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grenades cancel while rolling?

is it just me, or when ever i try to toss a grenade and immediately roll back behind cover, it seems to cancel the grenade??? i usually play as the officer, so i'm specifically referencing the flash grenade in this case. sometimes i can see it being thrown, but cancels in the air... other times it doesn't even get thrown at all. anyone else having this issue with the flash grenade or any other grenade as well?


  • I don't really play Officer that much to notice this, but I have notice that this happened sometimes when I was rolling with Han or Lando. I'm not sure if they fixed it or not. I'm guessing its some bug or glitch that needs to be fixed. I will look and see if this happens when I use officer.
  • Happens to me ALL the time in HvV when I play chewbacca. Someone will rush me and I will throw my stun grenade but it cancels as I’m evading away from the villian at the same time. Worst part is I’ll do it multiple times after the first fail trying to stun and evade the attacker.
  • bfloo
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    Happens to me with every ability.

    I don't even need to roll, I'll throw a nade, it does the animation, starts to fly, then the game goes 'Nope!' and it comes back.'
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