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32nd Reaper Division Recruiting [PS4]

Who are we?

The 32nd Reaper Division is a pub and “casual comp” clan established in 2006, with a specific set of goals in mind. We strive to offer the best membership experience possible by creating a supportive, organized, and energetic environment for our members.

We do things, both in-game and out, that very few other clans have the heart or commitment to do. Everything from playing as an organized team in-game, to fundraising for fellow members to help them get back on their feet with new consoles, games, controllers, headsets, and more if they break.

How do I join?

The application process to join the 32nd can seem somewhat daunting to some, but rest assured that it isn’t, and that every step along the way serves the important purpose of quality control.

You can join by first visiting our website’s membership requirements page located here: If you meet the basic requirements, follow the link button at the top of the page to join our Facebook group. This is a mandatory step. Once there, you will be greeted with further clarifying questions and directions.


We’re currently recruiting for Call of Duty: WWII, Battlefield 1, and Star Wars Battlefield 2. You must have a PS4, and live in America or Canada to join. More information can be found on our website at

We hope to see you on board with us soon!



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