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Anyone Else Get Put Into An 8v0 HvV Match?

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edited June 17
Not exactly sure how this happened but it did and now it's got me wondering what an 8v8 match of HvV would actually be like
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  • It happenned few times, i experienced it. Unfortunately the match doesn't start in a 8vs8 combat... Would be soooo fun.
  • Liz4rD
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    Maybe they are testing.

    I remember when they said they were making some changes already in the radar and testing it on the back end before they patched and went live with the changes.

    I was playing HvsV and the new radar features were present on the radar at the same time the old ones were (like 15 days before the patch was released). It was odd. I took a screenshot but I cant find it :/
  • If something that they are testing beforehand somehow managed to slither its way into the system before an actual release, it's really got me wondering. But at the same time I'm not getting my hopes up, I feel this is more than likely just a bug and an 8v8 HvV isn't even up for consideration.

    Still, I just can't help but wonder...
  • DarthLando
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    8v8 would be interesting
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    Yes I experienced it too. There is a server floating around where its only 8v0
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  • I did. They should make 8v8 an weekend event though
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