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November Community Calendar

Focused Feedback: Reinforcements



  • Buff the damned wookie!! It is the worst reinforcement in all ways.

    The droideka also needs some tweaks. More damage, more movility and quick deployment.

    And improve the pistol of First Order Aerial. Worst aerial cause of it.
  • Nerf the Clone Jet Trooper. Get rid of the enforcer’s acquisition card and bring back the explosive card. And I would hope that the Clone Commando’s blaster sound isn’t like it was in the Gamescom build, just didn’t feel right, please set the blaster and grenade launcher sounds like they were in Republic Commando.
  • PilotHunter
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    Something that I would suggest is a little bit different that what other people are saying. I would like the droideka shield to have a buff in health as well as take lightsaber damage. In any previous Star Wars game (specifically Battlefront 2 2005, and Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith) the droideka shield has to be depleted first by lightsaber (Battlefront 2, 2005). Another example would be in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. The stormtrooper commanders have personal shields (different in appearance from the droideka, but same function). Before any damage could be done to the trooper, you have to use your lightsaber to get through the shield (only one hit, but the lightsaber doesn't ignore the shield, so I am using this as an example but would prefer 2 hits at least to bring down droideka shielding). In the Episode III videogame, lightsabers actually bounce off of the shield which makes sense because it is energy-based just like the lightsaber. It has kind of bugged me that the lightsabers go right through the shields and do direct damage. If this change was implemented it would also slightly change lightsaber hero gameplay as they have to use more strategy in order to defeat a droideka instead of just dashing in and swinging like crazy. It is also more realistic to how the movies portray the droideka (even in the gif you put up on twitter shows this :smile: ). Also another thing that I think would be cool is possibly adding first person to reinforcement units and vehicles? I miss the first person on the speeder bike which was present in Battlefront 2015! There is also that camera bug on the aerials with the hover ability that changes the camera angle on your trooper. It is fixed by doing the jump ability. It isn’t the end of the world, but I’m sure a lot of people would thank you for fixing it! Thanks for taking a look at community suggestions, we appreciate it!
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  • Droideka - lightsabers hit the shield if its up instead of going straight through maybe make them do alot of shield damage to compensate. I would also speed up the animation when going into or out of ball form as droidekas have barely any movement once deployed so if they get rushed there is nothing they can do or maybe a shield recharge ability which makes it passively gain shield health back without putting the ability on cooldown... I generally think droidekas are in a weird spot as they aren't mobile enough to be fast attack units and to weak to stay in an area or be a frontline unit and i think they should either get more blaster damage and shield health or significantly speed up walking, rolling, and animation speed

    Wookie warrior - I think you should be able to move faster or sprint when using the overcharge ability as you become too slow and almost stationary

    Bx commando droid - primary weapon needs either more damage or faster fire rate and the sword needs a slightly longer cooldown because its basically the primary weapon/panic button where if someone gets to close or they can close the gap they spam slash

    Clone jump trooper - maybe needs longer cooldowns on the jetpack as someone with good aim can just jump in headshot 1 or 2 people and before you can do much damage to them they just jump out of there or jump to side and still be shooting you while they make themselves super hard to hit

    Super battle droids(both) - more primary weapon damage or faster fire rate

    First order flame trooper - maybe increase his range or damage i think hes just slightly underpowered

    Thank you for taking the time to read my feedback you guys have a done a great job turning the game around and I hope you all have a great day
  • All the Enforcers are pretty great (in my opinion). I would,however, make the droideka's shields a little stronger and speed up the deployment animation. Out of the others, only the flametrooper really needs looking at. He used to be great, but now you can be flaming someone for up to three seconds and still have them turn around and kill you, then run away as if nothing had happened.
  • I would like a better indication of shield health for the droideka, a small buff for the B2 rocket launcher, and a longer duration for the IR vision on the BX. Other than that I think the reinforcements are good.
  • Droideka: Some sort of buff... They're supposed to be formidable and tough, not weak. Increase the cost to justify the buff (damage increase / reduction).

    Wookie Warrior: Slight nerf on the health/reduction (They're supposed to be strong, but not laser sponges). More importantly, when playing as the Republic, the Wookie Warriors need to only be available on Kashyyyk... Doesn't make sense to have them run around with clones on other planets because they never did that... Please make them exclusive to their home world when playing as the Republic!

    New idea(s): Add Geonosian Warriors as reinforcements, exclusively to Geonosis of course. Sonic weapon, flight ability, and maybe a thermal detonator or something as well.
  • Increase the range of the droideka and flame trooper(currently they are a bit weak with range but if DICE for some reason can’t increase the range, then a damage increase is acceptable

    Nerf the range of the clone jet trooper blaster(has too much range and with the jet trooper on a building, can be a sniper)

    Lower the health of the B2 aerial to match the other aerials(I get that it’s a variant of the B2 but come on it shouldn’t have an advantage over the other aerials just because it’s a cousin of the B2)

    If vehicles count as reinforcements then...

    Make the AT-RT be able to jump like in TCW but only as high as the droideka

    Increase the cost of Speeders in CS, they can reach a command post very quickly(hence why I’m looking forward to boots on the ground)
  • General_Trex
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    First Person for all Reinforcements and Blaster Heroes. Please.
    Next would be named character skins for Reinforcements
  • epsipepsii
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    I think that the Arc troopers need a small dot
    for in the center of their crosshairs like boba. Aiming with the Arcs can be an absolute nightmare without and real sense of where your shots will go. And I also hope the clone commando's melee gets an upgrade because from what I saw it was just down right pitiful, easily worst melee in the game as it was. Other than that I think things are pretty fine, maybe give the droidekas shields more resistance to ion weapons so they're not dropped in 1 second. Aerials are fine, possibly tweak dps for clone aerial blaster. Remove stagger from commando Droid vibroblade, gets annoying very quickly. Tweak the Droid tank to be more equal to the TX. Give it some more damage since it has a harder time navigating maps and moves slower. Can't think of much outside that. Thanks for making this forum.
  • I would like to see a first person for all reinforcements as a classic bring back from the original battlefront 2
  • Hi @F8RGE,

    My two sense on reinforcements is that they have too much of everything. They get high damage output and high HP which makes it unfair to one up them in most cases. I find myself and many of my friends getting frustrated with Jet Troopers for example since we will get the jump on them first by putting six to seven blaster bolts into them, but then they can whip around and shoot us three to four times and we'll be defeated almost instantly. That being said it isn't just the Jet Trooper that has this issue, it is every reinforcement aside from the Droideka, and the Droideka gets it right because he may have high HP but has very low damage output at range which is a weakness and a tactic we can use against it, I would also say the ARC Trooper is this way but even then he has that ranged ability that does pretty neat damage. Every other reinforcement there is no real way to counter them except having multiple battle buddies shooting them at once which takes away from being able to strategically take down a Jet Trooper or an SBD etc. In short, I am trying to say that you should either A: Give a reinforcement more health & less damage, or B: Give a reinforcement more damage & less health. I really hope you take this into consideration and do your best to fix this issue as for many people in the Battlefront community would certainly appreciate it.
  • From what I’ve played, there are a couple of changes I think it could be cool to make.

    Arc trooper: I don’t want the arc trooper back the way he was at launch. However, I don’t think he needed as big of a nerf as you gave him. To fix this, I would just give a slight buff to his pistols and their heating time, as well as his power blast.

    Droideka: Ever since they launched, I’ve had these desires towards the droidekas. First I would increase their shield health, it feels FAR too weak. Next I would decrease its damage dropoff at range as that feels even weaker. Last, to prevent losing accuracy with the films, instead of increasing the transformation speed, give it a slight damage reduction for when transforming into wheel or destroyer form

    That’s all the suggestions I have. Thanks for reading our comments and taking in our feedback. It is deeply appreciated.
  • Hi, @F8RGE I think Droideka’s need a ranged damage buff, maybe less of a drop off. I’d also say their health needs looking at, maybe don’t buff the health but the shield, so then it’s a bit of a glass canon without the shield. In the movies, they’re intimidating to even Jedi so perhaps making them glass canons without their shield could be an idea. For BX Commando’s I think they’re in a good place, if there’s a buff to their primary weapon, I’d say make it a very slight one.

    Thanks 👍🏻🙂
  • Droideka buff in damage or health/shields. Dont feel like theyre the powerhouses they should be
  • I think for the ARC Trooper we should get the rancor battalion ARC Commander skins and change the ability name for shock charge to droid popper 💯💯
  • @F8RGE
    If the wookies are not replacing by clone commandos I'm raged we need one more republic reinforcement to replace the woookies on non wookie maps.
    Imperial jumptrooper helmet visor does need change it was to be like it seen in Rebels.
    I feel the rocket launchers on jumptrooper has not enough splash damage.
  • I think for the ARC Trooper we need skins such as the Rancor battalion arc commanders 💯💯
  • I’d personally trade the Commandos generic rag doll ability for the classic sniper, but they look great and I can’t wait!
  • I'd like to see a few changes to the ARC trooper and jet trooper.

    1. ARC trooper either needs to be able to fire more rounds before cooling or he should have the option to hit the yellow meter for unlimited cooling for a short time, just like all the other reinforcements and classes. The B2 and droideka both have overload, which can be pretty OP. The ARC trooper is at a disadvantage do to his pistols overheating too fast.

    2. The ARC trooper also needs to have more than one shock grenade. He should have three. He throws them one at a time. They can be planted infinitely just like they are now, but you must detonate your first trap before you can throw another. After all three are thrown, then it goes into cooldown. The ARC trooper is at an unfair advantage against commando droids. They can swing their sword 3-4 times. The ARC trooper only has one shot.

    3. The jet trooper simply needs a DC-15S. The heat trooper is already at a serious disadvantage against the rocket droid when it comes to health and weapons. The droid has a fully automatic wrist blaster. The jet trooper simply has a semiautomatic pistol. A pistol. That is unbalanced and unfair.

    4. And lastly, when appearances come later this fall, please, PLEASE let the ARC trooper have the option between phase I, 1.5, and phase II armor. The jet trooper also needs the option between phase I and phase II armor. I myself favor the phase I armor and would like it on my ARC trooper and jet trooper on CS maps like Geonosis and Kamino. Phase I armor is already available for ARC troopers and jet troopers in GA, Blast, and Strike. Make phase I and phase II armor a customizable option in the collection menu, just like it is for the rest of the classes. And please give the clone trooper shiny the same options. Don't make armor map specific for the ARC trooper, jet trooper, and clone trooper shiny.

    Thank you, Dice.

    Colonel Stan
  • Leonardo_66
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    Hello F8rge,

    In general, clone reinforcements are superior to droid reinforcements. I believe every aspect of the clone reinforcements are perfect. Therefore we should focus on tweaking the separatist faction.

    Droideka: definitely a damage buff for close range and a shield buff. They should instill fear and would better counter clone commandos this way.

    BX Commando droid: the thermal vision should last a few seconds longer. Maybe a slight health or damage buff for balance reasons. Furthermore, maybe allies within the smoke of a commando droid can receive a damage reduction or health increase to help balance the buffs of Finn, Yoda, and Clone commando.

    Super battle droids and jet battle droid are good.

    Outside of a range increase for flametroopers, I have zero issues with the original and sequel trilogy reinforcements. They are perfect.

    In general, SKINS would be welcome for all the above reinforcements (clone commando/ arc trooper variant, shore trooper/shock trooper skin for death trooper, light brown wookie skin, commando droid skin), updated sequel trilogy jet trooper to match the new white jet trooper from ROS.


    The droid tank needs some sort of buff (increase damage of double laser barrage?) to compete with the clone tank.

    The speeders in general deal too much damage to heroes and gain too many points.

    Clone chicken Walker could use a jump.

    Imperial chicken Walker needs to cost way more for the amount of damage it deals and the bug of one shot one kill for heroes needs to be addressed.

    Walker orbital strike is super glitchy

    I literally love this game so much!! It's my refuge as I go through a crazy physical recovery ! Thanks guys!!
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  • Lower the amount of reinforcements awalible at a time!
    There are just too many of them. I like to play as the normal classes but with multiple heroes, wehicles and numerous reinforcements I feel I'm in constant disadvantage. I constantly run into enemies that have more health and more powerful weapons than me, and even if I play well, I can't cope with them for a long time.

    And beyond that consider adding more reinforcment to other eras not just PT. One thing I definiately would like to see is a replacement for the wookie warriors. It's just boring to see them on every single map.

    Also you should add reinforcements to starfighter assault. That mode definiately needs more content, and some reinforcements (like B-wings, TIE-defenders) would be a nice start.
  • Droidekas need a bit of a buff maybe to shields, the clone jet trooper needs a nerf since their pistols seem to do too much damage, and I think the AAT and TX-130 need to be adjusted for PC because it's hard to use them with a mouse
  • My issues are mainly with the BX Commando Droids and the Droidekas.

    First the BX's Vibroblade needs a massive nerf in damage and cooldown, and its dash needs to be tweaked aswell.
    I'm a pretty good hero player, but even I could not stand a chance with a BX droid vibroblading me into oblivion while dashing in and out dodging every single one of my attacks and abilities, and I know I'm not the only one whose had this happen, and truth be told I'm sick to my stomach of it.

    Another reason for a vibroblade nerf would be for it to be more consistent with the battle point system in place, since there's really no comparison between something like Phasma's staff and the vibroblade, in terms of damage, spamminess and cooldown, considering one is a hero and the other is a reinforcement which costs half the points of the former.

    Next is the droideka, which I think they could use a bit more damage per shot at range, but also a shield hp nerf, since it's really hard to bring down without ion equipment.
    If I'm not mistaken the shield has 600hp, right? Well that could be imo be brought down to a more reasonable 400hp, just for it to be a bit more fair in 1 on 1 encounters, since the clones really have no counter to it... yet

    Not to mention the balancing in capital supremacy has been broken since the droidekas have been introduced, since they, and by extension the BX commandos aswell, can get to the objective way faster than anyone else, which is especially painful to deal with when during the Venator ship fase of the match since they can roll behind the furthest reactor and start pummeling it way before the clones can run there.

    But the only thing that could fix that would be a rework of the interior of the ship, since droids have direct line of sight over the reactors and the fastest units in the game, which is frustrating to play against because the clones are slow in comparison and get gunned down on the catwalks before they can reach any of the reactors they are supposed to defend, which is as Anakin put it: outrageous and unfair.

    Lastly, I want to touch upon the clone Jet Trooper and the B2 Rocket Droid, which deal way too much damage.
    I hear a lot of people complaining at the clone Jet Trooper because of how much damage his pistol does, and that is a fair assessment, but their pistol is puny compared to how hard the B2 Rocket Droid's primary fire hits.
    So a 10/15% decrease in damage per shot would be much appreciated.

    I would talk about speeders and tanks aswell, but I'm just gonna refrain and boil it down as much as possible.
    The AATs with the 40% damage increase for the middle ability starcard in galactic assault on Geonoisis are absolutely broken when up against the AT-TEs, I've lost so many matches as the clones because all of our tanks would get shot down even before any of us could damage the Hardcell transports, and it was because the AATs kept spamming their siege mode from a safe distance on any AT-TE they saw, and that is not fun, a massive reduction in damage is needed in my opinion.
    And lastly the speeders handle horribly, but this is already well known and a change is underway as you gys said, so that's about it.

    I know you guys are trying to do your best, but I simply cannot play things like capital supremacy anymore because of how unenjoyable it is right now due to the unbalance caused by the reinforcements and the way the ship fase is designed. The same goes for the tight corridors and closed rooms in galactic assault.

    That being said I apologise for the long post, but I can't help it.

    Kind regards - Anakin Skywalker, The Outspoken One.

  • Can we get a nerf to flying han solo clone aerial their damage output is far too high. I'm okay with the being strong but they shouldn't equal to a hero in damage output.
  • Droideka really need a buff.
    Their shield (550HP) melts away when being stationary with such a big frame.
    Their range (40dmg till 10meters / ONLY 5dmg at 30meters) is terrible, since the damage drop off is VERY HARD even on very short distance. I understand, that they are brawlers but they are utterly useless even on mid-range.

    I propose: +250HP for the shield = 800HP
    40dmg till 15meters / 10dmg at 40meters
    Increase Battle Point cost to 1500 to be on par with other Reinforcments

    Please also allow Tanks and Speeder Bikes to aim further down. It's often really hard to hit something even right in front of the vehicle.
    Also "stabilize" bikes, since they really shake A LOT even on small terrain differences.
  • Buff the health or the the damage of the flametrooper weapon
  • Give the infiltrator class hok cards because all other reinforcements have it already
  • I know this would be a big tweak but for the BX commando droid I think they should have there shield from the clone wars tv show instead of a smoke screen.
  • I'd like to see rolls added to the wookie and death trooper when their overcharge is active. Droidekas need a buff to their effective range. And for the infiltrators I feel both of their scan abilities need a longer duration.
  • I think the biggest input I’d have for reinforcements is that we need infiltrators for the other eras as well.
  • Good having the possibility to give some feedback!

    Overall, I like reinforcements, but while some are annoying to play against, some are "easy" to shoot down...

    Let's start a review from the PT:
    Good to have the power blast, but it lacks some explosive effect as it used to have.
    The grenade is quite ineffective in term of damage.
    The scanner is good and easy to use.
    Diffucult to aim correctly with a pad at long range without the zoom on PS4.
    If I had to do a change, I would make a double shoot (right then left) with the right trigger while switching the left trigger to a zoom.

    Clone Jet trooper:
    Good in all aspects, effective weapon, very precise. Lacks automatic mode.

    Commando droid:
    For me one of the best reinforcement, good on all aspects!
    The red scanner is not really user friendly, difficult to see the foe.

    B2 Jet:
    For me the best Jet trooper with the rebellion's one. Good in all aspects.

    B2 battledroid:
    I didn't play it for a while, the B2 jet is way better IMO.

    Very powerfull at short range.
    Badly lack efficiency a mid and long range.

    Following with the OT:
    Rebellion jet:
    Good in all aspects
    Good weapon, usefull to have the triple shoot.
    A bit too long to switch from rocket to rifle

    Really good grenade
    Useless at long range - easy target
    Lacks in shoot speed at short range to counter a deathtrooper
    May deal some damages with fire rate
    Just good at taking damages and allow your team to get in position for the last phase of tatouine on extraction

    Empire jet:
    Too much dispersion in the rifle shots
    Too long to cool down
    Difficult to match in term of efficiency on the battlefront with its rebellion counterpart

    IMO the best enforcer of the game
    Good at short and long range
    Grenade that allow you to know where the foes are
    Maybe a little long to cool down, but it can not have the best weapons and no drawback...

    Ending with the ST:
    1st order Jet:
    Good, no special advantage nor drawback

    Resistance's jet:
    Good weapon at all range
    Low fire rate. I prefer higher fire rate and lower damages as it allows for a bit of missed shoot while being overall more effective (at least for me)

    Flamme trooper:
    Useless at long range
    Relativelly long to kill at short range
    Good grenade
    Easy target at mid and long range
    IMO the worst enforcer of the game

    Overall I rarely play enforcers as jet troopers allow for quick moves and surprise effect. In game phase where the foe has a limited reinforcement number, the rocket ensures a 1 for 1 if aimed correctly which is always something good as the ratio can grow up switching to the main weapon.
    As enforcer, I mainly play the Deathtrooper as the wookie is not good enough, the B2 doesn't offer enough advantage as compares to the B2 jet and the flamme trooper is useless at long range. Droideka is good to keep the control of a position and can be really usefull in close quarters fights.
    Looking at infiltrators, I really enjoy the BX commando. The ARC is not match as compared to him as the commando is good in all situations, whether in close quarters with its vibro swords and scan and at all range with its blaster. The ARC is useless at long range except if you can get the power blast to follow the target. At mid range the foe moves quick enough to avoid the power blast while the lack of zoom doesn't help. At short range the scan helps while the fire rate with the two guns is good but there is no match with the vibrosword.
  • Need reinforcements for other eras – I'd love to see Empire Security Droids (like K2SO), Imperial, Royal, Temple and Magna guards, (and what happened to that rebel pilot?)

    Wookiees: There need to be new options for other eras.

    Flame Troopers: Great, but flame needs a slight buff and longer range.

    Droidekas: I think if they just transformed faster, it would balance all their other problems. There really is no escape, once you're getting hammered, you just get into position and die.

    All Aerial: The rocket damage / splash damage nerf was no good.

    Empire Aerial: His heavy weapon is kind of a mess. Slow, really bad at distance, and below average at medium range. By far the worst aerial.

    Commando Droid: Best thing to ever happen to this game. Love the new jump.

    Oh, and Wookies, Deathtroopers, and Flame Troopers take so little explosive damage, I always feel jipped when I land a perfect grenade, and it barely slows them down.
  • Please fix the flamethrower damage over time bug
  • The Droideka needs a buff to his ranged damage and a small buff to his shield health.
  • I think adding some kind of war cry for the wookie warrior like on Revenge of the sith and adding voicelines to the reinfircments like the heros have. Would be pretty cool hearing a wookie war cry before the battle Kashyyk happends.
  • The Separatist Aerial droid needs a buff / fix for his dodge. For some reason it barely functions and is a worse option than just sprinting out of the way.
    And I think that Dark Side enforcers like the Super Battle Droid and Death Troopers should have an area effect added to their “Fortify” ability that is similar to the Clone Commando’s “Battle Focus.” Balance is key.
  • one thing I would change about the droideka: make it so his wheel form mode is not activated by accidentally pressing the sprint button. It works for PC, but on console I keep accidentally pushing my joystick too far forward and I transform into wheel form right in front of my enemies and die.

    Also just remembered that Anakin can kill a droideka in wheel form that's running away just by spamming the attack button. Really annoying, please fix the lightsaber attraction to enemies.

    BX commando droid is perfect the way it is, and fits its playstyle perfectly. No substantial glitches that I've noticed or annoying things happening.

    The arc trooper is perfect the way it is, but not very enjoyable to play for me, due to it being very similar to a normal trooper and very bad at mobility, but that's just my playstyle.

    Aerial is amazing and feels good to play.
    Vehicles feel unique and are fun, except when they get stuck on minor obstacles.
    The speeders in the game are a little too OP, usually killing a hero at full health with just one barrage ability use.

    B2 battle droids are beasts, but wookies are not very powerful, and I agree with that since wookies were OP at launch
  • I would love to see arc troopers and jet troopers be able to use other guns like the dc-15A blaster rifle and dc-15S blaster carbine and skins for all reinforcements in general. Maybe some new reinforcements for the original trilogy and the sequels too plz?
  • 1st Person view for all + Commando DROID blaster dmg buff (not 2 much ..but still)

    Droideka dmg buff (mid-range)

  • I think the Republican Jet trooper could use a small nerf to blaster damage, for example instead of him killing Heavy troopers in 4 shots, maybe 5 or 6.
    Secondly, I think the ARC could use a buff to his blasters heat capacity. Reaching max heat before I can kill a base trooper happens really often, and in fights with other reinforcements or heroes, you’re recooling the blaster several times, unless you hit every single bullet which takes more skill than I have and a tad bit of luck from the weapon bloom.
    Thirdly, please make some kind of reinforcement to replace the Wookiee for the rebels and resistance. It gets really old seeing a Wookiee in almost every single game because they’re on every map. Keep them where it makes sense, but not every map please. I think they’re fine as reinforcements though.
    Fourthly I wanna address appearances. ARCs should get some from different clone battalions. I’d also love to get a legendary skin for them where they become popular characters, such as Echo, Fives, etc, that were ARCs at some point.
    I also think a similar approach could be taken to the Clone Commando, with a bunch of rare skins from the battalions, maybe a few purple ones that were the Recon and Night Ops customization options from Republic Commando’s multiplayer and a few legendary ones to be Boss, Scorch, Fixer, Sev, and maybe Gregor from The Clone Wars tv show.
    Also, I think the commando droid could use a buff to it’s weapons spread so it’s tighter and more accurate.
    The droideka just needs some love, and maybe a buff to its shield that lets it block lightsaber attacks. (If that happens though, could we get the same change for the Heavy trooper’s shield?
    Lastly, can the flame trooper get some more range added to his gun as a whole? He feels really useless without any long range capability, and only having a Grenade doesn’t really cut it. Maybe change his blaster so normally it’ll work like the FWMB-10 but converts into a flamethrower when using Overload, but that’s an idea I thought of just while writing this, so I don’t know how plausible it’d really be.
    Anyways I’m done ranting, and hope y’all at least take some of this into consideration. Hopefully all of it, but who knows.
  • Hey F8RGE, could you please make it possible for Reinforcements to have emotes and make a mode where we can use them in Heroes vs. Villains. It would also be nice if Phases 1 and 2 of the Clone Jump Troooper and Arc Trooper could be skins to switch between when reinforcements appearances come to the game.
  • General_Vortech09
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    I think the Republic Jump Troopers should get skins like the troopers do. I also think the Wookie Warriors should only be played on Kashyyyk. I would change the transition from rolling to Destroyer mode more quickly.
  • Shadowsphantom
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    Jet troopers are waaaayyyy too common in my opinion. It feels 50 percent of enemies I face are them. And if it facing droids the other 50 percent are commandos. Personally that’s what I disliked about the first battlefront, the fact that everyone was flying around the entire map. We need a better reinforcement cap for amount allowed at once.

    Also I’m not trying to make it harder to kill hero’s. I don’t even play as them because I don’t find them very fun unless it’s HvV
  • I suggest a nerf to the Jet B2 droid. They have to much health and their blasters do alot of damage. Since they have a Jetpack which allows them increased mobility they shouldn't have that much health.
  • InvaderIRK
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    I think the Arc Trooper needs a slight buff. Either decrease his pistol's cooldown to allow him to shoot for a slightly longer period of time, OR improve his accuracy so that its easier to land shots on target.

    Destroyer Droid needs a alight close range damage buff. But NO buff to long or medium range is required. Also like the jet trooper class, squad members should not be allowed to spawn on destroyer droids. Due to their high mobility and flanking ability.

    BX commando droid: stagger from vibro blade attacks should be removed BUT keep the final knock back. The knock back from the final strike is very important and Should NOT be removed.

    Clone commando: vibro blade melee should be a cool looking combo he does instead of just repeating the same action over and over. just like the bx droid
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  • the_habib
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    For arc trooper, a slight buff to his primary fire overheat to allow him to shoot abit longer, or a slight buff to his accuracy would put him in the perfect spot. Either change would be good.

    Also CIS jet b2 droid could use a slight nerf to his health or primary blaster damage, because he drastically outclassed the clone jump trooper.

    Also the droideka could use a slight buff to its close range damage, at further range is fine as it is now. Also, other teammates should not be able to spawn on the droidekas just like they can't for jet troopers as they sevearly outspeed the Republic in all regards.

    Also, bx commando droids blade attack should only nock back the enemy on the last hit. The first 2 staggers feel heavily overpowered against heroes because lightsaber don't stagger
  • The Imperial jump trooper definitely needs a buff. The manual reload time on it’s Gun is horrible compared to the other jump troopers.
  • I think the BX Comando droid is perfect (very well balanced) but I think the scan ability could last for a bit longer
    The droideka could use a small medium range damage buff, a bit more health for the shield (like 50 hp) and I think maybe increasing the transforming animation speed just a little bit
    The ARC trooper is pretty well balanced but I think his scan ability lasts for way very few time
    I think the wookiee warrior is very well balanced
    The B2 Battle droid should have a bit more range in his weapon
    The B2 Rocket Droid is a bit weak in comparison to the Clone Jumptrooper
    The Clone Jumptrooper’s DC-17 is a bit strong (more than the officer’s)
    The First Order flame trooper had a blue flame when firing with overload at launch. Nothing that affects gameplay but would love to see it making a comeback
    The First Order Jumptrooper feels a bit weak.
    The death trooper is fine but his sonic imploser is a bit worse than it was in Battlefront 2015
    I think the other reinforcements are in a very good state
    Thanks for caring about feedback, you’re doing a great job
  • Buff the Droidekas. and maybe do a small nerf to the wookie warrior.
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