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Anyone else got an Azeron gamepad on PS4?

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edited April 9
So I picked up an azeron gamepad that I've been playing with, it's real nice as far as having an analog stick for movement to free up all the other buttons for a more ergonomic feel. I've been doing real well with it on PS4. Anybody else got this gamepad? What's your key binds?

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  • tribblz
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    I guess nobody else really has this gamepad. I suppose it's because it's 3D printed and handmade in europe. I really like it. I can bunny hop all day long or even jump and shoot. The analog stick is a ps4 stick.
  • d0kRX
    1434 posts Member
    I actually ordered one of these to play the game on PC. I'm hoping it works good.
    PSN: d0kRX
  • Well since you're putting so much money into it why not play it on the PS4?
  • d0kRX
    1434 posts Member
    Idk probably because of the backlash I'd get from friends. Playing with a mouse in console is apparently a gigantic advantage.
    PSN: d0kRX
  • @d0kRX yeah it is an advantage, and I'll take it! But I don't care. There's people playing with controllers better than me every time I play. My superior aim isn't gonna shred them all the time. The main reason I go for mouse and Azeron gamepad on PS4 is because of comfort.
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