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“Without us the Rebel Alliance falls!”

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It’s time for the Rebel Alliance to get some love. It’s unjust that the Rebel Alliance gets all the scraps from other eras. It’s time for the Rebels to get something unique.
Give us Rebel Honor Gaurds armed with powerful ion grenades and MWC-35c repeating cannons to replace the Wookiee Warriors (replace Wookiees in other eras too)."Staccato_Lightning"_repeating_cannon
Give us Rebel Commandos armed with bo-rifles, scan pulses, and thermal detonators.
Give us Jyn Erso and her A180 with four firing modes: pistol, rifle, ion, and sniper.
Give us the T-4B tank.
Also give us this appearance for the officer:


Also give new blasters. Especially that. Also give the Extraction thread a visit.


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