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Era-specific heroes and villains in GA

I'm writing this here because I believe this is the right place to give my honest suggestions..
I really think that heroes on GA should be era-specific, it's kinda stupid watching Anakin or Grievous fighting in the Empire/ First Order era. Also, please consider reducing the number of heroes playing at the same time to 2 per faction (or maybe 3..), to put the emphasis on the soldiers where the real battle is happening. Hopefully we'll see this coming in some next update..

As a side note, really want to see Ahsoka and Ventress joining the battlefront in CS (and clone wars GA maps) :smile:


  • same here!

    era lock please for GA and CS

    Its much better for immersion and it is annoying to see anakin on every map ... -
  • There has been a lot of talk about this topic before, we are in a community and of course there are a bunch of opinions to take in account, for example, from players who disagree: they can choose the character they want regardless of the era because it's just a game, or it's disadvantageous for the First Order knowing that the Resistance has more heroes available. the first one it's true, this game has been about bring to the game those star wars fantasies that are not seen on movies. The second one too but I think it might be fixed.
    Its much better for immersion and it is annoying to see anakin on every map ... -
    That's one of the reasons why I started thinking about this change again yesterday. Would it be bad to consider a separate Galactic Assault mode? Is this difficult to achieve? I personally would enjoy it a lot, and I'm sure other players too. Or, at least releasing the Era Locked Heroes event more often, or one longer that takes places for more than the usual 3 days! With the objective of seeing if we get used to it.

    I know this is kind of utopia but we could reach an agreement.

    -Sorry for any mistakes. English is not my native language- .
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