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What it took to get Iden from 40 to 1000.


81 days Total

11 Double XP Wednesdays

1 Triple XP Weekend

1 Double XP Weekend

97-98% of this was done in HvV with the other being a mix of Hero Showdown and Galactic Assault. In the time to get Iden to 1000

Lando went from 40 to 197
Han from 40 to 197
Yoda from 40 to 143
Luke from 40 to 119
REY from 40 to 103
Chewbacca from 40 to 83
Finn from 40 to 81
Leia from 40 to 80

Thanks go to the following people for playing alongside me during this undertaking.
Janina Gavankar/Iden Versio Fan
First Max Prestige Iden Versio
PSN: Empire_TW. Twitter: Empire_TW. Youtube: Empire_TW.


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