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Users manual?

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It took me too long to learn how to fire ion rockets to AT-AT to disable their shields (which prevented me to enjoy Endor and Hot for that long), now I cannot get Heavy's Ion rocket fired, why do you complicate things that much?


  • CC_1010
    2153 posts Member
    You have to aim it at the target for a few seconds and then fire it.
  • Tigzee
    212 posts Member
    A book or manual on BF2 would be cool alright after a year and a half. The 2015 Battlefront Book was a great collector item to be treasured. A great buy. But the problem with BF2 is that it is a constantly evolving " work in progress" where anything can change at any time. For example; Anakin's ability buttons were switched around after the last update.... imagine how frustrating that would be for a publisher!! Perhaps a more organic web-book might work....if EA or DICE wanted to pay someone to keep it up to date...per update...or even minute by minute!
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