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(Battlefront 2 Balance) Just bought this game. Very disappointed overall.

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This game is truly one of the worst DICE has ever put out (I can't speak to BFV having not played it yet). It looks incredible, runs smooth as butter on my old system and has a veneer of polish to it. That disappears very quickly though. It took me about ten hours to figure out this game is actually terrible.

The multiplayer is one of the worst implemented of any DICE game. To begin with, I get terrible connection issues no matter what time of day I choose to play. I have fiber optic net, so this shouldn't be happening at all. In fact, Battlefront 2 is the only multiplayer shooter I've encountered this issue with in the past few months. Glitches and bugs start to become apparent too in the multiplayer, further sullying the experience.
The most unforgivable flaw of the multiplayer though, is the team balance. To put it simply, there is no auto-balance feature in this game. There is no choosing teams or swapping teams in this game. This guarantees stacked teams and frustrating games for the majority of the play time. I played four games in a row today in which the teams were heavily stacked against us. Every player on the enemy team finished with approximately double the score of the corresponding player on my team IN EVERY GAME.
For instance, if I placed 15th with a score of ~3,000. The enemy player who placed 15th would have a score of ~6,000... The 1st place player on my team would get 10,000-11,000 whereas the enemy player who placed 1st would frequently score 22,000+... This is NOT a fun experience. If you're on the losing side the game feels stacked against you, if you're on the winning side the game feels too easy, boring and quick. It baffles me that DICE released a game like this without even thinking this might be an issue. What baffles me even more is that this game was released a year and half ago and DICE still haven't addressed it.

In my opinion, this game is done. I certainly won't be playing it again anyway. Back to Rising Storm 2 and Battlefield 4 for me. GG DICE. WP.


  • bye bud
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  • CaptainM09 wrote: »
    bye bud

    Thanks for the bump :)
  • Relmets
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  • mandalorj wrote: »
    You'll have to excuse Captain, Dexter. You're new here but since this game has been out, there are certain people who are of the mindset that if you have something critical to say about this game, you should leave. They don't like suggestions that might make the game better.

    If it were up to them, we wouldn't even be getting a new game mode in a few weeks. This game was perfect when it came out and it's perfect now. Make no mistake though, the people who play this game and are vocal about issues, are the reason for the improvements.

    Well said MandalorJ and thank you. I appreciate the support. This game has huge potential and I hope it's eventually realized. Maybe I'll check out the new game mode in the coming weeks, but I'm gonna take a break for now I think.
  • JediPacoElFlaco
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    @F8RGE @EA_Charlemagne

    The lag problems are true.
    El lag in this game is exaggeratedly usual.

    I play other multiplayer games and it doesn't happen.

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