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Community Transmission — Heroes vs Villains Changes



  • Come on now. 25 eliminations is too low of a score and will only frustrate players and make them bored. Removing the target system was an absolute must for a long time now, and it is great that is being removed and turned into more of a team deathmatch style. However, speaking as a someone who is a long time Unreal Tournament 2004 player, 25 is too low. I have a video of a me playing here, and I will uploaded more Heroes vs Villains soon. The score should be 40 to 50 at minimum. And of course one extra point for overtime.

    My team has 67 total. 30 of the eliminations are from me. Which the majority of the time in the current target system, the losing team usually has more eliminations than the winning, which was unfair and makes no sense. The other team here had 58 total. This is with over 9 minutes of gameplay and no running going on. Matches with no running and smaller levels average 6 to 8 minutes, or a little over.

    25 elimination score as the goal will be two to three minute matches. All this considering players will not be focused on a single target anymore.
  • Smrph
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    Incoming transmission!

    One of the most iconic parts of Star Wars™ comes from when our noble heroes face off against their sinister foes. Obi-Wan Kenobi versus General Grievous, Luke Skywalker confronting Darth Vader, or Rey against Kylo Ren.

    These moments have captured us since the very first film and is a part of Battlefront™ II, particularly in Heroes vs Villains.


    You’ve all given us a lot of feedback about HvV and with it, we’re making some changes to the mode.

    With this month’s update, we’re completely reworking the targeting system in Heroes vs Villains. Now, defeating an enemy hero will add a point to your team’s elimination score, regardless of which one you defeat.

    With these new mechanics, the mode will no longer be a first to 10 target eliminations. Instead, the first team to reach 25 eliminations will be the victors of the match.

    We will also update the achievement for eliminations to reflect this change. It will now unlock upon eliminating 50 enemies in HvV rather than be tied to target eliminations.

    Thanks for the feedback on this one! This is one of the many changes we’ve made (and will continue to make) to the game that have been based directly on what players are asking for and talking about. Once this update goes live, let us know what you think!


    With your constant feedback, we plan to continue evolving the Heroes and Villains game modes as well as the iconic characters themselves, including another change that will be seen in this month’s update. We’re adding more versatility to Boba Fett’s jetpack this month, including in-air recoveries! More details on this will be shared in this month’s release notes.

    Charlemagne, signing off.

    Awesome. I Would like to see some kind of knockdown for his concussion rocket too make it a little more authentic and/or DMG and increase concussion effect. Slight boost to blaster dmg. He and Flynn need some type of stun or knockdown ability imo.You may include accuracy toward the ee3 in this update so I'll hold off on that. For the hunt could use an update too. Should be similar if not slightly better then the Arc trooper scan ability also imo. On another note, I'm real happy to see blaster heroes are being focused on now. Boba Fett especially. Great work guys I have total faith in the team! Sending good vibes!
  • Crawford53
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    25 eliminations is absolutely ridiculous, that’s about how many eliminations I get in a single game. The matches will now be extremely short, why not make it 75-100? Or make different heroes v villains modes? And what about new heroes?? Why can’t we have a mace windu and jango Fett package? Or make 6v6 games?
  • OcDoc wrote: »
    I literally created a thread that was titled Quitters > Runners to express that mismatched teams were the biggest problem in HvV. It is the primary reason for “gang ups” in the game.

    I assure you, Hero Blast does nothing to solve this issue. A primary strategy of Hero Blast will be to identify the weakest player and pound them into a rage quit and then a route will ensue.

    Maybe it is you that is kidding themself.
    Lmao here it goes. Again the way you talk makes it painfully obvious that you're exactly one of those people who don't get it.

    "Mismatched teams are the primary cause of Gangups"

    Lmao no it isn't son. This literally makes no sense if you know how it is. It aint got nothing to do with having less than 4 teammates. You can have 4 teammates, gangups are still gangups and are still just as trash. I am talkin 2v1, 3v1, and 4v1. All of those arrangements are trash regardless of how many people is on your team. HvV is not 4v1, it's 4v4, and people seem to hypocritically be the first ones to point that out when you come at them talking about how they can't do anything on their own cause they suck at the game. They'll say it's 4v4, not 1v1. But hypocritically they do 4v1, or any gangup arrangement. Instead of 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4.

    The only thing gangups do when people quit out, is make it hopeless to fight back. But at that point you staying is at your own discretion. People "quitting" isn't a problem, it's an inevitability. A fact of life, get over it. But gangups are still the biggest problem by a landslide in a match where nobody quits, and you misrepresenting the situation gots to stop.

    Also, fyi. Your emphasis on quitters implies you're likely one of those bottom of the leaderboard, bottom of the team, guys. Because to any good player who actually contributes. 3v4 aint nothin because it's not the other guy winning the match, it's /you/.

    On a side note, lol at the guy on the first page of this comment section talking about 4v1ing the target so casually like it's perfectly normal and acceptable and totally not trash at all... SMH!!!

    Lastly, no, it will not be the same in the new mode. Gangups only work because you are fundamentally in some way, shape, or form, forced to face the enemy team. Either to go after the target, or to protect your own. With everyone being "the target" and nobody being marked on screen to tell us where they are at(let's hope). Gangups won't be possible. Weak players, if they don't just stop playing HvV altogether cause this mode exposes how trash they are and that they relied upon ganging in the old mode. Then they will obviously be the most catious, stealthy, attrition tactic, etc.

    In other words running and hiding becomes a GOOD thing in this mode because it stops ganging from being possible. Even if they do mark all the players, or make them visible it's still way more decentralized than the target system, making it drastically easier to punish gangups. For instance if 2 or more people on 1 team gang up on 1 person. They get that 1 kill. But then the other team can kill the other non ganged up players, or they can swoop in an flank them from behind and get 3 kills for 1. Etc.
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  • vidic1
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    The amount of people who are going to run and hide will be a joke, kids will do this all the time. Plus 25kills is too low, fix up!
  • I am so glad the target systems gone so done of running cowards no more target running bye get skills and come fight lol
  • I can already see a problem where characters such as Rey will have a distinct advantage due to her ability to track villains on the map and see them through objects.
  • Cadoth
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    I can already see a problem where characters such as Rey will have a distinct advantage due to her ability to track villains on the map and see them through objects.

    The heroes are all already tracked on the minimap
  • MMGmind
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    Thanks for the new mode but it feel that some stuffs are missing. Do you think it’s possible to make a 10vs10 or at least 8vs8 (like heroes unleashed) to make things more interesting. And increase the amount of kill 25 to 50 or 75.
  • Cyro
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    this actually makes the mode better. now killing enemies doesnt feel so pointless anymore! you can kill 3 times as many players as they do yet you still lose because their boba is always escaping and your targets die!
    Checklist to improve the Game:
    -End cross Era Heroes in Galactic Assault
    -41st Camo Scouts on Kashyyyk
    -More Blasters (SE-14, T-21 etc.)
    -Weapon Rework (attachments, scopes, iron sights, stocks)
    -Actual reload animations like on DC-17 Commando (magchange)
    -Option to disable other players skins clientside (no more Legion Mix)

  • ChrisG_TF wrote: »
    I love star wars battlefront its the only game i play

    But the changes in Heroes vs Villains have made me really disappointed :neutral: my games on average only last about 10 minutes and forces me to spend more time in lobbies just waiting for the next 10 minute quick-y. The less co-originated team stands absolutely no chance; at least in the old targeting system if a friend and I are stuck with less skilled players we can carry the team and still win and thoroughly enjoy battling multiple enemies at once if we defend the target. Now it doesnt matter the enemy team can see the less skilled players are easier to handle and purposely seek them out to secure the games win. On top of this the fact its team death match, the MOST basic game type, is EXTREMELY saddening because now a majority of pressure to win is removed, I feel more pressure to hope my team isnt garbage or regardless of my skill they will die 25 times in 10 minutes or less. I have always found the update forums interseting but never made an account to express my feelings on the update because I liked the direction EA was going, but this drove me to renew my EA password and complain... Hope this gets reverted to an OBJECTIVE based game-mode

    ChrisG signing off

    I wonder if making a targeted player worth 2-3 kills and raising the score to 75 would improve this
  • Every fight ive been in with HVV since the update has been completely one-sided in favor of the light side because Yoda will tank up Anakin, who’s already OP and he’ll steamroll the entire dark side team. Please take away Anakin’s pull dominance, there are enough push’s/pulls in the game as it is and he never really force pulled anything in the movies and he doesnt need 4 abilities. Please dont give everyone 4 abilities to try to balance it because im getting tossed around like a ragdoll and debuffed like crazy from all sides no matter what I do. Please bring Anakin’s health down to 750, he’s not a cyborg yet he doesnt need that much health. Please make all heal on kill star cards passive because they’re taking up space and everyone is using them anyways. Please add a Hooded or Metal Legs skin for Darth Maul that would be amazing. You guys have done so much with this game since it dropped and I am honestly a huge fan of almost all of it, I know I complained a lot there, but don’t get me wrong, I am truly appreciative of all your hard work and effort you have put into this amazing game and I thank you and everyone else on all the development teams for everything you’ve done, this is one of my top played games and I love that you’re adding more and more to it.
  • i can't understand i thought that there would be new mode like 1VS1 battles like obi-wan vs grivious that would be perfect
  • Goomas
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    Empire_TW wrote: »
    25 seems too low but other than that sounds good.

    Whatever you say. I just like looking at the Janina photos in your signature line. As Yoda would say...

    Mmmmmmm... So hot she is.

  • I'll try it out tonight. but for now im wondering why Maul is the only character I got ranked passed 40 as I've ranked up other characters long before him.
  • Sad_History
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    The new mode is better than expected. Had a couple close matches. A bit boring and predictible, but passable as mindless entertainment.

    Vadar is to strong and is always chosen. Irritating. Anakin is needed for wins and that is irritating to.

    Haven't seen a Boba dominating yet and that is a bit of surprise.

    The new strategy of blocking and dodging backwards is irritating and to spammy. You have to dodge or dash with them and try to pass them and then strike their back or side. It's not graceful and Maul has a definite advantage because his dash is so long.

    Get hit while jumping from sabers far below is infuriating and need to be adressed. A TDM system cannot allow such a flaw. Also the magnetic sabers and saber locks need to go.

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  • Battlefront 2 H v V in my opinion continues to get worse with each update made. Prior to the update it was very clear with the abilities of each character that teamwork is essential for winning the battle. However, most players do not work as a team. With the new update each team is required to kill 24 enemies and there are no longer targets. This change further encourages everyone to fight individually rather than working as a team. The problem with this though is that it also makes almost all of the characters of the game completely useless because they are helpless unless supported by other teammates. The new change then forces everyone to use a very small amount of characters because the majority of those in the game have now become useless as they were clearly designed previously as support characters. I purchased Battlefront 2 because it is one of the only Star Wars games where you can be the most iconic Star Wars character in one game. This game continues to disappoint and with each update it becomes even worse.

    Also, while the game received very low ratings due to the level of importance placed on the microtransactions in the game, the game continues to have microtransactions with costs that are outrageous. You are forced to spend $20 for a single skin in the game for the characters. People do not want to spend $60 for a new game and then have to spend an additional $480 approximately for the additional skins. Games like this and Mortal Kombat 11 where you can spend literally $6,000 in microtransactions for skins, fatalities, and such need to no longer be produced.

    I am very disappointed with this game and with each update, the disappointment increases whereas if Gamestop gave you more than $1 to buy this game, I would have sold it long ago. At this point since I can't get money back for the game, I have considered simply tossing it in the trash because it's become that bad. This is probably the worst Star Wars game I have ever played and the biggest disappointment.
  • In my eyes they haven’t fixed the problem. It it about 1/5 off the matches are well matched. It sucks losing/wining 10-0 most of the time. Now I’m losing/winning 20-0. Player balance is the issue. It has always been the issue. I regularly see the top players out kill the entire losing team. Not fun. I have a hard time playing this game because of it. But it should learn from Galaxy of Heroes. But this game started out bad and is now finally to the content it should have released with. Sadly this is the only SW in ‘town’.
  • Nothing really new from what we already knew, even if these changes are welcome. 25 elims to win the match seems way too low from my point of view.

    If that ends up being the case, we'll increase it.

    Yeah...It really does need to increase. I think it would be best to have this change. I also had something in mind for Heroes and Villains as a new gamemode type thing. So I was thinking like an objective for the heroes and villains. So let's say one of the objectives is to work with your team on claiming a base or... maybe finding a relic of some sort. While on the villains side. They try to stop you or take it for themselves. I just think there could be more to do for Heroes and Villains, So much more. Just a thought I've had for a while now. But like I said. There could be the stand a lone HvV and then the Objective sort Heroes And Villains. It would just make sense.
  • The New Heroes vs Villains mode is Garbage. I hope they bring back the original HvV and change this "New" mode to a Hero Blast/Deathmatch mode, with increased Team Size. (8 on 8) I never thought Battlefront 2 could be ruined for me or that I would quit playing, but sadly I have lost interest with this update.

    Oh yeah the same, HvsV was the best mode for me and now, I can't imagine live without the old mode... So many fun.

    We could have a HvsV deathmatch with 50 points to reach for example
  • GeneralJoker567
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    The teaming is brutal if the teams just 4 v 1 a specific hero or villan hero being a gun hero or villans being an emperor palpatine or a 4 v 1 in general is not fair like you will get demolished as the emperor or any hero or villans that can't defend against lightsabers or the force will get demolished because people will specifically target the characters with no defense against and will make those characters useless unless that character is with the rest of the team they are useless because if you are a straggler you are just going to be targeted by every enemy hero or villan so unless your team stays together at all times you will all get 3 or 4 heros on you at the same time and it will be an automatic loss for your team and this is a better heros vs villans but balance it better by making it possible for a hero or villan can fend off 3 or 4 heros or villans at once otherwise the straggler targeting and the gun characters targeting as well as the no defense character Targeting will not stop look no amount of skill can make one person take on 4 heros at once searously. But if you have a good team this is an issue of the other team gets demolished and unless it becomes a heros v villans deathmatch with normal troops that are bots that you can use as cannon fodder so you can take out the other heros while there distracted then change heros v villans back and make the heros v villans deathmatch a different game mode. And there is a bug were if general grevous uses his unrelenting advance and gets hit in the side or gets shot In the side he will get stuck in the stance or amination and can't do anything but walk and then die can't do anything about it.
  • Empire_TW
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    Goomas wrote: »
    Empire_TW wrote: »
    25 seems too low but other than that sounds good.

    Whatever you say. I just like looking at the Janina photos in your signature line. As Yoda would say...

    Mmmmmmm... So hot she is.

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  • Another voice added to how terrible this change was, and how any desire I had to play this game is now gone.
    Thank you for making the game worse.
  • Loving the changes so far :smiley: So far the only time a team has steamrolled was when one of their team was doing nothing and jumping into pits... which kinda sucked even tho I wasn't on his team but still they did fine 3v4, we were beating them but by 10 points or less for the most part but it wasn't horrible. The real fun came when I was got in a lobby with no ****. Really close games, one game in particular was so intense that the game ended 0-0 (villains still won- they got the final kill milliseconds before the heroes did). Matches were a bit short tho, not as bad as I thought they would be but maybe bump it up to 35 or 40 (turns out it is already being bumped up to 50. Loving the mode, looks like the best way to win is team play which I think is awesome.
  • Anakin9644
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    I hate this new HvV. It's adhd game now. Everything is happening so fast... Not good... Playing should be fun. But it is not anymore. I want the old HvV game mode back. Otherwise i will stop playing. I've played SW Battlefront over 2 years but i don't know will i play it anymore. All games are made for Fortnite adhd kids these days... 😔😔😔😑😑😑
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  • Fausto
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    HvV is complete trash now. Everyone knows your exact location now which is stupid and ruined the game. Now you have toxic tryhards running in a single file line picking off people by themselves. You should not know your enemies location on the radar unless they're close to you. I'm done with battlefront. EA you ruined it completely. Idk who thought of having everyone visible on the radar at all times. Rey's insight is garbage now. Landos smoke grenades are trash too. Good job EA, you ruined the one game that's keeping you alive.
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