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New map Umbara

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For those who have watched Clone Wars you definitely remember this map, its where clones attack each other and they start to realize that For some Jedi they are just numbers, I just really loved that map, how they arrive in the gunships and the BIG battle that took place there was just amazing, and I think it would look gorgeous with all the neon colors the vegetation had, the roads, all the possibilities the map had are just amazing, with the announcement of Felucia today and the resemble Umbara has to felucia I think it would be easier to develop but I know nothing about programming. Even though I thought for some time g84njk4jhfoe.jpeg
that couruscant was number one on my list, Umbaran is definitely worth looking into it for future development, being the map where for clones was such a huge battle both physically and mentally


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    -Game announcer: ¨Pong Krell has arrived the battle¨
    -His own teammates: ¨¡Holy [Removed - CM] let's get the hell out of here!¨
    Resultado de imagen para umbara gif
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  • It would be awesome! Very different than other map. But it needs make many new units and vehicles for CIS.

  • General Krell's middle ability is to force choke his allies.
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