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Need New Lightsaber Clashing Sounds

Whenever you block your opponents lightsaber attack, it always makes the same "CHUPS" clashing sound. Boring! There are so many different lightsaber clashing sounds in the movies (including the new movies) so why not use them? Choose the clashing sounds you think are the best from each trilogy and mix up the clashing sounds a bit. A variety of clashing sounds will make things less boring.

I notice that this game has different lightsaber ignition sounds, so why not use more different lightsaber clashing sounds?


  • Ultrastar
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    edited March 28
    I especially like the clashing sounds from the ESB movie when Luke deuls with Vader in Cloud City. I think that the clashing sounds from that scene are pretty much the definitive (and best) lightsaber clashing sounds. There are also some good solid lightsaber clashing sounds when Luke deuls with Vader in the the Imperial Throne Room at the end of the Return of the Jedi movie. Some cool new lighsaber clashing sounds can be heard when Kylo Ren deuls with Rey at the end of The Force Awakens also. Mixing those clashing sounds up will create a much more exciting and dynamic experience.
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  • This is a cool idea and needs to happen.
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