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(Complete) AI Will Be Temporarily Offline in Capital Supremacy

60 posts EA Community Manager
edited July 3
Today, from 5PM to 9PM UTC we’ll be turning off the AI in Capital Supremacy to see if this reduces crashes. No other changes during this time.

Once the test is done, they’ll return to the battlefront. Stand by for any updates!

Edit: The test is done. Thanks!
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  • Hoped this would be the CC :(
  • Maybe we swap AI out for actual people during this time?
  • IcedFreon
    829 posts Member
    I still can't keep my hero in capital supremacy.

    Tap faster. Get a SSD or hybrid
  • At least it’s only temporary
  • IcedFreon wrote: »
    I still can't keep my hero in capital supremacy.

    Tap faster. Get a SSD or hybrid

    Or don't send everyone to a respawn screen. If you havr a hero or reinforcement, you should keep it until you're defeated.

  • skincarver wrote: »
    The Bots are an annoyance.

    Increase player numbers and get rid of the bots, please.

    I agree it.

    Battlefield V has a various modes with 64 players. Why not Battlefront 2?

  • Mystical
    302 posts Member
    No! I love the bots. I know many don't, but the battle would feel so much smaller without them! Glad this isn't a permanent change.

    I love the bots, and the bots love me.
  • Please keep them turned off. They make the mode less fun.
  • All done!
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