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Capital Supremacy showed: hero limit must be 2 even in GA.

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Capital Supremacy showed how better and more balanced the game is with a max of 2 heroes. The same must be true for Galactic Assault, put the max of heroes from 4 to 2 in the last phase.


  • I always felt that in (GA) phase 1 there should be no heroes. Phase 2 max of one per side. And in phase 3 a max of 2 per side.

    Now THAT sounds like a balanced plan....accept for Anakin who doesn't need any help to steer a phase 4 however he wants. But still, I like that set up.
  • GenxDarchi
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    Nah, I preferred four, two just means you get wrecked by the LS.
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    That Specialist rework was disappointing.

  • DarthCapa2
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    I always felt that in (GA) phase 1 there should be no heroes. Phase 2 max of one per side. And in phase 3 a max of 2 per side.

    I prefer a max of 2 in all the phases.
  • TjPunx
    1355 posts Member
    CS is fun now. GA will be better with it being HEroes Unleashed
  • KresusFIN wrote: »
    Wonder if we'd ever get a "No more heroes" weeked.

    And just have the 4 base classes. Swear, it'd be so wonderful to have to see star cards switched up for utility AND "hurr durr i swing my litsabr in ur genearl direktino u ded" take a seat, as it should.

    I’d be all over it. I don’t mind reinforcements though.
  • I'd prefer it if heroes were kind of restricted till the final 2 phases of the game.
    Nothing is worse than heroes dominating the first phase and ending the game early - I'd like at least to get to phase 2.

    A 'Trooper only' event (with NO enforcers also) would be great (imagine the way it would change the game play dynamic).
  • Jaku
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  • Unwarycoin
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    No thanks, I rather we keep the hero count as is.

    Never forget
  • What I don't like is how the devs keep changing their minds , two days ago I play cs and it's 2 heroes max, next day I play in the afternoon and it's now four heroes max at all times in cs, then later that evening I play and it has been changed back to 2 heroes. I mean make your minds up developers!
  • DarthCapa2
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    I'm sick of 4 heroes in the last phase of Galactic Assault, capital supremacy showed how better and more balanced is the game with a max of 2 heroes per side.
  • TjPunx
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    Having permanent Heroes Unleashed for CS/GA would be wizard
  • IMHO heroes should only be in HvV. I know that this will never happen, but I feel there are way to many tiered units in most modes.
  • We just really need that large scale infantry only mode badly. The hero element and the obsessed hero mains are just souring and mucking up every large scale battle mode. It's just boring watching them dominate and course correct every objective match and then watch the hero mains turn this game into an endless focus on buffing and nerfing their OP, over advantaged presence...and more so for HvV without caring how it affects the only TWO large 20v20 modes in the game.

    20v20....GA tiered back silly BP's. It's just so simple (and frightening to players who can't hold their own without advantages).
  • Draco_RSA
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    The last 2 games of CS I played the one team always had 4 does that happen?
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