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Forest of Endor

Arcade and map suggestions

Ive been playing for a while and I just have a few suggestions for possible future content.

Map ideas-
Naboo plains
Mygeeto (BF2 classic type of thing)

Some space maps could be-
Death Star surface/trenches
Super star destroyer
Hoth with its ground to space Ion cannon or another planet with a hypervelocity gun. The rebellion could have to wait for it to charge while trying to survive the Empire, whose objective would be to take out a given number of rebellion ships.

The biggest issue with this BF2 is the arcade mode. BF2 classic was so amazing mainly because of its space to capital combat, and its instant action system. The big thing missing from EA BF2 is a good arcade comparable to said instant action system. The current arcade system has few game modes, and the maps are rather small. Its mediocre. I think that the main improvements that could be made are the addition of galactic assault to arcade alongside the larger GA maps. Other modes such as the BF2 classics conquest would be a great addition. Larger 40+ AI battles and CTF would also be great additions. Adding 2-4 person co-op to arcade would also be a good addition.
The main feature thats missing is the full size maps.


  • I really just want the GA maps and vehicles in Arcade. Thats not to much to ask, is it?
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