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CIS Light walker concept

30 posts Member
Since DICE now finaly adding AAT counter for the Republic, in the future, i'd like that in the same way CIS will get their own AT-RT like vehicle, and oh boy, there are plenty to choose from:
Spider droid - mostly will be busy sniping and crawling around the map with meh speeds
Crab droid - maybe not as fast like RT, but move in any direction with the same speed, but having 2 recticels for each gun and pincers to just push away some clones
Tri-droid - tall, precise and will be a better pick, since RT is quite tall with glaring weakspot, so this one have too - the middle of the neck between blasters and walker platform, also promoting pin-point accuracy like RT.


  • Crab droid would be awesome!!

  • Ferrius
    30 posts Member
    Crab droid would be awesome!!

    I love them too, having small critter running around and blasting clones, insighting primal fear in them is an amazing concept, but it doesnt realy in the same way might be interesting, if hi's pincers will turn out to be quite powerfull.
  • Crab Droid all the way, however they are pretty fast if you watch Episode 3 when they come in on Utapau
  • Lyc4n
    246 posts Member
    edited 4:22PM
    100% would be down for a crab droid, the droideka was great fun and a great addition to the game, crab droids would be amazing aswell im sure. However i do think that the crab droid could be another droideka in the sense of the enforcer class rather than a vehicle, i cant imagine holding square and a droid jumping out of the crab droid😂. Im sure they could make this feel very unique, maybe the left ability could be an ability to climb up walls and attack from unexpected angles, this could really switch up the gameplay in the game. If they went for an infiltrator class instead, they could also the right ability as a pinsir attack. the middle would be some form of a scan ability. They would have a normal short-miduim range blaster aswell. But this should be pretty weak, make it the first troop to be heavily based on mainly being melee, two shot kill to any infantry with normal melee, one shot kill with the pinsir ability. Uses the climbing ability to apear out of nowhere and kill you. 

    This addition could be just as fun if not more than the droideka, then add clone commandos to infiltrator and clone flametroopers to enforcer to round it out.
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