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November Community Calendar

Poll: Should Battlefront 2 add new content for other eras?

I've created a Reddit poll asking the community about the continued focus on Clone Wars and whether people want to see more stuff for other eras:
Battlefront 2 has been focused on the Clone Wars for about a year now, with little additional content for other eras, do you want to see new stuff for the Original and/or Sequel Trilogy eras or are you happy with the continued Prequel era focus? It would be good to have an idea of the proportions between different opinions in the community.
Please bump this post and vote! The bigger the sample size we get the more reliable the poll, and the more likely devs will take notice. However you feel about the topic please share your thoughts, comment below too!


  • The answer is yes
  • Yes it should
  • Of course. The devs keep pushing this stuff claiming the "community wants it" with no tangible metric. The addition of Anakin, Obi-Wan, etc. were long overdue & obvious choices. This CW stuff has gone on too long now. I know I'd like to see, & I've seen many others post the same, for Rogue One content. Obviously, Rise of Skywalker content once the movie comes out.
  • @Thunderflare99 A metric is exactly what we need, if there's a slight chance in getting the devs to pay attention and notice that most people want other era stuff now, or at least a balance between all eras, maybe they'll listen. Dennis, the Franchise Director has said that the Clone Wars is his personal favourite, but at this point he shouldn't be letting that dictate the course of the game.
  • Relmets
    2443 posts Member
    Reminder that era pandering in an era restrictive game is a gameplay issue
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  • bfloo
    15933 posts Member
    They should be changing era every 3 months.
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  • Rogue One content and The Rise of Skywalker content would both be much appreciated.
    Bring back Extraction to the main menu please!

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    “Season” 4: Episode IX
    “Season” 5: Rogue One
  • Nope. Clone Wars til I die is good for me.
    Y'all can go back and play BF2015 if you want more OT content. :D
  • Relikk
    238 posts Member
  • Relmets
    2443 posts Member
    y'all can go back and play BF2015 if you want more OT content. :D

    Not an argument. You've already been debunked.
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  • Empire_TW
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    Nope. Clone Wars til I die is good for me.
    Y'all can go back and play BF2015 if you want more OT content. :D

    Y'all can go back and play this for your CW content
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  • DarthJ
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    I would say my answer but I can't because I'll get banned again by the chairman Mao group who run this place
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