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Should all heroes have 4 abilities to use just like Anikan Skywalker does?

I totally think so because it will at least give a fighting chance when going one-on-one against Anikan. What are your thoughts?


  • Fine with me! Kind of like Overwatch
  • Palpatine should have fourth a ability that changes his for either a duration or permanent depending on the era abilities and has a lightsaber appear from his sleave
  • Like an Ultimate/Bonus/Special Ability? Would be interesting...

    So here are some suggestions (which might have been mentioned by others before):

    - 30s dual lightsaber (one-hit for infantry, damage reduction)
    - 3s 360 degree choke while moving, attacking, blocking)
    - 10s Blaster Fire (2-shot infantry)
    - 360 choke hold (lift and throw in all directions)
    - 30s lightsaber block break
    - 15s explosive shot
    - wall-hack for 30s?
    - one-hit melee for infantry for 30s? just throwing in something fun here LOL

    - unlimited Rush ability for 20s?
    - wall-hack for 30s
    - unlimited Rush ability for 20s too?
    - Repulse ability
    - 15s explosive shot
    - 1s health regeneration for allies in 5m radius for 30s
    - unlimited smoke (miss this from Battlefront 2015)
    - damage reduction for allies in 5m radius for 30s
    - 15s explosive shot

    May the Force be with you.
  • They moved the lightsaber toggle to a different button so I am guessing everyone will get a ultimate ability some day.
  • Laser921
    1868 posts Member
    I think yes since (PS4) the triangle button is no longer a function so Im assuming all will get a fourth ability. I play Luke almost exclusively for heroes, I vote for a passionate strike-esque ability


    Only call it like Vengeful Strike or Bleeding Strike, it's does damage over time or something like that, since Anakin has repulse pretty much. Ive seen suggestions for Force Projection as his 4th but I dont think that would work well in a multiplayer game, unless youd turn invisible while its on so the actual character doesnt take damage and youd control the projection (with full health and everything)
    Emotion yet Peace, Ignorance yet Knowledge, Passion yet Serenity, Chaos yet Harmony, Death yet the Force
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