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The Issues With Rocket Barrage

Boba is often described as a one trick pony. This refers to his Rocket Barrage ability, more specifically, enhanced by the ‘Intense Barrage’ star card.

Let me explain the problems with this:

1) The main issue with intense barrage is that it hits so many times because of having 9 rockets. This means it does not require any skill as you can simply fly over someone and ‘dump a load’ on them and you are guaranteed to get good damage without the need for aiming

2) Intense Barrage is so good, it is a complete must have. No ability should be so reliant on a star card

3) Due to Boba having a jetpack, he can fly away and simply wait for this no skill ability to recharge. This means a lot of people are far more reliant on using his barrage than his blaster. Boba is a master bounty hunter not a fighter jet who occasionally performs bombing runs

4) The ability feels clunky to use, it takes a while to fire, and the rockets don’t even fly that fast. Use rocket barrage in arcade with the speed glitch and you’ll see how much better the ability feels.

5) ‘Anti-hero rockets’ starcard enhances the already powerful ability in HvV, while doing nothing to improve it in GA, where it is a far more balanced ability.

What I would do to work on the five points that I’ve mentioned is:

-Remove intense barrage and just have 5 rockets, each doing about 90 damage. (5 is a good number as it still feels like a lot of rockets but isn’t too many)

-Increase the speed of both the animation and how fast the rockets actually fly, to make it feel like a deadly stream of missiles, not a clunky bunch of rockets (this would also stop him from being able to fire rockets at his enemies for ages and stop him from lazily tracking them with the camera as they will reach their target very quickly (Once again use the arcade speed glitch to see what I mean).

-Replace anti-hero rockets with anti-infantry rockets.

Hope these changes seem reasonable but if not take the time to say why and thankyou for reading


  • I would agree with this if they also changed his primary weapon to fire more accurately at longer distances and changed his concussion missile to blind enemy screen like leia flash grenade.

  • Couple flaws tho...first one popping up in my head is that they are really only effective at close range, meaning boba is vulnerable to attack as well.

    Second, plenty of abilities do massive instant damage....detonation charge...secondary fire iden and leia...a full frenzy from kylo...

    Third and in my mind most important, now that the God awful target system is gone a boba flying away and hiding for 17 seconds while rockets recharge leaves his teammates underhanded in the fight. It’s a poor decision. If the underhanded teammates are winning against a full 4 in HvV then they obv would lose anyway with or without boba
  • adamjbamford
    1176 posts Member
    edited July 16
    @willywonka7 yeah I agree with both of your points. I’ve just made a post about the concussion missile. It’s sad how it’s been useless since the beta. If they did this too Rocket Barrage I see no reason why the long range accuracy couldn’t be increased.
  • willywonka7
    1588 posts Member
    edited July 16

    @adamjbamford, the concussion missile actually disables blaster hero special abilities, like chewy overheat, Han rapid fire, finn deadeye, lando multishot, but you have to hit them right when they are using those abilities or right when they activate to cancel their ability.

  • adamjbamford
    1176 posts Member
    edited July 16
    @UhOhItsJus Rocket Barrage is a good mid range ability too. I see your point about there being other big damage abilities but the reason I’ve focused on barrage is because it has so many rockets and therefore doesn’t require much skill. Thanks for the response.
  • I would argue that mid range the spread on them is too far and the ability is too easily dodged or rolled away from at med range. Granted yeah you’ll take damage but probably not much more than your regen amount of it even exceeds that
  • @UhOhItsJus I see your point and agree to some extent, however if you are at midrange and fire them into a group of duelling enemies they are fantastic
  • willywonka7
    1588 posts Member
    edited July 16

    But rocket barrage is the only ability that you can kill some heroes at full health by using only that ability. In addition the blast radius is so large that anyone standing close to the area also gets all their health wiped away. Then add to that the fact that boba can move pretty fast in the air, dodge in air, and recover mid-air too.

    Not even Anakin retribution is as powerful as this.

    Detonite can't do anywhere near that damage even if you air pop the charge. At best it can do about half health. Chewy overheat can do that much damage in two shots.....If you have the right star cards activated and if you are standing two feet away from the enemy when they are frozen and focus fire directly at their head without missing about three times. Like i said you have to be standing still from about 2 feet away to do this much damage as chewy. If you time it incorrectly then you won't be able to get all three headshots and then you become and easy target for the enemy. Which is a fair compromise. On the otherside Boba can fly pretty far out of range really quick after the air strike to recover health and regen ability again. In addition he can dodge in the air too to prevent anyone from hitting hit at all while flying away. Chewy doesn't have anywhere near that capability.

    You mess up and don't kill them as Chewy it's pretty much game over.

    Post edited by EA_Joz on
  • I’ve been a Boba main since this game came out and got him purples with crafting parts, I agree that something has to be done about his barrage because it is still op. Even an experienced Han, Lando, and Chewy can get killed by a new Boba player with a barrage when they are cornered, In GA Boba is mid tier so will the anti infantry rockets help balance him out. Yes they will.
  • @Thelegenddd I’m also a boba main and I agree, his design in general seems strange and I’d like to see him rely less on his barrage and more on his EE-3 (like last game)
  • Poorly made hero. His blaster could overheat in 5 shots, only have intense barrage & for the hunt & he'd still be top tier
  • @Thechosen1_anakin completely agree.
    -Very weak health (despite wearing full body armour)
    -One point and click to destroy ability
    -Weak and inaccurate blaster
    -Infinite jetpack fuel button with extremely fast recharge time
    -Scan pulse that lasts about 2 seconds
    -Concussion rocket ability that does literally nothing
    -10000 mph jetpack

    He’s an absolute abomination from a design perspective.
    Let’s not forget rocket barrage did double the amount of damage at launch, he had even less health and his blaster was even worse :#
  • MC_XIX
    1906 posts Member
    It needs to deal as much damage as it does because of how powerful Yoda and Finn's health buffs are in HvV. Finn grants 50% damage reduction, an extra bonus 100 - 130hp and also a small health regeneration boost to all allies in HvV, meaning that Boba only deals around 200 - 250 damage with Rocket Barrage on average. That becomes zero against Jedi that know how to jump.

    I'd be happy for a rocket barrage nerf if concussion missile was buffed...
  • Cane_danko
    1247 posts Member
    The problem with nerfing his rocket barrage is he needs his gun to be something better than what it is. I know it is pretty obvious but worth pointing out.
  • @MC_XIX stop it. That's like saying anakin should've kept doing 400 damage with heroic might cause dark side is so overpowered. Rocket Barrage needs a nerf & he needs to stop being a 1 trick pony. Buff his gun, buff his concussion rockets & nerf his rocket barrage.
  • @Cane_danko I’d like to see an EE-3 buff as well as this rocket barrage change
  • @Thechosen1_anakin couldn’t have said it better myself, that guy’s argument is: Finn has a good ability therefore rocket barrage needs to be OP :D
  • Unwarycoin
    5989 posts Member

    Take three. I don’t like this idea, it would probably make the triple rocket kill even more difficult, unless they boosted the blast radius. It would only be effective against three assault units otherwise, or at least nothing with more hp.

    Never forget
  • grimmace2
    1194 posts Member

    Yeah, nerfing barrage would really be a pain regarding the Triple Rocket kill milestone. It's one of the last couple that I have left. Been playing since launch without hitting that one, I would imagine another nerf would make it next to impossible.

  • @Unwarycoin @grimmace2 the changes I’ve suggested wouldn’t make it impossible to get the triple rocket kill challenge but I can see where you’re coming from. A challenge is no reason to stop balancing from happening though.
  • grimmace2
    1194 posts Member

    Agreed, but it would seem appropriate to update the Milestone appropriately. Not sure if they would be willing to do that. I understand your point about balance versus a challenge, and I agree; however, an unattainable challenge is extremely frustrating.

  • adamjbamford
    1176 posts Member
    edited July 16
    @grimmace2 if barrage was nerfed massively or even reworked I’m sure they would change the challenge. I’m surprised you’ve still got that left if you’ve been playing since launch, just play Boba in ga and land in the middle of a big cluster and let rip.
    1596 posts Member

    Noo, buff his EE-3, leave everything else alone. Nobody just stands still and "takes" the rockets anymore

    For the Greater Good

  • His rocket barrage isn't quite that easy. You still need to aim fairly well. Just because you fire it doesn't mean you'll take someone out.

    You can block and better yet dodge.

    Better players than me make it look easy, but that doesn't mean it is. It's not like dusting crops or mashing attack for a saber.

    It is s powerful attack, but most often Boba is not top on the leader board.
  • MC_XIX
    1906 posts Member
    @Thechosen1_anakin lol, Retribution was 10X better than Rocket Barrage ever will be before it was nerfed, and it's still a better ability now. Stop it yourself. If you get hit by a full barrage of rockets, you deserve to die because #1 the Boba player has to have great aim to land every single rocket, especially on a Jedi, and #2 you weren't quick or smart enough to press the dodge or jump button.

    @adamjbamford funny you should say that, considering that 'that guy' is someone you've agreed with on many Boba topics in the past. The rockets are fine. Nobody stands there like a potato and gets hit by all of the volley. Or if you do, that's your error. Detonite Charge is a better overall ability than Rocket Barrage, in both GA and HvV.
  • @MC_XIX Rocket Barrage is a better ability than retribution. Rocket barrage is overall the better ability. The problem is against blaster heroes. You'd have to have potato aim not to be able to hit lando or any other blaster hero. Stop it boba is just like Obi-Wan a garbage hero with a 1 overpowered ability to make up for his entire kit.
  • @Thechosen1_anakin great analogy, mind trick definitely needs a duration nerf
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