVIOUS: balanced

    BOSSK: balanced

    IDEN: fix her pulse cannon please. It still has problems actually building up and firing. I'd also slightly reduce the AOE to her secondary fire.

    BOBA: please make the high platforms in the middle of phase 1 of Kassyk out of bounds. Also, his disruptor card needs to be more consistent, while concussion should have a either a more blurry FOV or a slight blinding effect.

    DOOKU: His lightning appears to be broke right now. It doesn't appear to chain like it did prior to the Chosen One update.

    PHASMA: Please allow herself to pick-up the droid. You could make the pick-up time longer than normal if there's worries about that ability being OP in HvV.

    MAUL: Balanced on GA, but could use some sort of extra defense of HvV.
  • masontcarr wrote: »
    Hmmmmm, I got some hero/villain buff suggestions.

    Increase his repulse damage to enemies
    Decrease the damage luke is taken while using the repulse ability
    Increase his rush damage to enemies.

    Decrease the damage vader is taken while using his choke ability
    Increase lightsaber throw damage (a little bit, so it could one hit kill heavies).

    Make his lightsaber blocking better

    Have droid shield block lightsaber attacks if a lightsaber hero is attacking the shield.

    Increase his health
    Increase his primary weapon.

    And i got no nerfs in mind.

    Another change i forgot to mention, is kylo ren, have the amount of frenzy strikes return, instead of the damage increase. I actually like to see it return.
  • Just check my topic about An Ideal Luke Buff down below, please.
    Current Topics:
    Balancing Darth Vader
    Hero ability changes

    Xbox Gamertag: PlayerPurity

  • Peepzilla
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    I think most of the comments here covered the balancing issues very thoroughly. That said here is my suggestion:

    Instead of a "card" system that already promotes everyone essentially following a "meta" line up for HvV and GA, it'd be cool if each hero had their own perk tree, wildly popular in games like Skyrim.

    Perhaps have 3-5 lines of perks with only a certain amount of perk points. The paths you choose to level up may be wildly different than everyone else's. The combos and choices would be much higher and thus creativity and unique hero layouts would emerge.
  • ID_8615
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    GA - needs to return the focus back to objectives. Currently, its a debaucherous malaise of who can rack up the most kills as a Hero/Villain in any given episode. Simply put - too many heroes / villains mucking up the whole point of Galactic Assaults.

    A clear separation needs to occur. Those that want to play as heroes & villains ought to be allowed to... and that's what H v V is all about. Leave GA to the grunts. If someone wants to play as a hero amongst regular troopers, let them have an offline arcade version of GA for that. There is noting heroic about slaughtering a plethora of regular base-4 troops trying to do their jobs.

    In H v V; I've watched my youngest play this .. and I don't get why other players simply quit when they cannot play as Ani or whomever. But, then you have 3 v 4 or worse sometimes. While my son (age 12) doesn't care and plays on, it's rather childish to think others behave this way in HvV (& probably in GA as well). Personally, while Anakin is overtly over-powered in GA (like many of the heroes & villains are), in HvV, it doesn't seem to be the case. The blaster heroes / villains could use a bit of work, but otherwise, they are all relatively balanced.

    Creating a new venue for the hero-wannabes might be a good idea: create an episode of the jedi trials? Or have Sith wannabes go through a Power of Two trial in a Sith temple somewhere.

    But get Heroes and Villains OUT of Galactic Assaults already!!! They are nothing but a distraction and detract from the Objective play of GA. If nothing else, at least level the playing field and make heroes / villains suffer the same amount of damage as grunts do (no more discounted damage depending on whether one is a hero or not).

    -- sharkman781 has some decent ideas in his thread here:
    -- my ideas are here:
    -- and, don't forget the wampa..! (
  • Maul and Yoda need a block vs sabers. Maul desperately at least needs a block vs force powers but a block vs sabers would also be very ideal. Perhaps a small damage buff for him too? I mean he is using a double saber blade, kinda just makes sense to give him decent damage. I think Anakin will be fine the way he is as long as the villains can get a buff where needed.

    The rest of the villains feel pretty balanced. It's just tough for blaster heroes going against saber heroes like Anakin. Im not sure what y'all could do to fix that though. Just seems risky no matter what but I always see blaster heroes at the top of point charts so maybe it's not all that bad.
  • Blaster heroes need better blasters (only Han's good). Remove aimbots and stuns. Tone down explosives. Atm infantry has better weapons then heroes which makes picking them counter productive
  • Jaku
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    All abilities that cause the player to hold still for a long animation, i.e. Vader choke Palps electrocute Luke repulse should be given a damage reduction like Obi Wan and Anakin

    Dark Aura should give Palpatine immunity to push and pull moves, right now Anakin beats Palpatine hard, imo it is a 10-0 matchup that Palps realistically can't win

    Anakin maybe lower the radius of his aoe moves they are still crazy strong compared to other hero moves in the game

    Boba Fett just let us aim down the sights please.

    Maul give saber throw a bigger hitbox maybe up his saber damage a bit

    Phasma IDK give her something since you nerfed her one good trait maybe health on kill not on staff strikes

    Lando give the gun an accuracy buff similarly to Phasma you gave him nothing to compensate for the nerf

    Luke up his saber damage

    Chewie needs regular health on kill bad

    That's all I got maybe start thinking about making Health on kill a passive for all heroes except Bossk so we can actually have some variety with our star cards instead of wasting one on HoK one on whatever must have card almost every hero has and only one for our playstyle
  • Maul saber throw to spin in a circle for bigger hit box
  • Force users - make every force user/lightsaber hero like Anakin, (post nerf) he's perfect imo.

    Blaster heroes - can't comment on them, don't play as them.
  • That’s it For the Darkside. And again, if every Hero had a default 15 HP or so per kill, a lot of the meta picks would no longer be wholly necessary for GA and free up space to equip some actually unique cards. I hope you and the team can gleam something from all that I wrote. I’ll begin all the Light side Characters at some later point next.

    Wow. Thank you for all your good points and taking the time to type them all out!
  • Omniscient wrote: »
    Touch nothing*

    HvV: I have reached the top podium spot with every single character, Light Side and Dark Side (Yes, even with Phasma).

    GA: Heroes Unleashed removes any perceived imbalance. Just sayin’.

    * I really like the position of @Drfeelbad that every character should be given a fourth ability. If this is already in the works, and Anakin was a test case to “collect data” to see how people reacted, then good on you. If not, get on it.

    I’m curious as to why you asked us to delineate GA vs HvV for our responses. Hasn’t it been made repeatedly and abundantly clear that you cannot separate/modify abilities across the modes for each Hero/Villain; that it’s a one-size-fits-all implementation?

    Even with Finn?? Its possible to learn this power??
  • Defbored
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    the addition of anakin has made ga not fun.

    one of his abilities that deals damage cannot be blocked. how is that fair? not only does he have that but he has two abilities that deal 400 hundred damage each. and he has four abilities. i really don't understand the logic of making him such a powerhouse when he has more abilities that every other character.

    heroic might is still unfair. completely unfair ability if you aren't engaging him but your garbage teammates are charging him up. i know, i know, i know.... run away. well... when you're pushing an objective and trying to win, getting cheesed on by that ability is going to happen. it needs to be more "high risk high reward" considering the amount of damage it does. its already high reward but not high risk. ill run into a huge group of enemies, use it, kill 5 or 6 people (maybe even a hero) and take zero damage.

    he is fun to use. i will admit that. as anakin i will take on an hero and easily win. that is fun. but balanced it is not.
  • JMaster
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    I've got a lot to say, I'm gonna finish my concepts then post them here. Hope you can give our old cast of characters some love.
    "I felt there was a large amount of human chauvinism... also I felt very bad that at the end the Wookie didn't get a medal also... oh, all the people got medals but the Wookie who had been in there fighting all the time, didn't get any medal, and I thought that was an example of Anti-Wookie discrimination." - Carl Sagan on the subject of Star Wars
    He knew.
  • The short version is: Anakin is overpowered to a game-breaking degree.

    Here is the longer version:

    I understand that it is difficult to balance all heroes across all modes, including whatever this additional mode that will be coming out this month.

    I love this game. I have played it nearly every day since launch. I have over 2 million credits. I'm pretty good. But probably worse than I should be for someone who plays so much. But here are my thoughts:

    Before the Anakin update, HvV was completely imbalanced and GA was more or less balanced.

    Anakin has turned that on its head. Now I get great games in HvV and GA is a complete mess. I find GA almost unplayable right now. I have moved to hero modes as my main for the first time in this game's lifespan. I WANT to play the GA that I used to be addicted to, but I can't.

    Right now there are two things about GA that are very frustrating. First of all, as a team, Anakin can destroy any momentum you had by clearing out a room with the click of a button. He has TWO abilities that can do this. When you're attacking, in a well matched game, you usually get a couple chances to build enough momentum to take an objective. Anakin destroys that. So if the teams are not completely lopsided, a defending light side will almost always win. And this was a mode that was already very skewed to a a defending light side before.

    Secondly, a reasonably smart Anakin, with a combination of his abilities, can singlehandedly kill any blaster hero (or Maul). He pulls you, he uses passionate strike, he follows up once. You are dead. There is literally no way that you can counter it. He can tank bossk's bombs or Iden's droid. Or randomly, no matter how well you've been playing, he can use his unblockable ultimate and take 300 or more health (or all of it if he has teammates shooting you). No other collection of hero abilities can do that. The only one that comes close is the Vader choke/saber throw combo and that relies on range, not pulling you into cqc.

    So what this means is that no matter how well you are playing, focusing on taking objectives, racking up a streak, Anakin can killswitch it. You can even whittle him away slowly from full health, be playing a great one on one. And he can just choke you to death from full health.

    This. Is. Not. Fun.

    It is fine in HvV because that mode was so imbalanced that having a single player who can destroy everything really helps the light side. But it's kind of a false balance because the mode mostly just plays like the entire light side is playing support for Anakin. If that player is bad, the light side will probably lose.

    I have no idea what the new lightsaber combat is going to be like, but in this current version, I think you are underestimating how powerful it is for Anakin to be the only character who can break someone's block. For him to be able to do that and have a repulse that's better than Luke's, a pull that's better than Kylo's, and a choke that's better than Vader's is the very definition of overpowered.

    Hero Showdown remains the most underrated, balanced mode in the game. You can see the balance of the heroes very clearly there. There are certain characters that are incredibly powerful, but it's OK because you can't just keep using them over and over again. It's too bad the people who actually play that mode are quitters and trolls. When you get a good, even match of Showdown it is fantastic.
    Two more things though:

    1) Whatever stats you are look at don't necessarily take into account the way GA is actually being played right now. I have seen many Anakins on the defending side that will pull away from objectives to continue the game so that they can get larger killstreaks. This creates a false sense of closeness in these games when Anakin is actually in complete control of when the game should end.

    2) There are calls to buff Luke and keep Anakin the same. This is because there is a large contingent of players who are not interested in close, intense matches, and are not interested in broader trooper play at all. They want to be their favorite characters from Star Wars and feel as powerful as the characters in the movies. They think that Anakin is fine because he's SUPPOSED to be the most powerful jedi.

    Please, I beg of you, do not listen to those people. The balance has been very good in this game (especially compared to Battlefront 2015). A good hero who plays smart can stay alive, take objectives, go on kill streaks. A bad hero will die. Bad heroes need to keep playing to learn how to be good ones. It's a game. That's how it works.

    If you need to buff Luke a bit so his lightsaber swings deal more damage, great. Do it. He could probably use it. I also think he would be a great hero if his abilities actually worked (this and other bugs are a plague on this game and should be a priority).

    But the heroes should not all be buffed to Anakin's level. There has to be room in this game for troopers as well. They should not be just glorified bots.

    Listen to these people @F8RGE @IronSoldier
  • freshseth83
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    Going to repost my suggestions in 2 parts, first part is-


    Bossk- His abilities are fine as is. I feel you should buff him to 700 health and increase the main fire rate of his Relby Rifle.

    Emperor Palpatine- His abilities are fine as is. I feel he could use a force block like BF2015 with very limited stamina (could absorb very limited blaster fire like Yoda/or push back a couple regular light saber strikes).

    Captain Phasma- Needs a regular HOK card (or passive ability for all heroes). She also needs higher health regen (250-300). A damage buff to her gun is a must. Please make SURVIVOR a team (health-only) buff which would help objective play, it would fit in with her character as a CAPTAIN. She needs more damage to the first two of her staff strikes or a longer reach to counter rolls. Her droid is fine as is but she should be able to pick it up and redeploy it like an officer's turret.

    Boba Fett- His abilities are fine. He needs more health (700 imo). He also needs higher health regen (250-300) And he should have the ability to zoom with his EE-3. It also needs much less spread on it so it's one of the most accurate blasters especially at a distance when flying.

    Darth Maul- He needs more health (750). I also think he needs higher health regen (300). He definitely needs the ability to block sabers and blaster fire with low stamina. There also should be a slight increase to his saber damage (110-120). And most importantly a rework of his Saber Throw to be comparable to Darth Vader's (like a much larger hitbox and/or slight homing capability).

    Darth Vader- He needs his default health total back to 900 (1050/1100 max with cards) but with that keep health regen at 250 like Anakin. Focused rage should not deplete stamina when done and the ability should also increase his saber damage to 140-150 and damage reduction (up to 40% max with cards). Choke shouldn't last as long for same amount of damage, have the dps at a much higher rate like in BF2015 and he should be able to block during choke animation. I also think it should have larger radius to hit multiple targets.

    Darth Tyrannus/Count Dooku- He needs his lightning range (not radius) increased by 30-50% by default. His Duelist and Expose Weakness animation should be shortened. And his Duelist needs to work so that his increased speed and swing actually is noticeable.

    Kylo Ren- He desperately needs a higher health regen (300). He also needs a faster swing speed. His Harsh Pull should do a base 50dmg so with cards it does 100dmg. Freeze should have a wider arc/radius. Frenzy should be able to be triggered during movement and break a block for first hit. I also think it should have a reworked star card (maybe redo bloodlust again) to be able to target more enemies with it (up to 4 or 5).

    General Grievous- His Unrelenting Advance should be more maneuverable and have a faster walk speed. It should parry incoming lightsaber attacks and have a better blaster block. His Thrust Surge should break block if it doesn't do a regular hit, but do less damage if it does break a block.

    Iden Versio- She needs more health (700). She should have a wider arc/radius for her shock droid. She should also have a higher health regen (250-300).
  • Here's the second part pertaining to the-


    Anakin Skywalker- His abilites are fine as is. I think he needs pull dominance available to use in-air.

    Luke Skywalker- He needs higher health (800). He needs higher health regen (250-300). He needs increased saber damage (120). He needs increased Rush damage (130-140). He also needs increased Repulse damage (150) with damage reduction (up to 50%) tied to star card (replace epicenter or rush immunity) since it should do 150 damage through it's entire radius and have damage reduction.

    Obi-Wan Kenobi- He needs higher health (800). He needs damage reduction during Defensive Rush (50% passive). He desperate needs a speed increase during Defensive Rush (up to his sprint speed). He needs better control during Defensive Rush. He needs all-out push available to use in-air. He also needs a wider radius of Restrictive Mind trick and a different tone to distinguish it between Rey's.

    Yoda- His abilities are fine as is. But he needs a higher jump and faster run speed. He also needs a saber block. I think he needs Unleash available to use in-air. And a regular or passive HOK. With those added he should be one of if not the best light side hero.

    Rey- She needs her Dash Strike to break block. Also she needs Dash Strike to change direction faster. And she needs her HOK buffed to 100 per Villian.

    Han Solo- He definitely needs higher health (700-750) and a higher health regen (250-300). He needs his shoulder charge to break block. And I think he needs regular walking movement speed during Sharpshooter.

    Princess Leia- She needs higher health (700). She needs to shoot Alt-Fire and/or Rapid Fire through Squad Shield at cost of Squad Shield life. And I think she needs Blaster Disabler attached/added to her Flash Grenade.

    Lando Calrissian- He needs increased health regen (250-300). He needs a slight X-8 Night Sniper damage buff to regular shots. And I think his Smoke Grenade should have adverse effects (movement speed or slow health detriment?).

    Finn- He needs increased regular health (700) and regen (250-300). He needs a damage buff to his regular EL-16. He needs a damage buff to his GLIE-44 during Undercover Team. He needs regular walking/sprinting movement speed during Big Deal. And he needs a regular (or passive) HOK.

    Chewbacca- He desperately needs increased regular health (700-750 before cards) and increased health regen (300-350). He needs a default/base increased radius to Charge Slam. He needs passive damage reduction to Charge Slam (50%). He needs increased damage to Melee (130-150) to showcase his Wookie strength. He needs his Charge Slam to break blocks. And he needs regular (or passive) HOK. He should be a lightside tank but a big target like Vader.

    Again, please comment and let me know if you agree with these changes. I thought these out for a good amount of time. I think that increasing each heroes health and health regen will allow them to stay alive longer. I also believe in a PASSIVE HOK for each character that should not be attached to a specific skill. That way you would have custom card loadouts especially in GA.
  • ID_8615
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    @freshseth83 - I think that's well thought out, yes. 👍
    My only issue - those are great for Heroes vs Villains or Hero Showdown. In GA, it's completely wrecked the game as is. Buffing up the Heroes & Villains more will only further stymie attempts to play the actual objectives of a GA. GA is hardly playable as is with so many heroes gumming up all the 🚧🚧 choke-points 🚧🚧 of GA.
  • Deckard112
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    ...since the anakin Hotfix

    People (including me) were very loud about giving maul a block lately. After playing everyday since the anakin Hotfix I might say he doesn’t need one tbh.

    Yea he’s a ragdoll, but really only if you don’t know how to use his mobility to his advantage & if you’re not aware of your surroundings.

    I think he deserves a block but after Anakin I really don’t trust the developers anymore.

    I’m scared they will nerf Mauls mobility and give him stamina when they give him a block, which would be the death of him.

    So I’d say just make his F ability go through blocks, fix his throw, increase base dmg & health a tiny bit, and he’s good.

    Believe me since the anakin Hotfix it ain’t that bad anymore, just never stop moving & always be one step ahead of everybody.
    Make Maul great again.
  • ID_8615
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    GA is just a deplorable setting now. Too many heroes / villains interfering with what used to be a fun game to play. Doesn't matter if it's Crait or Geonosis or the Death Star II, GA is all about who gets the most rodent kills as Hero-of-Your-Choice. Objects... ? what objective other than don't get slaughtered within 10 seconds by a Big_Name.. ? Such a joke of a game now.

    @F8RGE - for the love of JarJar, take Heroes / Villains out of GA!!!
  • Defbored
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    ID_8615 wrote: »
    GA is just a deplorable setting now. Too many heroes / villains interfering with what used to be a fun game to play. Doesn't matter if it's Crait or Geonosis or the Death Star II, GA is all about who gets the most rodent kills as Hero-of-Your-Choice. Objects... ? what objective other than don't get slaughtered within 10 seconds by a Big_Name.. ? Such a joke of a game now.

    @F8RGE - for the love of JarJar, take Heroes / Villains out of GA!!!

    The fundamentals of the game mode have not changed since launch.

    Deplorable now? Too many heros? It's been the exact same since launch.
  • freshseth83
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    Stronger heroes that could actually HELP with objective play is not a bad thing. Buffs to the heroes means there won't be tip-toeing around trying to save the 4500 or 6000 battle point hero you obtained because there's try-hards looking to vanguard or stinger pistol you and your bright red circle on the mini-map. The only reason people say Anakin broke GA is because he's actually a HERO as in he makes a damn difference. Even Palpatine and Bossk only make somewhat a difference if they're played right and that's if they face average or below teams.

    Take Naboo for instance. What dark side team can get through those hallways on the second stage if you have a Yoda and two wookie warriors? Even if you have a Bossk and Palpatine they're getting melted unless they work in perfect tandem against a capable team. You have selfish hero players who go on kill streaks because PTO is boring, pointless and not rewarding them anything, especially with the limited 100 ticket system. If they weren't so squishy they would play the objective because there'd be less fear of them getting two-shot by a Yoda-boosted wookie in overload. This is why you see killstreaks on maps like Endor because there's no ticket system but Walker health, where they can kill the Ion Disruptor runners. Not until the final stage where an easy overtime is had do you worry about tickets.

    This is why every hero needs to be taken up a notch and become actual HEROES like Anakin currently is and Yoda to a somewhat lesser extent.
  • Give Darth Maul a 4th ability like a block ability but it runs out quick or something, i just want him to be able to block!!!
  • the light side have too many Push powers now. a team of Obiwan/Luke/Anakin/Yoda can turn the dark side into a long series of pinball stuns. not very fun to play against them. you need to think about ways to limit this, Maul's lack of a block makes it worse.
  • Chico
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    Anakin is ridiculously OP. The only way I can think of balancing him (short of completely removing retribution) probably isn't possible. In my mind only the enemies that have physically attacked Ani should be affected by both Heroic Might and Retribution. If you haven't shot at or engaged him in the last 10 seconds or so, why should you be instantly killed by one button press? And retribution should be on a way longer charge-up or be limited to maybe 2 or 3 uses per game. Those 2 abilities are too game-changing as it stands.

    Chewie is the opposite of OP in GA. IDK why anyone would pick him. Needs standard HOK as a bare minimum.

    Phasma is similar, standard HOK desperately needed. Blaster damage could also be buffed.

    Boba needs ability to zoom aim (on console before PC crowd argue this one).
  • Chico
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    Bugs and terrible saber lock/stun aside, this mode is currently more closely balanced than it has been for a long time. However, that is only because of Ani being far stronger than all other saber heroes. After Ani, all DS saber users bar Maul are in the next tier with Rey IMO.

    So, like in GA, Ani needs a further nerf for balance. Let's say I'm Dooku, duelling with Obi and it is well-matched. Why should I get wiped out by Ani pressing one button when I am not engaging with him? Why should I be expected to know what is going on in a 20 metre radius 360 degrees around me at any given moment? Tone down Heroic Might in this mode please. Let it do no more than any one other hero ability. Same for retribution.

    Maul and Yoda need a block. Luke and Obi need damage buffs and shorter charges (both) or damage reduction (Luke) on their push/repulse. Recent changes to Kylo should be the standard - he is now very well balanced in HvV.

    Blasters aren't my strong point but Han is good where he is. Iden slightly OP, droid batteries needs to work as described. Leia needs a buff (on console anyway) , the old officer grenade would be good. Phasma and Finn are underwhelming for me but other players seem to use them well enough. Others are OK, Boba can be very annoying if played as a runner but that is the fault of the game mechanic not the character. The key thing for me would be re-work of saber lock and stun and/or roll immunity. As it stands, if a saber user gets anywhere near a blaster user, blaster is toast. They should have a fighting chance.
  • Honestly I am sick of you guys moving the goal posts every week. The game has been out for 15 months and you still haven't decided how powerful your heroes should be? MAKE YOUR MIND UP.
  • F8RGE wrote: »
    For this Focused Feedback thread we want to hear everything that you have to say on Hero Balance. We know this is a topic that many of you feel passionately about.

    When detailing your feedback, please ensure that you make a note of whether it's in relation to Galactic Assault or Hero Modes.

    Who do you think is balanced right now?
    Who do you think is too strong?
    Who do you think could do with a bit of a buff?

    Look forward to reading what you have to say!

    Anakin in his current state is a perfect example of about how powerful heroes should be when designed and how they should excel at their specialty. He is a hero that has significant power in his speciality and in his current state is balanced, despite his power he is still killable, and this is the way all heroes should be. However, many heroes are underpowered and have needed a buff since before Anakin came out. Now that Anakin is out, their underpowered state is exposed even further. Certain heroes such as Dooku and Grievous are already in a good spot, and just need small buffs to either make an ability more useful or to improve quality of life. Every hero or at least every lightsaber/force weilding hero should also receive an ultimate, how powerful it is should depend on the hero, but I'm not going to get into ultimates in this post.

    All heroes have a "speciality", Anakin's is frontline offense and he excels at it. Every hero should be very good at their specialty like Anakin is with his. For instance, Obi-Wan's specialty is defense, so he should be as powerful in defense as Anakin is in offense. Canonically Obi-Wan is the master of Soresu, but this isn't reflected well in game. Obi-Wan does technically have the best defense right now, but that doesn't change the fact that it's weak in GA, it's just better than the other blocks which are all bad in GA. Blocking isn't very effective against infantry, just lightsabers, and there are changes that can be made that buff Obi-Wan's block in GA without making it overpowered in HvV. Just look at any decent Obi-Wan killstreak, blocking is rarely used despite it being his specialty. Obi-Wan is currently one of the weakest lightsaber heroes, and this is because what's supposed to be his best asset, defense, isn't very useful.

    Here are the changes that need to be made for Obi-Wan:
    1. His lightsaber block needs to give him 90% damage reduction from explosives.(This is for GA) The explosive damage reduction can be signficantly lower against villains with explosive abilities.

    One of the reasons that blocking is near useless in GA is because it is ineffective against explosives, which most classes and reinforcements have access to. For instance, a Heavy with explosive or overcharged sentry will force a hero that's blocking to flee as it melts them, as will grenades and rockets. Obi-Wan canonically has the best defense out of any Jedi, it's virtually impenetrable and this change would help represent that in-game. Now when Obi-Wan is up against a group of enemies, he would be more akin to the immovable wall that he should be and be able to push them using his defense.

    2. His deflections need to do a little more base damage, and his critical deflection card needs to apply to all deflections rather than just ones from defensive rush.(This is mainly for GA)

    As Obi-Wan's speciality is defense, deflecting should be one of his primary methods of getting kills, it is difficult to use it for this however, since it doesn't do enough damage to consistently be effective especially at range. These changes would allow Obi-Wan to be able to use his defense as a reliable means of fighting, as well as give the Critical Deflection card a good use.

    3. Defensive rush needs to allow you to aim with your aiming controls rather than movement controls, and needs to allow you to aim on both the x and y axis. In other words you need to be able to aim like you normally can with defensive rush(This is mainly for GA but can apply to situations in HvV)

    The point of defensive rush is to highlight Obi-Wan's skill in blast deflection, it even gives him 100% deflection accuracy. However, there's no point in giving him 100% accuracy on deflections when you are barely able to aim the ability. Currently, the aiming is stuck on the x-axis and tied to the left stick/keyboard rather than the right stick/mouse. This means that as of now, Obi-Wan's defensive rush is basically a weaker version of Rey's rush and can't even be used for it's intended purpose. With the proposed changes, defensive rush would not only be much more effective, but much more unique, and would be able to be used as intended.

    4. Defensive Rush needs to be able to block force abilities(This is for HvV)

    5. Mind trick needs a buff in general, it is far less effective than Rey's and barely lasts a 3rd of the time. It at least needs a buff in the duration department. Because if anything, Rey's mind trick should last the amount of time Obi-Wan's currently does and Obi-Wan's mind trick should last as long as Rey's currently does, given that Rey's is far more useful than Kenobi's. Obi-Wan's mind trick should at least get a duration increase(This is mainly for HvV)

    Dooku is already in a good spot for the most part, change #1 and #4 is a necessity, but the others are small changes he could get that would just improve quality of life and gameplay experience.

    Here are the changes that need to be made for Dooku:
    1. Expose weakness needs to give high damage reduction, because in GA all it does is expose Dooku's weakness to vanguard.(This is mainly for GA)

    2. Dooku's duelist ability should add time on kills, similar to killstreak vanguard or killstreak infiltration. The reason for this is because Anakin can kill all infantry(except Heavy) with 1 lightsaber swing without the use of any abilities, Dooku can also kill all infantry(except heavy) with 1 lightsaber swing but requires Duelist to do this, to give Dooku a small buff in GA this change could help.(This is for GA)

    3. (This is an idea to highlight Dooku's ability to use force lightning and give him a little more versatility and is equally for both GA and HvV).

    If LB(Dooku's lightning stun button) is held down for a second rather than tapped, Dooku could extend his hand and force lightning could shoot out of it at a long range like Obi-Wan's all-out push. Constant force lightning could come out of it for the duration that he holds it down, and this could do damage over time like Palpatine's lightning. This would drain Dooku's stamina.(The main reason for this would be that many players were dissapointed in Dooku's force lightning and how it couldn't be used more like it was in the old games, this would also give Dooku more versatility as he currently only has close range abilities.)

    4. Fix the glitch where duelist has the normal attack animations if Dooku dashes or jumps while it's active.

    Here are the changes that need to be made for Grievous:
    1. Fix thrust surge, I know that spinning is a good trick but that works far better for Anakin than Grievous.

    2. Unrelenting advance needs an increase in speed and damage in order to be effective, it should kill infantry(other than heavy) instantly on contact and be significantly faster, maybe just slightly slower than Obi-Wan's defensive rush.(This is for both GA and HvV)

    Luke is on the weak side of lightsaber heroes right now and needs a buff.
    Here are the changes that need to be made for Luke:
    1. Lightsaber damage should be 125 or 130(This is mainly for HvV)

    2. Luke needs a significant damage reduction on his Force Repulse.(This is for GA)

    3. Saber Rush should do 150 damage, allowing it to 1 hit troopers similar to Rey's rush.(This is mainly for GA)

    4. Luke needs a small buff for his health regeneration, if necessary the time it takes for him to regenerate his health can be increased to compensate.(This is for both HvV and GA)

    Here are the changes that need to be made for Darth Vader:
    Anakin is very powerful in this game but Vader is significantly less powerful, despite Vader growing and surpassing Anakin in strength.(Anakin had far greater potential but Vader ultimately was stronger)

    1. His base health should be buffed to 850(This is for both HvV and GA)

    2. Vader's base attack should be buffed to 130, this would make focused rage do 150 attack damage.(This is for both HvV and GA)

    3. Vader's choke needs a small range buff(about 15%) as well as a damage reduction and a small damage buff so that he can 1 shot troopers with it.(This is for GA)

    Basically, Vader should be more powerful because he is in a way still Anakin(the chosen one) and managed to surpass Anakin in strength, he should be put in a state akin to where he was in 2017.

    Here are the changes that need to be made for Yoda:
    1. Yoda needs to have a higher running speed and have a jump height at least as high as Vader's, he literally has a line where he says "too swift am I for you?" and is canonically extremely agile but in-game is one of the slowest moving heroes.(Both HvV and GA)

    2. Unleash can do a little more base damage.(Mainly HvV but also applies to GA)

    3. Give Yoda a health on kill card(This is for GA)

    Here are the changes that need to be made to Maul:
    1. Give Darth Maul a specialized block.(In GA this would give him a small survivability buff and allow him to be more aggressive. In HvV this would give him a much-needed defense against force powers and lightsabers, this buff is about HvV way more than it is about GA)

    Darth Maul should get a block, but one that fits his playstyle similar to his original block from Battlefront II 2005. Rather than getting a standard block he should get a high movement speed block that inaccurately deflects blaster bolts unless at very close range. This block would have a movement speed that is as quick as his walk, have high spread so that deflection is inaccurate unless at very close range, have very low stamina against blasters and have good stamina against lightsabers.

    It would look something like this

    2. Make his lightsaber throw horizontal.(Both GA and HvV, but more so GA)


    What makes an ability overpowered often isn't how powerful it is, but it having little to no counters. Stuns are a perfect example of this. I think that stuns should get a rework further than changing the stun time, I'll get into it when I talk about buffs and balance changes for specific heroes.

    Changes that need to be made for Lando:
    1. His pistol needs to do signficantly more damage as well as do more damage at a range.(For both HvV and GA, but more so HvV)

    It is a sniper pistol and should act more an feel more like it by having less damage falloff and higher damage. If Lando had a decent pistol he wouldn't have to rely on his stun.

    2. Lando's stun should be reworked, it can be powerful but needs counters.(For HvV)

    The main problem with Lando's stun, even post-nerf, is that it has no real counters. Which is one of the reasons it's so frustrating. It needs signficantly less range, as the range is insane right now and you don't have to be even remotely accurate to land it, it needs to be able to deflected by lightsabers/shot by blasters. As for the stun itself, it should either A. Behave similar to the shock grenade rather than forcing you to stay still, or B. It should have an animation that causes the player to fall and jolt as they are electrocuted on the ground, then pick themselves up off the ground after the stun is over. This would add some variety/uniqueness to the stuns as they can all be different. This change wouldn't make Lando weak as his blaster buff would compensate for this.

    Changes that need to be made for Iden Versio:

    1. Her Pulse cannon needs variable zoom, similar to specialist sniper rifles.(Both GA and HvV)

    This would give it more versatility and make it a bit more useful, I believe that one of the main reasons a lot of players don't use it in a lot of situations is that its zoom only works well for very long range engagements.

    2. Her stun should be changed so that the player on the receving end sees an icon on their screen of the stun droid and the direction it is coming from, this way players will have a better chance at dodging the ability.(For those that don't know, her stun can be avoided if dodged right before the droid shocks you) Right now the only indication of her using the droid is her voiceline, which in the middle of a fight with several other heroes/villains won't be able to be heard. With her stun being easier to counter, it can also have its duration reverted to its original.(For HvV)

    Changes that need to be made for Captain Phasma:
    Captain Phasma is in need of a complete rework, these changes make her more useful in all modes.

    As of now, she has a high firerate blaster that is innacurate the trigger has been held down for a period of time, and it does very low damage, worse damage than many blasters available to regular troopers.(CR-2, TL-50, etc.) Her blaster has a scope with variable zoom, making it seem like it should be able to be used at long range but it is far too innacurate to be able to be used effectively in that manner. The "high spread to accuracy" from holding down the trigger mechanic punishes players with good reaction times as snapping to your enemy on sight won't kill them as fast as it would with any other gun, couple that with the terrible damage and the problem is only made worse. This is also a terrible mechanic to pair with a blaster that is intended to have long-range versatility.

    1. The changes that must be made to her blaster are as follows:
    A. Her blaster should have the same firerate as the normal F-11D, there is no blaster villain in the game with a firerate like this, and her current firerate is very similar to Iden's but with much lower damage and a mechanic that hurts gameplay with it. Changing her blaster's firerate would make it feel more unique than its spread mechanic.

    B. Remove the spread mechanic, this only punishes players who have quick reaction times and makes her blaster very bad at long ranges, making the scope and variable zoom pointless.

    C. When the scope is double zoomed, the blaster should do higher damage at the expense of a lower firerate.

    Changes that should be made to her abilities:

    2. Staff Strikes: This should be changed to a weapon she can swap to, when in use Phasma will receive a decent damage reduction and small speed increase, it would essentially have the same attack mechanics as a lightsaber. It can still have 3 uses, but 1 use will replenish on a kill with the staff.

    3. Survivor: This could also give teammates a damage increase for a short amount of time, this would make sense given she instructs her teammates to charge("Go Go Go!") after she uses the ability.

    FYI: At some point I will make a topic on this with visual examples for the changes and more details. When I do this I will try to make everything as easy to understand as possible and it will be much more organized than this comment.

    "One may be outnumbered, but that doesn't mean they're outmatched."
  • timidobserver
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    (HvV Perspective)

    I think that Yoda and Maul should be given a lightsaber block. When you consider the power of Anakin, isn't it kind of petty to deny Yoda and Maul a block over balance concerns?

    It's like a cop stopping you for doing 5 over the speed limit when the guy in front of you is doing 40 over.
  • hilapff
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    Heroes are quite unbalanced right now in HvV. I don't have the opportunity to play them that much in GA as I don't wait for them in the spawn menu.

    So looking at HvV, to my mind, Maul and Luke need buff while Anakin and Grievous need a nerf.

    My overall mind is that balance shouldn't depend on the character you play. When I play as Luke or Maul, I have a kill/death ratio lower than 1 while when I play as Grievous, Chewie, and others I have a ratio over 1 and sometimes reaching 3 or more. I didn't play Anakin enough yet.

    Then, a light saber is a light saber and there is no reason Kylo's one does more damages than Luke's one. Except maybe for special attacks such as charge, frenzy or others which make any character really different.

    Same philosophy for health on kill which is not balanced. Some heroes have it, some don't and amongh the ones who have it, it's not even equal. I would say the same about the maximum health regen and the card attached.

    Last but not least, I feel like the new heroes have more skills and power than the old ones. To me it's not fair. As I said, the power of a team shouldn't depend on the character you play but on the way you play them. Right now, playing a team with let's say Finn, Luke, Rey and Lando against a team with Chewie, Han, Anakin and Obi Wan feels to me like a suicide. Same for the dark side with Dooku and Grievous who feel more powerfull than their team mates.
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