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December CC

Nerf Obiwan

His cancel ability move stops gun characters from rolling thats broken as all hell


  • I see comments to buff Obi-wan and comments to nerf Ob-wan. That is a good sign that he is balanced and needs to stay where he is.
  • Looked at this thinking 'Nerf Obi-Wan wtf' but actually I agree with what you said. The fact this ability stops players from dodging is kind of op but then again a lot of characters have op abilities I guess.
  • Obi-wan is almost perfect. I think it is his all out push. The fact that he is stationary for about 2 seconds and takes full damage is really really bad. I think he should get a damage reduction while he charges the ability, and then he would be perfect. His mind trick ability is fine, just the animation is a bit too long. so if he mind tricks, he can get shot down quickly making the ability useless in areas with a lot of troops. He should have a quick hand flick animation like in Episode 4 when he uses is against the sand trooper
  • Obi-1 is actually in a good spot. I like his defensive abilities and they way he has been built. If anything I think Phasma needs a small buff for her weapon since it does so little damage. I don't think Obi-wan should be changed in any way. even though this ability can be strong it's nothing compared to something like Rey's mind trick
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