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Improvements to Daily Challenges we MUST have

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Daily challenges are a good thing. They encourage you to do some things in order to get credits. They are cool but, come on, just 3? And most of them are related to Ewok Hunt, an almost empty gamemode. 15 kills in Ewok Hunt? I barely do 2 per match.

We need this to be expanded. Is a good addition but I think it could be more, and of course more challenging.

So this are my ideas:
- Remove the "Complete 5 combat scenarios" challenge. Most of the people will play in easy and adjust the arcade to the less kills. It is not challenging, it is absurd. You just do it and it's all. And also the ones that require you to complete again a combat scenario. What's the point of that? That's not funny, it is just a give away. No difficult in it.
- Also, reduce the kills in Ewok Hunt or the number of challenges related to that gamemode.
- Add more than 3 daily challenges. Like 10, and maybe related with all gamemodes.
- More killing assignments, but better and funnier, like "Kill 3 guys in a row with Vanguard", or "Choke Palpatine with Anakin", "Defeat Maul with Obi-Wan in Naboo Hangar", "Reach 10 headshots with specialist".
- Challenges related with capturing points/going for the objetive: "Activate 2 panel controls", "Destroy 3 positions", "Capture 5 points".
- And some challenges we have, like "Help teammates with Officer orders 25 times", they are cool.

- WEEKLY CHALLENGES/COMMUNITY CHALLENGES: these will reward the community involved in the challenge with a huge amount of credits (5000?? 7000??), like "Reach 500000 of damage to MTTs/AT-ATs", "Destroy 5000 droid units", "Defeat 500 Jedi" (This would be called Order 66).

What do you think? Maybe some guys won't like my idea of "removing Arcade/Ewok challenges", but at least make cool challenges like "Kill 300 troopers in Hard difficult" or "Win one match as Trooper in Ewok Hunt".


  • timbad_2
    179 posts Member
    Some interesting ideas there.
    Not sure I agree with all of them, but the majority would bring a nice change of pace or strategy.
    Would be good to get some more credits for them too, particularly the more difficult/challenging ones.
    And yes, ditch the ones for ewok hunt!
  • I like these ideas, in the last Battlefront the challenges were much more varied and...challenging. 5 kills with a stinger pistol or some of the stock weapons. 10 vehicles destroyed or long range head shot. These types of challenges keep the game varied and in my opinion, more interesting.

  • JediJulius
    739 posts Member
    edited March 20
    I hate the ones like 'Do X with a certain hero to a certain villain' or etc because they require an element of RNG. What if I don't get to pick a certain hero, or worse, what if nobody plays the villain I need for the challenge? That's precisely why those terrible Hero Showdown pair challenges were removed. I don't feel those need to come back.

    But I agree that we need less challenges for Ewok Hunt, and that we need more relating to capturing objectives.

    I know we have 'play as an officer for 5 minutes' which I would like to see expanded to a challenge for all of the four classes. I would also like to see the 'play five founds of HvV or SA' reduced to three (oddly we already have a separate play 3 rounds of HvV challenge.)

    I also like the idea of a weekly or community challenge. A community challenge would be especially great for an exclusive skin reward.
  • Zyder
    457 posts Member
    Objective challenges will encourage people to play more to objective for earning credits.
  • brienj
    690 posts Member
    They need to totally eliminate all Ewok Hunt challenges, as nobody plays it. Also, they need to lower the number of times we play Extraction, because those matches can be hard to find, not impossible like Ewok Hunt, but pretty close.
  • They also need to add more incentive to do the challenges as well.
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