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Can someone plz explain to me how this is fair?

Like the title says watch the video and plz help me understand in what universe retribution is a balanced ability??


  • camerog
    222 posts Member
    not seeing the issue
  • Arcanewarrior
    463 posts Member
    edited March 18
    The issue being that anakin can just jump into action push 1 button and catch a full health greivous plus anything else nearby and crush it to 0 heath with nothing you can do about it lol
  • camerog
    222 posts Member
    I disagree. Retribution takes a long time to charge. Its not like he just spawns in and can use it. He had to play, fight, live for the opportunity to use it. I can't tell if all the damage Grievous took was from that or was he also being shot. But if 100% was from Anakin then yes its a bit much.
  • I was being shot by a jet trooper from the other side of the map because i was frozen in place by the choke animation. Also retribution does not take a long time to charge any fairly half decent player can get a couple of kills and soak up a little damage to charge it its really not that difficult. Anothwr thing is that when he activates Retribution there is no warning or any way to counter it because he pushes the button and instantly dooms you.
  • It doesnt take much to survive long enough as ani to use retribution.

    And the fact that others can shoot you while youre being choked is a death sentence to villains.

    HVV is fine and no problems with ani there. But in GA you may aswell just not bother and quit cause you cant win a match with ani player that has half a brain in it.

  • Heres another example me and my friend were both playing as villans and was trying to escape anakin so i decided to catch him off gaurd and turn around and frenzy him it would of worked but as usual he trumps that it with retribution 1 push of a button and both villans are dead

    Lol. He's so broke it's not even funny.
  • Exactly what I experienced several times. Anakin should be nerfed into the ground. If they take 50% damage of all his abilities and double the recharge then he is fine.
  • First video you are surronded by troops and you tried to fight two of the strongest boxer heros by yourself. That would get you killed regardless. The choke hold is a weak argument because almost every hero/villan can stun you for a minute while their team shoot you to death. IOW stay with your team.

    Second video same issue, you tried to fight full health Ani with half your health gone, also you can dodge last second after he throws you so try that next time.

    Anakins ult charges when people around him take damage but it takes forever to be usable. Stay with your team and target ONLY him and you will kill him before its ready. Kill the players around him or use splash damage and you will be getting "Git Gud" messages.
  • Heres some gameplay from anakins perspective. I am not biased. ANAKIN IS OP how do you defenders not understand that.
    How is this fun lol i feel bad doing it. No skill involved in these abilities
  • hosco33
    209 posts Member

    HAHAHA everything you just said is laughable.

    I agree. They don't even reason what they are arguing (not sure if EA is hiring people to try to mitigate our mood but the result is even worse because we understand they are just not listening).

    How is this guy suggesting it was your fault trying to attack?, do not attack in a battle game?? :D attack with your troops... so they are crushed like peanuts, with you, altogether.
  • Thank god i am not the only one who isnt blind.
    All they try and do is find a reason why you was in the wrong hahahaha
    Cant hide behind your block 24/7in fear of an anakin pushing a button to use retribution.
  • DarthChange18
    39 posts Member
    edited March 25
    you're right. You would have to change that skill for a more logical one and add to each hero and villain your corresponding special ability. That would be fair and equitable. It seems that people do not care and it has to change already
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