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Anakin needs a nerf: my reasoning

I think Anakin needs a nerf. I think damage reduction to his abilities and/or increased cooldown times would be a good nerf, or increased activation times for his abilities. I feel like a beast playing as Anakin, but when going against him it is easy to see why he is so powerful. Anakin has the highest health and damage in the game; he is the chosen one so this is acceptable. But he also has four amazing abilities, all of which deal massive damage. The new strat is to force pull, heroic might, and then passionate strike (not always in that order) if an Anakin can land all three of those you are good as dead if you are a hero because you cant even fight back. My main issue for Anakin though is how he can instantaneously get out of any trouble just by popping one of two abilities. If Anakin gets too aggressive and makes a dumb play in GA, hes fine. Any other hero would die quickly in some situations Anakin gets into, but if Anakin gets surrounded he just uses heroic might or retribution and then bam, everyone is dead and Anakin has all of his health back. There is no risk reward for Anakin, just reward because if he even gets into a little trouble he just presses a button and everyone in a 20 ft radius is dead and he just walks off the hundreds of blaster shots he just took. Anakin is just op with his ability of clearing rooms in the press of a button with no risk.


  • Every time I see him I try to run but it’s no use for me, I die every time even if there is 10 of use against only him.
  • He should cost 12,000 battle points in galactic assault. There should be two extra villains available to counter him.
  • GarthRevan
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    edited March 22
    Anakin trashed the game. A whole bunch of friends quit. And some went to Blast. (It's a pitty since the graphics and animations are as always great). Honestly: The game should b e fun first and then stick to canon.

    Half of the dark siders have become absolutely pointless since Anakin: Bossk, Palp, Maul. The first two one especially. Palp is super slow and cant even defend. And its definitely not canon that Anakin can push around the Emperor like a baby. The only one that can counter him at this moment is Kylo with his freeze and possibly Vader (given equally strong players) - with Iden you need a real dumb player on the other side. Also the coke points have become worse. And Anakin takes so many lives of the dark side that it has become so much harder to win for the dark side.
  • reb1138
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    I had no issues killing him over and over with Bossk B)

    Bossk is < 3
  • Remove Retribution and Anakin will be fine. It's so broken it's not even funny anymore.
  • N_AM10
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    xXCodexXx wrote: »
    Remove Retribution and Anakin will be fine. It's so broken it's not even funny anymore.

    Removing Anakin isn't the best solution, imo. Maybe increasing the amount of damage needed to use it, or decreasing the amount of damage it does to infantry would solve it. I think it's fine when it's being used against heroes. Maybe it could be shorter and do less damage. Maybe 130 with the choke and 10 with the push to infantry so it doesn't kill them right away, but is still pretty powerful. But removing it, makes Anakin weaker imo
  • N_AM10
    54 posts Member
    Imo, possible solutions:
    1. Increase recharge time for abilities
    2. Increase damage needed for retribution
    3. Keep the damage output of retribution for heroes, but change it for infantry

    Here's some solutions to make killing him easier for other classes/villains
    1. Buff Palpatine and Maul(Bossk doesn't really need one. I've seen Bossk wreck Anakin many times before)
    2. Allow Maul to block
    3. Buff damage output for the Commando droids' gun(before the potential buff of the commando droid, I've seen them kill him before)
  • I swear Anakin's Heroic Might ability is completely broken. I've been a full what feels like 30-40 feet away from him and there are 12 people filling his brain with lasers, meanwhile I'm still backing up, but he uses the ability when I'm like 50 feet away and I get wrecked in one hit along with the 12 other people around me. Like, what is the range on it ffs??? It seems to extend way too far especially considering I'm at full health with 385 health and a boost on 420 (hehe) at max range from him and it still one shots me.
    Reduce the range at the very least. Make it so if you are 5 feet from him you still have a chance to get away. No hero should be able to take damage to power up an AOE attack that instakills anybody who isn't a hero. Just send him into the cooling vent objectives til he has 40% health and anybody near by is dead and then they have the point and its pretty much useless trying to attack at that point because of the crappy linear corridor design of the ships. "Just don't feed his retribution power" okay so I'm just not supposed to shoot a hero....m'kay seems legit
  • These are great thoughts, EA. PLEASE TAKE HEED
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