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Comment yes if you want more Luke skins comment no if you don’t



  • you think you can do one for Obi Wan? I like the hooded ROTJ and the bespin one
  • Yes. Its ridiculous that there aren't more.
  • How can we have a brand new skin never existed in SW before just created by the developers over iconic skins exisiting in SW and requested by many over the years of Battlefront?
    Yes I'm talking about the Battle Damaged(er) Grievous skin because 2 damaged skin for a Villain who never needed skins to begin with was necessary development time.
    And I admit this new Grievous skin looks nice and it's unique in a way but this should have been the only Grievous skin and the other Battle Damaged could have just been an effect from explosions getting onto the default Grievous skin.
    And if we want to stick to Clone Wars, they could make new skins to Clone Wars Heroes like new Obi Wan skins like Old Ben, AotC Obi-Wan, TPM Obi-Wan, Chewie with 3PO on his back, Hermit Yoda (a slightly less green with a bit different robe, there is a mod for it already). Sometimes I just can't get the logic behind it.
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  • swhh1kq5n0ny.png

    This one :-)
  • Yes do it!!!
  • The black robes at the end of Last Jedi would be nice too
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  • luke.
  • camerog
    220 posts Member
    ~Luke Skywalker~

    The last true hope in the galaxy... the only one strong enough to take on the lord of the sith and restore justice to the galaxy once more Luke Skywalkers legend will live long through our time in the starwars universe!

    Episode: VI
    Unlock [Free]
    Level Requirement: None

    A young farmboy on the edge of the outer rim with dreams of sailing off to see the stars while be completely unaware that the fate of the universe and all things in it lie solely in his naive and ambitious hands. Although clumsy and full of room for learning improvement he is the galaxy’s true savior....

    Episode: IV
    Farm Boy
    Unlock [1000 crystals]
    Level Required: Rank 30

    Right after successfully seeing to the rebels progression and safe escape from the empire his friends will go to regroup with the other rebels. But he will not be Joining them for Luke has another journey! One he must take alone... to meet the last Jedi Master....

    Episode: V
    Unlock [500 Crystals]
    Level Requirement: Rank 25

    Luke faces to save his friends from the danger of the powerful dark lord himself! Darth Vader! Luke will have the fight of his life as this is the first time going into battle with his saber instead of his blaster and with a Sith Lord no less. Luke and Vader will have an amazing fight but is Luke really gonna be able to survive this challenge....

    Episode: V
    Unlock [2000 crystals]
    Level Required: Rank 30

    On the dangerous streets of Tatooine Young Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker must barter with the the well renounced and much feared crime boss Jabba the Hutt to save his friend Gan from cruel imprisonment. As the gates to the palace start to open a mysterious cloaked stranger strives at the helm of the door brushing the guards off easily with the sway of his will... the jedi has arrived....

    Episode: VI
    Unlock [500 credits]
    Level Requirement: Rank 30

    Launched on a covert mission by the rebels Han Leia and Luke set of to Endor to infiltrate the Imperial Base but Luke has a mission if his own story confront the notorious Darth Vader and free his father from the emperors reign....

    Episode: VI
    Unlock [2000 Crystals]
    Level Required: Rank 30

    The final hour evil will meet the light and Luke will fulfill his destiny or perish trying to do so! It’s just him and his father now. Will Luke be able to reach his father without being destroyed in the process first or will the Jedi finally forevermore strike down the all powerful Sith Lord....

    Episode: VI
    Unlock [500 crystals]
    Level Required: Rank 25

    30 years after the fall of the Empire ...The worlds last great savior has gone into hiding and closed himself off from the force... meanwhile a new terror has been rising the all powerful Kylo Ren has been rebuilding the empire through means of the new growing first order in honor of his grandfather. With no one to balance his power the galaxy is doomed. All hope is lost except for one stranger that will turn to this old Jedi legend seeking knowledge in the ways of the force. This girl may be the last hope.....

    Episode: VII + VIII
    Unlock [Available through Heroes-Quest challenge][/b]
    Level Requirement: Rank 250
    Entry Requirement: *All Luke appearances & Star-Cards must be owned*

    I wouldn’t mind if these were locked in crystals as you can check my previous game layout design plan to see how that would work see Heroes-Quest here
    @CountVonLux2 @BeastlyCrawdad @BrandonJones23 @Dash @VadersPetPig_ @Elusive_DJ @Cad_Bane

    Yes Please.
  • Just noticed this thread. Bring on the Luke Skins!
    Heroes are born on the battlefront... especially if you play the objective.
  • Yes, but I could do without yet another character in a robe.

    I would be happy with Farm boy, Pilot, Bespin, Medal Gear (lol, end of ANH), and very low priority, Endor Luke. He already has what would the best possible skin by default, thankfully, so I don't need another variation of that same outfit.
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  • Luke endor should be high priority considering we have Endor Leia and Endor Han in the game already
  • AzorAhai
    1317 posts Member
    edited April 19
    Stop inundating us with OT skins. We can't handle any more!

    (reverse psychology)
  • Spiito
    1846 posts Member
    Yes, please. (Elderly Luke especially.)

    "A fair fight is where everyone loses."
  • Yes.

    Skins I would like:

    Pilot (Epic)

    Farm (Epic)

    Bespin (Epic)
    Where's the offline content?
  • vBREEDv
    268 posts Member
    @F8RGE @EA_Charlemagne PLEASE look at this and add some of these in PLEASE or if you can all, I’m willing to spend real money on these and I’m sure others as well.
  • Yes ...!
    For General Ahsoka Tano!

  • All of the above, but once again I have to say I don’t believe the devs are interested in the main man, he’s not CW. So don’t hold your breaths
  • yes I would like more of any skins
  • NO. That should come after legitimate replayability concerns are addressed. I'm sure people would love a new skin, but it's not something which will make or break the game for anyone. I doubt people would stop playing if it was kept as is.
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  • All of the above, but once again I have to say I don’t believe the devs are interested in the main man, he’s not CW. So don’t hold your breaths

  • I’m saying no. But that is because of my selfish reasons of not being a hero fan
  • SomberingJace
    897 posts Member
    edited April 23
    Glad to know I’m not the only one who wants more Luke skin (farmboy, bespin, grand master) cough cough* :joy:
    feel the force Sombering Jace
  • don't care
  • Leia got a new skin before Luke? This is unfair and mess up. PleAse more Luke skins.
  • SomberingJace
    897 posts Member
    edited April 24
    It will come soon have faith young padawan
    Leia got a new skin before Luke? This is unfair and mess up. PleAse more Luke skins.

    feel the force Sombering Jace
  • Luke skins is a must. The neglect for this character is so bizarre. Han and Leia get their Endor kits but not Luke? What gives?
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  • You have to wonder why the Endor skin wasn’t added with Han and Leia’s. My only guess is that there might be major clipping issues
  • Maliainu
    1107 posts Member
    He definitely is lacking in appearances. Yes all the way.
  • Maliainu
    1107 posts Member
    Luke skins is a must. The neglect for this character is so bizarre. Han and Leia get their Endor kits but not Luke? What gives?

    My guess is that none of the devs are a huge fan of him, like our precious chosen one.
  • SomberingJace
    897 posts Member
    edited April 24
    Sorry @NomiSunstrider I realize I said I would add this one a long time ago here you go...

    On the far reaches of the galaxy the last Jedi master in existence powerful ascends to the planet of rebel runaways and what is to be the the last stand against a growing darkness but his mission is clear he will allow the rebellion to be reborn with his passing breath and the galaxy will roam triumphant once more! The last savior in the galaxy! One last act of divinity!




    Redeeming Hour

    Episode: VIII
    Unlock [1000 crystals]
    Level Required: Rank 30
    feel the force Sombering Jace
  • Yes! the original main star wars character gets no love.
  • Laser921
    1868 posts Member
    I dont care much for farmboy Luke but my dream list is:

    Pilot (without helmet preferred)
    Ceremony (gold jacket)
    Dagobah fatigues (this would be the training gear (Yoda backpack would be hilarious))
    and as much as I did not like Last Jedi, I would say the black robes Luke's projection wears, not the old man robes from TFA
    Emotion yet Peace, Ignorance yet Knowledge, Passion yet Serenity, Chaos yet Harmony, Death yet the Force
  • Bespin Luke, Endor Luke and Hooded Luke from ROTJ and Last Jedi Crait for sure
  • absolutely
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