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Star Wars Battlefront II Release Notes: The Capital Supremacy Hotfix



  • Speedjack wrote: »
    hey ben ! any idea when the block issue will be fix ??? yesterday i played with anakin , did some skills . then i wanted to protect me from bossk sniper and i was not able to block... wasn't in a previous hotfix or not ???

    You play as Anakin - your opinion is invalid.
  • F8RGE wrote: »
    Hey Everyone,

    Anakin Skywalker has had a minor balancing pass, affecting the damage and cooldown values of his abilities. We felt that while being the Chosen One, he needed some minor changes in order to try and bring balance.

    That while being the Chosen One ?
    Are you kidding ? Vader IS literally Anakin.
  • JediPacoElFlaco
    1540 posts Member
    edited April 6
    What's happen?
    I cann't play CS, the loading screen don't finish never.

    In Xbox One X

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