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Basically We'll be Getting New Star Cards for Heroes/Villains (Reply Your Ideas!)

It has been confirmed that the ability to gain health by killing enemies will become passive instead of usage by a star card. This mean the hero designer must revamp the existing HOK cards to something new which basically means we'll be getting new star cards! Although I'm not sure what they're going to do with HOA cards. Will they keep them the same? I can see some become passive which would improve their abilities or they decided to change it to HOK on certain heroes/villains. (Finn and Phasma as an example)

What should the existing HOK/A cards become? I have one for Leia and it's a good one!

Leia Organa - May The Force Be With You

Whenever Leia Organa is in close proximity of three or more allies she receives less overall damage.

Damage Reduction: 4%/8%/12%/14% (Or even more!)

This is a personal opinion of mine, but for me Leia feels weak in GA. In the previous game she felt much more stronger and here's why; In 2015 Battlefront Leia was given a trait which allowed to gain 80% armor for herself and 60% armor for her teammates at maximum. This fit her character well as we saw how she managed to survive at the first Death Star; the pain caused by interrogation droid and the destruction of her homeworld of Alderaan. Surviving these events proven her force sensitivity, unknown to her of course.

I would love to see your ideas below!
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I will not stop complaining until DICE update Leia's Hoth skin's sideburns and add some for Rey!!


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