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Capital Supremacy and Heroes - What would you prefer?



  • I haven't tried it with 4 heroes yet. I think 2 is fine, but there are times when one side is able to lock down entire hallways, etc. because the other team's heroes aren't doing anything. With 4 heroes on each side, the odds of heroes tying each other up in battle increase. So that same hallway scenario plays out differently because the heroes get involved with each other, leaving the infantry room to push one way or the other.

    Yeah, just like kamino, right?

    2 heroes tops, I'd be fine with none.
  • Piscettios wrote: »
    Voted no heroes, heroes completely ruin anything that resembles competitive and balanced gameplay. Ani is the worst thing that’s been added to this game.

    Two would be next best option. Four is over the top.

    No heroes ? :cry: but where I would use the count from serenno.

    Agreed though 4 per team is absolutely ridiculous.

    Either 1 per team or 2 per team imo
  • GrayOne
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    Sums it up
  • 2 heroes per side is ideal.
  • MillSmit wrote: »
    No heroes please. I want a mode dedicated to getting objectives, not getting Battlepoints or hanging around the hero screen.

    Please not. Fighting inside separatist corridors as a Jedi/sith is just too satisfying.

    I’m perfectly fine with 2 heroes, although I’d prefer 3. 4 is too much.

    That’s my opinion.
    Make Maul great again.
  • What about AI heroes..? XD
  • Two heroes each is ideal. More than that would hurt the mode.
    ''The difference between a fall and a sacrifice is sometimes difficult, but I feel he understood that difference, more than anyone knew. The galaxy would have fallen if he had not gone to war. Perhaps he became the Dark Lord out of necessity to prevent a greater evil''

  • 4 is fine, anakin is fine, people should stop cryin
  • Yesterday the CS was somewhat balanced. Now with four heroes per side with buffed damage, it is no longer fun to be a trooper. Yoda and Maul are also now nightmares with their one shot lightsabers. At the very least raise the prices for heroes. Trooper gameplay is at its lowest point now. I don’t want to imagine HU GA on Naboo.
    A very wise Jedi once said, "Don't touch anything."

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  • What percentage of the active base has even got past the lobby screen yet?
  • I'd say four. Two on each side.
  • Heroes only on capital ships. None on ground.
  • I haven’t played with 4 heroes yet but I loved the balance of only 2 per side. You didn’t feel you were constantly getting killed by heroes and had a nice flow. Maybe that is more to do with the non-linear gameplay, but I felt 2 was about right. Since GA will still be hero focused we could keep CS to 2.
  • Why not have a hero's mode, a galactic mode (both) and an infantry mode. Everyone wins...
    And make an offline mode.
  • 2 heroes - with a time limit for use on each. Spread the love a little.
  • TheMightyAltroll
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    edited March 2019
    Frankly the hero selection system is sloppy in and of itself. There should be a queue where the system grants a hero to the person with the points who picked said hero when his slot is available. Not this 'Hurr durr mash button on hero select hope teammate dies' nonsense.

    Also, heroes wouldn't have so much scorn if they were balanced properly. Anaclown Saltwalker is an excellent example of how **not** to balance a character. Frankly I have no idea who was in charge of designing him but they have no idea what constitutes Anakin's character/feats, nor do they have any idea how to properly balance a game. He is around 50% of the reason why I barely ever touch this game. 40% is how awful and lazy the saber system is (It hasn't improved, if anything this patch made it a different kind of awful). And 10% is the lack of meaningful customization or unlocks. I mean, you seriously haven't given Maul or Yoda the ability to block lightsabers (or Maul the ability to block the lovely 1 shot combo from Sandy Ani.)

    I could understand the reasoning of "Well the original Battlefront 2 didn't have meaningful saber combat" IF you also had all of the content the original battlefront 2 had. Which you don't.

    Not to sound mean, but there are so many obvious changes that could be made to this game to make it truly brilliant, but for whatever reason the people developing it are blind. Why is Heroes vs Villains still target based? Why haven't you taken examples from other melee games for a properly revamped saber system? I can think of several somewhat-simple ways to make the saber system not awful. There are 13+ year old games with more depth and content than this game.

    The issues with Capital Supremacy are as follows:

    1) It takes far too long to make any sort of progress, and the rewards are underwhelming for how long it takes to complete a game.

    2) It is highly imbalanced, partly due to how effective 4-button-Skywalker is, and partly to how effective jet troopers are at countering everything. (They are too strong)

    Aside from those two issues, it is my favorite standard mode so far. Here are some potential solutions to the above:

    1) A: Create an overall life system for the ships, an overall ticker during the battle that sways based on how many capture points you've held/how many times you've boarded.

    B: Make the ground battle last longer, and make the capital segments more open ended/easier to complete for one side.

    C: Make it so that you can board the ship any time like in the original Battlefront 2, and allow for a two pronged assault on the ship, granting more player opportunity instead of boxing them into linear hallways during forced segments (You may notice that the original Battlefronts had a ton of player freedom. In this game you're forced into rather small play areas that forces people together, like the mapper/game designers spent too long admiring games like Overwatch instead of considering the concept of allowing asymmetrical and unorganized gameplay to the players.)

    2) Nerf Anakin/Jet Troopers. (Arc troopers are also superior to the Commando Droids, despite the fact that I prefer the commando droids, the Arcs have better weapons and the charged shot is quite useful. I think the Commandos could use a bit of a speed/health buff, or a better jump/dodge.)

    Anyway, that's just my two cents.
  • 2 is perfect!
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  • To those who think 4 is good, you're taking away focus from using the other types of units working together. This game shouldn't always be about playing the cool heroes and villains that we love.
  • Thanks to the devs and community managers for hearing us and asking for our input first.
  • How does one make a poll?
  • Phyrebrat
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    edited March 2019
    I voted for none because apart from the bedlam they cause, I foresee a huge problem with lobby loitering for heroes if there’s only a couple available. And a game mode that’s so heavily focused on tickets needs every man on the front.

    Imagine if the transports come and half your team are lobby camping.

  • Empire_TW wrote: »
    Let's not have a community manager person say that this poll is irrelevant later down the road.

    The stats and figures will be ignored and when referred to will be dismissed as 'not a true representation' ...the whole thing is rubbish, from the game to the community service.

    I love this game and have invested so many hours into it that it saddening to see Dice miss the mark every time.
  • Devlin21 wrote: »
    Era Unlock for Heroes

    Chewie no longer loves you

    Chewie loves friends and foes of all eras

  • 2 Heroes.

    Also why did you guys reinstate Wookiee Warriors on Geonosis for this mode? IF I'm killing clones on their ship, why would a Wookiee all of a sudden be there jumping into the fray?

    Yup, yet another unfathomable thing, who is deciding this stuff? ...clearly not someone that actually gets Star Wars or is in touch with the players.
  • Eddie7417
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    edited March 2019
    2 heroes. But increase the BP amount to 6000 or even 8000 so it encourages more objective play instead of slaying the AI. Take out the Wookies as well.
  • Mouthrax
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    edited March 2019
    What percentage of the active base has even got past the lobby screen yet?

    Was broken for me tonight, I swapped to German server and got in straight away, sadly when I got there the mode was full of Wookies and heroes so I quit out ...not for me I'm afraid 😞
  • I voted for 2, one on each side.
    Aren't we forgetting that conquest had at least one hero to help our troops to collect command posts. Securing victory before the other team does.
    I'm glad that the Emperor isn't in this game mode since he was the Chancellor for the Republic.
    "This is a mission of peace. I put my faith in diplomacy. We can't solve all of our problems by throwing troops at them."
    -Padmé Amidala
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