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Enough with the rage quitting



  • TjPunx
    1531 posts Member
    Yep why should they get the kill
  • People quit even when we're winning, it's outrageous.
    A thousand generations live in you now, but this is your fight.
  • RyanK388
    1736 posts Member
    What if it's just my game crashing tho? Or a friend invites to play with them? o:)

    Or it’s Dinnertime and I can’t just postpone my family dinner with everyone else waiting on me.
    What if my Network latency decides to spike up to 300ms from my normal 43ms I’m not gonna play in those conditions.

    If I’m not getting good reception from the router you’d be sure I’ll try to fix it, or I just vacate and let someone else with better ping than I join the match.

    Sorry about that
  • Pew Pew politics....
  • TjPunx wrote: »
    If you get beat just accept it. Stop rage quitting and ruining other team members games

    Can't help it when you have an Anakin ruining the matches for everybody.
  • People quit even when we're winning, it's outrageous.

    Heroes are born on the battlefront... especially if you play the objective.
  • I quit all the time for various reasons. I get a party invite. I need to take a phone call. I’m bored of the match. My drink is due for a re-fill. Many reasons to leave a match, and honestly..

    PSN: BucksawBoushh
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