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Why do I have to quit 3-8 matches for every multiplayer match I play?

I play exclusively the CIS, Empire, and First Order.

I have never and will never play a single match as either Clones, Rebels, or Resistance.

Not because of balance advantages or mechanics, but because, like the vast majority of video game players, I play games for their creative content (those obsessed over balance and min/maxing are a tiny but loud minority) and thus have distinct preferences for the factions/characters I prefer to play.

As a result, every single play session in Battlefront II, I'm forced to quit out of match after match after match due to the lack of faction choice in the game.

The game has been out for almost a year and a half, yet it still doesn't allow players to choose the faction they want to play. Can anyone explain this blatant game design failure?

Whatever the reasons for this nonsense, my feedback is simple: you will never, ever, in a million years force me to play a faction/character/class/etc. I don't want to play in a video game.

Instead, it's easier for me to just stop playing Battlefront II, leave with a sour taste in my mouth, and not buy any more EA games in the future as a result.

If this is the effect EA wants, then they've succeeded brilliantly. If not, perhaps it's a good idea to actually hire a half-decent game designer to review the game's multiplayer features for blatant, inexcusable failures like the one outlined in this thread.


  • Every single play session, I end up sitting around looking at loading screens repeatedly for 10, 15, sometimes 20 minutes total, instead of actually playing the game.

    This is an absolute farce. It astounds me how DICE can be this bad at game design despite being a supposed AAA game developer.
  • Should be in a (hypotetical) game browser. Chose faction, map and hero you would like to play, and then press go and wait.

    I only play on certain maps as lightside (sometimes as Kylo Ren och Maul cause I kind of like them) and it's frustrating to load in everything and then back out. I have done more waiting in this game than playing.

    We should be glad that we got the cancel button. Before that we had to wait or start a new game every time the wrong map loaded. That thing took a serious portion of my mental health away.

  • lol you are the minority pal,
    everybody is for balance or else saber hits would one hit heroes.

    who plays only the dark side anyways?

    i mean now that anakin is released it is basically impossible to play as them
  • brienj
    680 posts Member
    I don't care about factions, as much as maps, there are maps I really hate in certain modes, and I wish I could choose the maps I want to play, and the ones I don't, then I'm never sent to, or tried to be sent to these maps.
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