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NEW GAME MODE: Heroes vs. Villains vs. Anakin

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Since Anakin is over-overpowerful and can all pull their weight, eve,n LS, what about to do this loling gamemode.

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  • I bet if there would be a 4vAnakin game mode he’d still be viable.
    Make Maul great again.
  • He would lose a lot. As long as you didn’t try to mash R2 when he is charging HM, all you need is expose weakness and a combo.
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    That Specialist rework was disappointing.

  • Lee1981
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    CC_1010 wrote: »
    Sop complaining. He is ok in hvv.
    As much as I have been a big advocate for an Anakin nerf, you are right in HvV he is no where near as effective in GA
  • ClavinNatas
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    All I do in HvV is kill anakin, dont even worry about the target anymore. Absolutely love getting hate messages from crybaby anakin players that dont know how to use an OP hero.
  • Anakin is sound in HVV he can be killed easily. Its GA where he ruins the game
  • Totally agree on that. In fact to make things fair make it

    Every class & character ever and also every class & character that comes in the future

    vs. Anakin.
    Make Maul great again.
  • anidriX
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    Oh please... ENOUGH with the whining. I agree he's an issue in GA but post-hotfix, he's OK in HvV. People have learned to block Heroic Might and he no longer one hit kills villains. Yes, he's still very strong and that is fine. Previously people complained the Dark Side was OP, now they complain Anakin made the Light Side too strong.
    Truth be told, if your team wasn't composed of potatoes before, the Dark Side could be handled. If your team isn't composed of potatoes now, the Light Side can be handled.
    People need to understand no multiplayer game is ever 50-50 balanced, and that is a good thing, it makes the underdog team try harder and it ultimately feels better when you win.
  • Hes deffo not an issue in HVV.

    If 3 villains get him on his own he is dead.

    If a team is playing as a team then it wouldnt matter if they had anakin as it would be a tough fight either way.
  • jordi1337
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    would be so fun to smash some noobs as anakin!! i'd be down for 1v4s
  • Even better, let's balance things out by adding a Rancor to the roster of Villains. How's that? The Rancor's special abilities could include: a) pick up and eat the opponent b) pick up and smash the opponent and c) trample opponent to death. Of course, so that the Rancor could stand a chance against Anakin, and the unmitigated clusterbleep that is the light side's collection of pushes and freezes, the Rancor should take NO DAMAGE at any point. So it can never lose. Even then Anakin will apparently curbstomp it anyhow. What a joke this mode is.
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