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Hero Skin Content Drop - The Essentials



  • Natalie wrote: »
    Dice should be more creative with their outfits
    -Shaved Wookie Chewie
    -Old zombie force ghost Vader (before the remastered changed it to Anakin at the end of ROTJ)
    -Obiwan's undercover bounty hunter face
    -Luke after he lost his hand but before he gets a robot hand
    -"censored" Slave Leia (protect the kids)
    -Episode 1 Anakin
    -Episode 3 Luke and Leia
    -Episode 8 Han Solo
    -and several other Han Solo skins where the thickness of his beard is slightly longer

    I agree

    I want Bossk in a wookiee fur coat
    Prisoner Bossk
    Boba with no helmet on
    Episode 2 Boba
    Cantina Han
    Carbonite sickness Han
    Old Luke with green milk in his beard
    Jabba’s palace cloaked Luke
    “The pit” Maul
    Shirtless Maul
    Pre-lightning’d Hooded Palps
    Hologram Palps

    Some of these would really be sublime
  • Phyxsius wrote: »
    Phyxsius wrote: »

    All are great choices, but I have one proposal: replace Boba's skin with Jango Fett.

    Yea, one has a pistol and another a blaster, but still, nothing is canon in this game, so it will still be plausible.

    Pretty please?

    This shouldn't detract from Jango being his own character at one point either.

    I almost tend to agree, but having not one but two airborne heroes might not be a good idea, and probably EA thinks the same. It might work if Jango is mainly a terrestrial hero, with his jetpack being just a glorified longer dodge and small leaps with cooldowns attached, so he won't fly Palpatine like, excluding longer flights, while also having the excuse of giving him better firepower.

    I concede your point, though. Good observation.

    @BucksawBoushh Correction: Please inform your team to hold everything! They can restart only when Jango Fett is no longer an option. Thank you. ;)

    Agree with you on Jango working if he were a ground based blaster hero with his JP being used for an ability or two and maybe for dodge. That would be perfect.

    I’ll talk to the team. I value your guys’ input. I think our main focus right now is to bring both new and ported maps to all modes as well as start putting development time to blasters. We’re looking into 1 new modifiable blaster per class to start as well as 3 new mods for each default blaster.

    Also, we’ve been gathering info on both the infantry and hero skins you guys have been requesting... Guillariame has some work to do ;) Stay tuned.

    What team are you in anyway? 😏

    Oh, you didn’t know?


    No, I don't. Now tell me everything. :smile:
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