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LIUV cannot run down players

Haven't been able to find it anywhere else so apologies in advance if there is already a thread somewhere. But some time ago I noticed that suddenly you cannot run any of the opposing players over on starkiller base. I mean can't even do damage to them at all. Did they 'adjust' this in a patch or did it get broken by one. I mean if they felt the strong need to nerf this then they should nerf all speeders from being able to run you over and kill you, especially on Endor where they can gently tap you and instadeath. Either way it's seriously looking like a fix is needed. Perhaps only allow an instant death from a speeder hit-n-run if said speeder is going at full speed. Any speed less than that should only do a quarter to half damage.
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  • brienj
    679 posts Member
    They can still run people over, but a video was posted on Youtube, not long ago, that showed a very simple and easy way to prevent getting run over, and most people are starting to use this tactic to avoid getting run over without having to keep rolling out of the way.
  • Goomas
    94 posts Member
    I miss my LIUV "lawn mower". Used to jack up some serious enemies with that thing. Now it just floats around like a useless piece of junk. Nerfed to death.

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