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[removed] just torpedoed the prospect of a Clone Commando announcement at Gamescom

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About a week ago somebody asked F8RGE about the rumors that Clone Commandos would be announced at Gamescom. He responded, saying that people shouldn’t believe every rumor they hear.

Well today F8RGE directly shot down a Clone Commando announcement at Gamescom:

For those wondering what “the prophecy” refers to, it is referring to an older tweet from F8RGE, where he said he couldn’t wait for players to see “______ and _______”. It was later confirmed that the first blank was ARC troopers, but the second blank has still yet to be announced. F8RGE recently confirmed that the prophecy will be fulfilled at Gamescom with the announcement of the 2nd blank, and most people assumed that it would be Clone Commandos, but now it looks like it’s not Clone Commandos. What could the 2nd blank be?

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