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Devs DO SOMETHING about HvV & Characters


Have you even played HvV lately?

It's turned into one big pile of........................


List of Problems that need addressing:
  1. You can't dodge away from two or more people trying to hit you at the same time.....sometimes not even one person.
  2. Lightsaber blocking doesn't work on stairs a lot especially not the Naboo hanger stairs and as we already know minor uneven surfaces too, like on top of the millenium falcon as an example.
  3. Light saber block letting things through a little bit still....not referring to Kylo Frenzy attack.
  4. Endlesss number of bugs with light saber block breaking still permanently. Happens the most with Anakin.
  5. Dooku is a hot mess with some of the most problems. His lightsaber regularly misses on the first swing.
  6. Dooku lunge lock doesn't bring you close enough to the enemy or misses entirely.
  7. Force powers not working at extremely close range and you haven't been hit by anything before your animation finishes. It's like if the enemy is standing right on top of you but hasn't hit you, then you can't hit them with most force powers. Happens a lot with Dooku lightning when enemies are at close right infront of his face, but they haven't hit you with anything yet. Happens with other characters too.
  8. Dooku's exposed weakness is a joke most characters can still out run dooku even when hit by exposed weakness. They can just jump out of the way or dodge or what ever still. Ability is a huge flop now.
  9. Dooku lightning barely knocks people onto the ground for long, but some of the other force powers make characters looks like old people trying to get up off the ground.
  10. Dooku regularly misses people when he tries to hit them laying on the ground.
  11. Dooku dodges should dodge a little farther away to help with his melee problems. A little bit farther away than other characters.
  12. Grievous is the other huge problem character. He constantly does the thrust surge spin-out.
  13. Grievous also gets stuck in claw rush a lot too!
  14. Grievous still needs to do more damage to heroes only with the unrelenting advance because a lot of enemies can stand in the attack and do more damage to him than he can do to them.
  15. You have kind of over nerfed Anakin right now in terms of abilities for HvV, without removing Vader and Maul invulnerability during force chokes, which is causing the dark side to win more easily again because most of the lightside characters are still in desperate need of a buff.
  16. Yoda standard attack is still way too slow and misses regularly.
  17. You said that maul and vader force choke only makes them invulnerable to force pushes, but it actually works against Lando and Chewy stun grenades too, which is a huge problem because vader and maul are already powerful enough as it is right now without an invulnerability move like force choke.
  18. Another huge problem I discovered this weekend was that the game doesn't know how to handle ties! First time I have ever seen this happen in the thousands of game that I have played. It was down to 1v1 and both sides lost players at the exact same time. The counters both went down at the exact same time to zero. It wasn't like 1 second after the other. It declared one side the winner over the other other, which shouldn't have happened.
  19. Issue now with abilities throwing you all over the map, especially if multiple players all activate them concurrently or consecutively one after the other.
  20. Rag doll issues with a lot of abilities throwing you all over the map. You get thrown vertically super high too much.
  21. Kylo frenzy constantly launches you vertically into the air.
  22. Lando shock and han detonite charge can be cancelled to easily if they have been hit before the device hits the ground. Regularly causes the device to land and be seen on the ground, but cannot be activated and you have to throw another device.
  23. Not being able to deactive leia shield is still a huge problem!
  24. Whats with the characters floating in space when they die now????????? It's like they died floating in water or something.

In addition the starting of HvV when there are only three players on each side hasn't done nothing! The game regularly adds a fourth player to one side to stop the timer before the game can start. It's pretty clear how problematic the matchmaking is now with this change because the change has done almost nothing to get HvV started sooner. I played countless hours of HvV this weekend and only had 1 game that started early with only 3v3. The severely broken matchmaking constantly stacked players on one side that would cause the timer to stop counting down. In addition it would stack players on that one side when there were sometimes only 1 or 2 people on the we might have been able to start a 3v3 match if it wasn't for the broken matchmaking stacking teams constantly. It should be so obvious now to everyone that matchmaking is stacking players rather than balancing teams because it would throw them all to one side before it would fill up the teams's like the game matchmaking knows which side it wants to put players on to to ensure that one side remains more dominant.


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