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Anakin Starfighter hero & additional musings

I've had this idea floating around in my head for a while now about adding Anakin as a starfighter hero since he came out as well as adding Grievous as an opposing seperatist space hero. Both of them have iconic starfighters and while i'm unsure what GG's abilities may be I have put some thought into Anakin's. I have found that a lot of the starfighter abilities (with some exceptions) are rather samey, even among the hero fighters. One ability I came up with was "That's a good trick" where if Anakin is being pursued by a locked-on missile that he can do a roll and the missile would lose its targetting. Of course there would be the R2-D2 heal as with other astromechs in ship combat. Another ability akin to his like in RoTS where he says "I'm going to go help them out" where he buffs ships around him, or can see teammates who are low on health for a certain amount of time. These are all just random ideas, so i'm not saying they are gold.

The 'additional musings' I had were for a potential game mode added where it's a dogfighting mode for starfighters without hero ships similar to blast for the ground battles. I found blast was a great way for me to learn classes and just play quick matches but having to do long objective based matches or get gunned down in seconds by the hero ships discourages me from playing starfighter assault. The rest of my thoughts were just on how arcade could be improved through adding an in-match skin changer as in online, rather than having to go to the collection whenever you wanted to change skins. I also think arcade should have the first half of capital assault as its own game mode where you play against the AI going for the command posts.


  • Anakin's, Grievous's, and Obi-Wan's starfighters should all be in the game.
  • I would like Obi-Wan's too, but I realise they need to add other content too and given how Obi-Wan hates flying it would be more a token addition rather than a unique hero. They seem to be dedicated to their Clone Wars content at the moment so i'm happy to see where they go before they move on though.
  • Even if it's just Plo Koon as an exclusive starfighter hero rather than a ground hero too. There should be more clone wars heroes for the starfighters than just Yoda and Maul.
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