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Forest of Endor

Supremacy mode

Anyone else getting into a match then being greeted by the team spawn system and not acutally playing?


  • Yep. Can't spawn, can't play, can't do anything. I hope they fix it soon. I don't need my day off tomorrow ruined by their inability to do any pre-release testing.
  • I feel your pain dude but It's totally mashed mate 😂😂 so much for that it only lasted about 13hrs
  • Wiatowski
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    edited March 27
    Yes!!!!! I took a break from this game for a couple of months till this new mode came out, played once with glitchy sound and animations (not connection problems) rebooted game and now have tried 10 times to log on and can't. And to add insult to injury was removed from a game for waiting to long! I guess I wasn't mashing X hard enough when it wasn't giving me the option... Am I going to send in a report???? No I quite sure they're now aware, I will come back to this game, maybe, in a couple more months.
    I have defended this game over the past year.... Not anymore, I'm just going to stop playing it till it's fixed..... "Lost Battlefront 2 have we (sigh)" is what Yoda is saying right now.

    On PS4
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  • TMF
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    I have the same issue, however, I can seem to find a lobby with enough people because the matchmaking for the gamemode is so terrible. What are you playing on? I'm on PS4 where most of the lobby problems are.
  • another poor job of QA. what else is new with this game...
  • I waited for 30min and never got play.......
  • Is there a workaround to the new mode never starting?
  • I'm on ps4 aswell it's getting rediculous Swtor is better than this *****
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