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Netcode questions.

1. Does anyone know the ms range for the connection bars on console? I.e. is a 3 bar connection triggered by a ping of 300ms? A 2 bar by 500ms? The bars are not very informative.
2. How does the netcode balance players? I did a private match test with some friends and had one player tank their connection mid match. As soon as they did everyone got the bad connection warning. So how much lag compensation is in effect? How much is prediction? The laggy player also seemed to get pretty forgiving hit boxes, while I recorded a few shots that just didn't register. In regular online matches I noticed it only takes one laggy player in a lobby to lag everyone. And I mean serious lag, no rubber banding, but getting shot 600ms behind cover and extra hits to kill. Fully charged pulse cannons no longer kill but only do like 90% health. I'm not just missing and getting frustrated. I recorded gameplay and watched it frame by frame. (also tested a fully charged pulse cannon will kill a trait level 3 bodyguard with bacta at any range no matter what part of the body you hit... unless there is noticeable lag.)
3. I play on Ps4. Where are the U.S. servers? I live in east coast, but seem to match up with some of the same players if I pick west coast. And the connection seems the same. For me the connection is usually decent. When I notice lag I open the scoreboard and 9 times out of 10 there is a player in the lobby sporting a 3 bar connection.
4. All these questions are research for a youtube video about how to play with the lag. I love this game and as the player base gets really small we encounter players from far away more often. If you want to keep playing you have to deal with it. I just wanted real facts as opposed to my personal test results. Thanks!


  • Glad im not the only one.
  • Thanks for the reply.

    I tried to contact EA three times to ask these questions. The EA help gave me a form letter answer twice about fixing my bad connection... which wasn't what I was asking. The third time they admitted they did not know the answers and told me the developers were still active here and If I posted my questions in the forum I might get answers.

    Still waiting...

    I'm going to do more tests in game and when the video is finished I will post a link here. I would still love any helpful information.

    Thank you.
  • OcDoc
    2100 posts Member
    Unfortunately, I don’t think you will ever get official answers to these questions. You MIGHT get more information about it long from now when they upgrade their servers and move on to a new coding system for server communication and processing but it is unlikely while the game is active.

    Theoretically you are supposed to be connecting to a server in Virginia but the location of the servers for EA is a secret so nobody can sabotage them (which is a legit thing to be concerned with). So who knows if it is really what the game says it is. Plus you can get kicked to another server if the game decides to match you elsewhere.

    A solid portion of the complications people complain about are likely from processing and communication errors rather than bugs in game code. I really don’t think they can fix a lot of that without moving on to a new game with a new engine and some major server changes but I am not a game coder just a guy willing to do some research on the topic.

    Good luck getting answers to your questions! You never know.
  • Thank you for your reply.

    I agree that this thread was always a shot in the dark.

    I don't know why net code/ lag compensation is such a big mystery. It seems that developers just don't want to talk about it. A huge part of the player base has never heard of it or thinks it's a made up thing like bigfoot! Net code and lag compensation are actually not official terms. Without some sort of balancing these games would be chaos.

    I play Dark Souls 3 too and the pvp in that game is p to p. Hits are confirmed by the player getting hit and player positions are communicated without a central server. Sooo sometimes you can swing your sword repeatedly through a player to no effect while they run in place. They teleport, swing their weapon far out of range and one shot you... Imagine shooters working like that. I mean we all get lag one shot, but that is because the other player has been shooting us for half a second before we are notified by the server.
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