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Relmet's Hero Ultimate suggestions

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These are the Balanced and Iconic suggestions @Relmets came up with on Discord. This is all him, I am merely a messenger delivering stolen datatapes.
They need to give ultimates to all heroes, here are my ideas.
Lando: Die *****- Lando deals damage to all white enemies.
Han: I'm in the Zone- Han's DL44 gets zero spread full auto no cooldown rapid fire for one minute and can go through walls.
Leia: Get out of my way walking carpets- She spawns 40 AI wookiees to target enemy players
Who else is in star wars again... oh Chewie. Uh...
Chewie: Epic roar- Chewie roars killing all enemies on the map.
Yoda: Meditate on this I will- Yoda meditates granting himself 10,000 hp.
Rey: I feel his Frenzy it's like a p3ck3rw**d scramble- Every time kylo uses frenzy rey gets 5,000 HP when this ability is activated.
Kylo: Experience my frenzy- His frenzy can target anyone on the map and he can fly through walls to kill them
and how you choose the target is you open the scoreboard and select the person you want.
let's see...
Finn: Are you hauling rathtars or whatever they're called- Spawns in an AI old Han Solo and AI old Chewbacca in their TFA cargo ship and the cargo ship drops 50 AI space monsters and AI Han solo and AI Chewbacca run around trying to recapture them and anyone getting caught in the crossfire dies
Obi Wan: Negotiations were short- anyone who received an xbox, psn, or origin message in the last half hour instantly dies on their next 5 spawns
Anakin's already got one
Boba: Find Han Solo immediately so i can get the bounty- when activated if han solo is on the map he instantly dies
and anyone who played as han solo within the last two hours instantly dies and he gets 400,000 BP
Bossk: Feel my gas mines-his gas and mines combine into one ability and he can place them indefinitely for a minute with no maximum capacity
Darth Vader: Feel my Darth Vader choke- vader can select up to 10 players on the scoreboard who will instantly be choked and killed. These players can be on his team as well.
Emperor Palapatine: Experience powers- Lasts for 15 seconds while this ability is active if he maintains his lightning on someone for at least three seconds their console/PC turns off
Dark Mule- You cannot take a 5hit- anyone who used the bathroom before the match started will receive double damage for the whole match. It's more an intrinsic trait than an ability
Iden Versio: Still no kids and I'm almost 40- anyone under 18 receives triple damage from versio and is permanently marked on her minimap
Captain Fatsmith: You have to read the book to learn about my character- All enemy players will have pages of Phasma's novel superimposed on their screens for 5 minutes, which will hinder gameplay.
Count Dooku: Die saxons- enemy audio is replaced with heavy metal dooku album
General Grievous- Please die by my four lightsabers- general grievous brings out all 4 lightsabers dealing a total of 700 damage per swing. His attacks cannot be blocked and he is granted 10x movement speed
okay i think these are fair.
And thank you Relmets. Great work.
"I felt there was a large amount of human chauvinism... also I felt very bad that at the end the Wookie didn't get a medal also... oh, all the people got medals but the Wookie who had been in there fighting all the time, didn't get any medal, and I thought that was an example of Anti-Wookie discrimination." - Carl Sagan on the subject of Star Wars
He knew.
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