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Anakin got a second nerf? What Nerf?

I can’t tell. The damage “tweaks” they did to Anakin are not noticeable and do not address the underlying issues with him. A bandaid for a gaping wound. Anakin is still game breaking.

-His abilities chain together rendering anyone helpless who’s hit and lacks a block.

You can no longer block from the ground, so all Anakin has to do is get one passionate strike in and you’re dead. If you’re a blaster hero, better hope you can predict his abilities because the window of his abilites is short. His pull dwarfs Kylo Ren’s (who needs a card to even do damage). Onces Anakin pulls you, if you’re not already dead, you’re done for. You can try to evade, but due to his staber tracking and heroic might, you can’t escape.

-his saber tracking is rediculus

You can spam his attack button and follow nearly any villain accross the map through all of their evades and abilities. No other saber character has the tracking like Anakin does. Try this as Kylo Ren and watch as you fail, barely moving a couple feet. (In fact, Dooku and obi wan, still have issues with their tracking. If you block someone as them and swing back in the created opening, often times it won’t connect). The problem here further prevents one from escaping and lets any Anakin just spam their attack rather than time and aim it. Spamming his attacks, with the current tracking, a villian will run out of evades and then become swiss cheese. There are many times I’ve been “hit” by Anakin before he even swings his saber. Something is off about his general attacks.

-his stamina and health are too high

There are dozens of times I would’ve killed an Anakin 1v1 if his health were 750 or 800 like almost every other character. Problem is, his stamina is so high, whenever his health is lowered, he can basically find a corner, hold his block which won’t break and regenerate it all back. Currently, if Anakin has increased damge with his saber swings, he NEEDS a stamina hit like General Grievous. Otherwise he’s just going to hold a block and regenerate some of the highest health in the game. (On top of this fact he can be health buffed by Finn or Yoda even higher).

-His block is too wide.

Many times I have ambushed Anakin directly from behind and cast an ability where it’s somehow blocked. Using an ability comparable on other blocking saber characters is not blocked and works as intented. His block needs to be less perfect.

Some potential solutions that fix Anakin without totally nerfing him:

-Change the function of his Heroic Might.

Right now he gets 90% damage resistance that will do 450 damage when he’s hit. There is no risk with using it, only reward. Every other hero has a risk or reward with their abilities, most often they miss or they make them slower/vulnerable. Attacking anakin in heroic might is useless unless he has near zero health. I propose lowering his damage resistance to 40-50%. This would incentivize villians trying to attack him while he’s in heroic might. Risky, but potentially rewarding for both parties. Further, it’s damage should be applied like Luke’s Repulse. The more damage the closer you are to anakin. Too many times I and others have been killed at the very edge of his heroic might. The reason it was nerfed range-wise to begin with.

-Retribution cast change/removal

As it stands, after Anakin casts his Retrobution, if you get within his AOE AFTER, it will choke you as well. This shouldn’t be the case. It should be a single cast that only chockes those that didn’t block or evade it in it’s original cast. This again would force Anakin to time and use it appropriately as he would be at risk otherwise. It’s damage should be lowered as it does 450, more than half of evey villains health. 450 from heroic might, 450 from Retribution, you've killed every villian in the game but Vader.

Additionally, it could be argued for it’s removal entirely. No other character in the game gets a 4th ability except maybe Boba Fett with his Jetpack.

-Remove the damage from his Pull Dominace and reduce its range.

Anakin already does a crazy amount of damage. The added chip damage from his pull is over the top. Further it’s pull range is excessive and dwarfs Kylo’s even by default, more so when paired with his pull range card. Anakin’s pull range should be it’s default range at max.

-Passionate strike’s damage needs to be lowered against blocking characters or the ability changed entirely.

Passionate strike as it is, is game breaking. The game is predicated around blocking and evading. Anakin has a direct way of breaking any block. With his perfect saber tracking and 360 AOE it renders any evading moot. If the ability isn’t changed, the damage is produces against blocking heros needs to be reduced. Perhaps if Dooku or Vader are in Master Duelist or Forcused rage they could block passtionate strike? No other stun in the game does the same level of damage Anakin’s Passionate strike does except airborn detonite. Once someone is hit by passionate strike, it’s game over. Taking the idea more radically, you could prevent the strike from breaking block at. This would force him to use it as an ambush or more tactfully to get the stun.

Other changes to characers that could help balance things further:
-Give Maul a block and change his spin attack to also count as an evade. Too many times maul evades away from Heroic might or Retribution only to be hit by it in mid flight. Most use the ability as an evade anyway.

-Give Palpatine 3 evades. This would allow him to evade Anakin and others a little longer improving his survivability.

-Change Grievous’ unrelating advance. As it stands, the ability blocks nothing but saber blows from the front. Pushes, pulls, any other force move knocks him out of the advance. The advance should be the ultimate forward block, blocking everything including force moves. (His feet are spiked and robotic and stick to the floor mitigating pushes and pulls in the cannon). Make the near useless ability less useless.

-“But he’s the chosen one”
Sorry, but Obi-Wan defeated him, Yoda is the Master of the Jedi and doesn’t even have the same health or damage Anakin has.

-“You just suck at the game and need to use your brain.”
This isn’t an arguemnt. Further, I’ve been playing since launch with hundreds of hours.
Anakin forces an opposing team to play Phasma, Bossk, Boba or other Characters that subvert the saber combat system entirely. As I’ve stated aboved, Anakin breaks the whole saber system combat is predicated on. I love this game and have experience, currently some of my favortie parts of the game are killing Anakin because he’s broken. Everyone knows he is and still is. Those in power are afraid to lose it. “Have you heard the tale of Darth Plagueis the wise?.. He became so powerful, the only thing he was afraid of was losing his power.”

-“Don’t nerf another hero! Remember Vader and Palpatine!”
I do, and they’re both fairly balanced now. Vader could use a choke damage reduction. But otherwise, sorry you can’t zap people through walls or get a 60+ killstreak in GA easy anymore. Guess you’ll have to use skill now and not exploit broken systems to win.


  • Maliainu
    1107 posts Member
    edited April 4
    Many valid points in this. Good read, but I wonder if they’ll be bothered to read the complaints on this forum and I wonder how many of the recent ones they have noticed already?

    If people are starting to say they don’t notice a difference (and I can agree with this), then I would hope they’d test this again, see for themselves that it hasn’t been fixed.

    So far, it doesn’t seem like they care unless you report it many times with a short video to show them exactly what’s going on. Feel like they can’t be bothered to spend longer than a few extra minutes to play test the game right now (you need to play for at like a good 30 minutes to see all the bugs and catch them in the action).

    Here’s to hoping that they will change their minds and actually look into it properly.
  • I agree with you!...except for the Vader choke damage reduction. He can't even kill infantry with it.
  • I agree with you!...except for the Vader choke damage reduction. He can't even kill infantry with it.

    Sorry, I meant Vader needs damage RESISTANCE when he’s choking as he’s too vulnerable doing his choke.
  • Even his dash/evade is smoother and better than every other hero.
  • Munedawg
    203 posts Member
    They have the data in front of them. They have access to the W/L of all games with Anakin in them vs. not. It They can see the videos being posted from people who play the game. That they don't admit that this completely ruins the game is deeply frustrating. And this latest nerf was like a band-aid being placed on a severed limb. OP's careful articulation of all that is wrong with Anakin was well done. Love this game, but my kids and I have decided to move on to a different one because Anakin just ruins every game he's in.
  • Dice it sounds like you are going to do a third nerf for Anakin.....which is great!

    However, it sounds like you are focusing on decreasing the distance of pull dominance. I don't think that pull dominance is really a problem in the game. It really helps with maul runners & annoying fett players.

    Please just focus on heroic might, retribution, and lightsaber block breaking attacks!
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