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Community Transmission - Where are those Droidekas?



  • Awesome list. Droidekas are going to be awesome and fun to play, the TX-130 is going to be a nostalgia-blast, been waiting for the General Anakin appearance for ages, and I'm going to love the new Clone skins. Felucia will be awesome to play on although my first choice would've been Utapau, personally , and I can't wait to see the map in Frostbite!
    Commander Cody - the Empire has Iden, the First Order has Phasma. Give us a soldier-based hero for the Republic!
  • omg thank you so much! The ARF and Scout troopers look amazing!
  • flcnrelic
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    Versatti wrote: »
    Nice updates but sadly lacks Trooper content.

    I assume you mean new weapons as there are two new skins for troopers. I do wish we could get new weapons or a way to mod the weapons more.
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  • Yes! I'm happy where this game is going but i really need at least one skin for Luke
  • very good ct!! i am hyped for all the stuff love the new skins
  • Ohhhhh so the droideka counters the AT-RT and the AAT counters the TX-130?

    Does this mean we'll eventually get scavenged TX-130 for the rebellion

    No offline CS or OG CS come on 😔😔😢😢 DICE please

    Felucia sounds good but I would have preferred to see Corroscent just because I want battles in the streets and HvV in the temple but still Felucia is brilliant cause it could mean we'll get more AT-TE action.

    I don't really care much for skins (please don't smack me) just because it gets a bit tedious grinding for credits but I might get the 212th ARF skins because of Boil and Waxer nostalgia.
  • TOOO MUUCH CLOOONE WAAARS. I love the clone wars, but is the star wars battlefront: the clone wars? NO. Its all of Star is the rest? It has been nothing but clone wars for like 6 months. Give us more sequel or original series content. Please?
  • Please make Felucia for GA and PLEASE give us more blasters!
  • Are these the Sentinel class or just extra reinforcements? Forshawdowing Commandoes next month?
  • Cane_danko
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    Its cool and all but... still on the clone wars? Eh.... whatever...
  • flcnrelic
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    This post is very encouraging that we are headed in the right direction with Battlefront. Always more to do like weapons and non-Clone Wars content. Still looking for Bespin Luke and Cloud City map for GA/CS.
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  • jo_achim747
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    So you have the Clone Wars AT-TE ready and playable in one GA map... seriously, will we ever see it on another map playable?
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  • Christo_04002283
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    Omg yes EA this is exactly what I wanted, a republic tank, droidekas, and a new map.
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  • Thank you! Never thought we’d see the day. Still have a few ideas aside from weapons and heroes being added. Why no OG skins for Luke or Han like Bespin or stormtrooper disguises? I’m sure there’s a reason but tell us? Lando has more skins than Luke....

    Additionally, more maps. Utapau? Very impressed you’re doing Could we fight in places from the movies? Like on Geonosis give us the arena...and if you want to replace wookies, make a generic Jedi enforcer with a heal, push, and lightsaber throw, that has lower health and such.

    You’ve done a great job, really. Clone wars has more content for a shooter game. Weapons, heroes, maps etc. But can we get any word on future OG trilogy content for those players who grew up with that and are spending the money? Alderaan, Dantooine, Sullust, Dagobah, Mon Cal, Corellia, Jedha.

    Will we ever have multi player vehicles that you can take a squad in to capture Colman’s posts?

    If you need to make money to continue supporting the game, release lots of skins like you did with the clones. Otherwise everyone has credits to buy them.

    Heroes are a touchy subject and there are tons of requests. However could there be a smaller proportion lightsaber heroes? Or when you add enough heroes make a mode for era specific hvv? I have ideas there too....

    Don’t know how much work it takes, Jawa, Gungan, geonosian hunt modes would mix things up.

    Staggering...I’m really tired of this, pretty much my only gameplay complaint. If you can’t use abilities or they get canceled or fight back when being hacked by a lightsaber, why am I alive? Make it a one hit kill or remove the cancelation. Let me throw a grenade or something. Please.

    The game has improved drastically. I’d recommend it to anyone. But these suggestions I feel would make it a perfect game for any fan or causal player.

    I agree 100% with you, dude. Especially about the cancellation ****. If I throw a grenade, let it detonate, whether I get hit by a lightsaber or not. I understand if you throw a nade and die, that's one thing, but why should getting hit by a saber keep my nade from hitting the ground and detonating? So many illogical aspects to this game.
  • Roadmap when?
  • Thanks for the good work, but shame no love towards Extraction again
  • grimmace2
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    Roadmap when?

    It's updated. Nothing that wasn't discussed in the CT.
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    I've been looking forward to this. Droidekas, TX-130, and my favorite planet. Thanks guys. Finally some good [removed] maps!
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  • This all sounds incredible, can’t wait for Felucia!!! I understand the focus on Clone Wars so I’m still holding out hope for future updates bringing us more Hero skins(especially for Luke) and the weapons you promised at the launch of the game, maybe with the Original Trilogy Capital Supremacy update???
  • Highlights many of the things the community wants, but is still missing more maps, more skins, more weapons, two new heroes, clone commandos to counter the droidekas, and offline content with bug fixes. I assume the offline content is mentioned in the CT with:
    'As we move through the summer we plan to add new ways to play epic battles, for players who want something besides traditional PvP. We’ll have more to share on this later in the year.'
    And bug fixes will be coming with the updates. Grievous needs some serious love.
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    Wow.......this is going to change so much. Maybe I missed it, but what’s the release date?
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  • IFAF
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    MBSONIC wrote: »
    Wow.......this is going to change so much. Maybe I missed it, but what’s the release date?

    comes, most of this on June 26th.
  • AccurateThings
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    Hey dice are you adding the new reinforcements for capital supremacy Naboo only or for all GA/CS clone wars maps? If so will the droideka be available for kamino?
  • We are so hyped !!!!? Amazing update.. cant wait..
  • IFAF
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    Piscettios wrote: »
    No weapons
    No trooper only mode
    No strike, blast, SA or Extraction updates
    No OT content
    No Rogue One

    More clown wars skins and tiered reinforcements for an inferior mode! Yay!


    If I had known this game would focus solely on CW post launch, this would have been a hard pass. It was marketed as featuring all three eras and since launch its been anything but that.


    you do have BF2015
  • CC_1010
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    Alex64 wrote: »
    And the clone wars parade still going, this thing has died and you killed it

    I don’t think so...
  • Thank you for the update. @F8RGE can you confirm, felucia is for CS only or other modes too?? (Like GA)
  • Nice update!!! Droidekas, general Skywalker, felucia, & a new tank
  • NoseRelc
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  • RyanAve1
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    As much as Felucia is a good map I don't like the fact that DICE overlooked Coruscant which is the map I want the most in the game. Should have been top priority. I'm happy about droidekas finally coming to the game which is awesome.
  • Need Viceroy Gun-Ray for the emotes
  • 1l2u5
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    Am i seriously the only person who was able to spot Mace Windu´s clone Legion skins, the 187th, on the Felucia picture?
  • Colin777
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    Dont want to sound like i hate this, because i really love it, but i feel i wouldve liked Coruscant more. Better feel of the movies
  • I cant wait to roll around a corner deploy and unleash terror on troopers
  • When arrive Felucia map?

  • Setrhy
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    WOW that was AWESOME, Felucia it coming and finally Droidekas BRAVO! :o
    The new outfit of Anakin looks so nice. Only one thing, that cosume is the first one of Clone Wars. If we can get the same haircut, that would be so COOL! :) here a example:


    General Grievous...

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