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Capeless Dooku skin just happened in HvV as a glitch-possible skin in the future?

I was playing as Dooku a half hour ago and I initially appeared at the start of the match with no cape and it was refreshing to play without it surrounding the Count of House Serenno himself. Is it possible to get this skin eventually in the game?

There are 2 variations, I think and I'll buy them to support this game if we can get them:




  • This would be a really easy to make but really cool skin!
  • This would be a really easy to make but really cool skin!

    I wasn't expecting the glitch to happen but I just imagined being immersed as the same as those who used the Dark Ritual or Exquisite Pajamas skins. This was the skin I wanted the most in the game along with the hooded skin:


    He uses capes at certain times but not always in the show, mostly because the cost to animate a cape is alarming, according to the stuff I found out about Vader's cape being only the expensive cost in Rebels. That's why they've been trying to not make new cape-wearing characters unless it's relevant to the story.
  • You will get it

    For only 100,000 credits!
    OOM-9 Hero Concept by AzelfandQuilava

    OOM-9 Canonical Material Check-List:

    Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace
    William Shakespeare's The Phantom of Menace: Star Wars Part the First
    Ultimate Star Wars (Reference Guide)
    Star Wars: On the Front Lines (Reference Guide)
    Darth Maul: "Who is supervising the search for the Gungan cities?" Nute Gunray: "Commander OOM-Nine." Darth Maul: "A droid. The predecessor of your inept B-Ones." Rune Haako: "A superior droid, Lord Maul. Viceroy Gunray's personal guard."
    Bring OOM-9, Hondo, Bo Katan, Mara Jade, Dengar, IG-88, Greedo, Zam Wessel General Veers, Tarkin and Rogue One, into the game we must. The way this is
    Tell Me. Have You Ever Heard Of The Tragedy Of Darth Coyler The Wise?
    A OOM-9 Thread!

    Episode 9's Ending
  • "I've become more fashionable than any Jedi."
  • ROMG4 wrote: »
    You will get it

    For only 100,000 credits!

    Could be Common skin, unless you think Dooku deserves to be Legendary!

    Not even Vos and Ventress can assassinate him in Dark Disciple:

  • "I've become more fashionable than any Jedi."

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