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Star Wars Battlefront II - Jun 11th Patch - Release Notes

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Hello there,

We’re releasing a small update this month to address some balancing concerns and issues, including reducing Anakin’s effectiveness in modes like Capital Supremacy and Galactic Assault, where he can cut through troopers too easily, while retaining his capabilities when facing off against a villain.

We’ve also worked on a few community requests, including changing Darth Maul’s Furious Throw to a horizontal throw and reducing the number of players required to begin some modes. This ability now has a significantly larger hitbox, meaning it can more easily hit the designated target and multiple enemies at once. Because of this, we’re reducing the damage it does so that it doesn’t become over-powered. We’ll keep monitoring feedback and balance for further tweaks to keep it fun, powerful, and fair.

More changes will come in a much larger update on the 26th of June. Until then, see you on the battlefront!

Release Notes:

Balancing tweaks for Anakin Skywalker:
  • Reduced the duration of the choking during Anakin's Retribution ability from 4 to 2 seconds.
  • Anakin's Retribution does not charge up based on damage received during Heroic Might.
  • Heroic Might no longer deals increased damage as Anakin takes damage. The ability’s radius still increases as Anakin takes damage.
  • Increased base damage of Heroic Might from 70 to 90 against heroes.
  • Reduced base damage of Heroic Might from 130 to 120 against troopers.

Darth Maul:
  • Darth Maul now throws his lightsaber horizontally instead of vertically, creating a much wider hit-box for his attack. The Furious Throw ability base damage is now reduced from 150 to 75 to balance the ability’s improved accuracy. Improved VFX and Animation related to the ability.

Game Modes
Reduced the minimum number of players required to start the following game modes
  • Blast from 8 to 4
  • Strike from 8 to 4
  • Heroes Vs. Villains from 8 to 6

All Other Improvements
  • The mini-map in Heroes vs Villains will now work similarly to Hero Showdown and will not constantly show all players on screen.
  • Heroes will now cost the same amount of Battle Points across all maps.
  • Fixed an issue where Iden’s Droid Batteries Star Card was granting incorrect recharge time values for the Stun Droid ability.
  • Fixed an issue where Han Solo would be unable to jump if the Sharpshooter ability got cancelled or interrupted.
  • Fixed an issue where the DC-15LE weapon would have no crosshair when close aiming, if the Improved Zoom attachment was equipped.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the animation of the back gear of the 91st Recon Corps.
  • Fixed an issue where one of the roofs on Kamino allowed players to jump out of map geometry.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the brightness of the Command Post projections on Geonosis and Kashyyyk.
  • Fixed an issue where LAAT pilots would be seen floating in air when boarding the Dreadnought on Geonosis - Capital Supremacy.

Deployment Info
  • 08:00 UTC PC
  • 09:00 UTC PS4
  • 10:00 UTC Xbox One


  • RIP Anakin.
    On a side note, concerning the HvV change, it is either useless or bad decision, one less player on a side is easily felt in game.

    10% less on troops, lol. If you have any damage when he activates it, you're still dead

  • Looks like GA will be playable!

    I was hugely dissapointed by the lack of non CW content but since Anakin is fixed maybe I'll play the game once in a while.
  • jordi1337
    1419 posts Member
    Empire_TW wrote: »
    How much will the BP cost for heroes be? Anything below 6K is too low.

    it says 4k sadly
  • Yea, officer or quick LAAT run on Kamino, Naboo, Kashyyk.
  • il96
    605 posts Member
    RIP Anakin.
    On a side note, concerning the HvV change, it is either useless or bad decision, one less player on a side is easily felt in game.

    10% less on troops, lol. If you have any damage when he activates it, you're still dead

    yeah well 90% of the time you dont have any damge! So relax....
    PS4 ButtersAgain
  • Well it looks like DICE once again gave the nerf Anakin cry-babies exactly what they wanted
    RIP Anakin

    Smart people stop hitting or shooting him during HM anyway, so I personally wont see a difference
  • I thought the increased battle points for heroes outside of eras was fair but whatever I guess. Kinda makes sense for ST I guess since darkside had only 2 freakin heroes lmao
  • yoda901
    207 posts Member
    Looks good for Anakin, my fear is that without some light side buffs the dark side villains will be a little overpowering in HvV. Maul's saber throw should be raised up to 100, at 75 it isn't worth giving up your block...Unless it does damage 2x then I take it back!
  • Kyberous
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    edited June 2019
    [removed] finally, darth mauls saber throw sounds amazing but thedamage reduction may be a bit to low and the reduced players needed for HvV is great and the anakin changes finally sound balanced great job DICE your on a role.
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  • Odinnir
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    Yes finally the Darth Maul changes we need. But the dmg should be 100 not 75.

    Should be 150.
  • Odinnir
    84 posts Member
    You gotta be really stupid to nerf maul. None of his abilities can one shot now. IT'S STUPID. Not his choke, not his saber throw, not his spin and not his saber damage. ALL HEROES NEED AT LEAST ONE ONE-SHOT ABILITY.
  • Roob
    3 posts Member
    rip darth maul's saber throw, now i gotta wait in front of an enemy if I want to kill him to get that 150 damage -___-"
  • The reason why I like playing on ST maps in GA is because of the anakin cost, with this update it won’t matter what map I’m playing on as since anakin will cost the same
  • Gooooood. Really gooooooooood.

    I love you. Thank you for your work.
  • Anakin fix is the best new. Now he is broken in GA.

  • RIP Anakin.
    On a side note, concerning the HvV change, it is either useless or bad decision, one less player on a side is easily felt in game.

    The whole minimum numbers thing for modes tells me these modes are seeing less and less people. Seems the popular modes are GA and CS. But with better changes to HvV maybe it will start populating again.
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