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November Community Calendar

Ways in which Battlefront 2 is like a bad girlfriend / wife.

This is just a silly joke thread, please try not to take it too serious.

You rarely get to play when you want, and how you want.........but....................when you do? Oh is it good...right?

Its beautiful to look at on the outside, yet comes with inner problems and drama that much of the time can make trying to get along with them quite difficult.

Demand almost 100 percent attention constantly whenever they are in your presence.

Just when you think you have got them all figured out, they flip the script on you and show you that you do not, and in fact know nothing really.

A lot of the time you feel like you just don't get back even half of the effort that you put into the relationship.

Is never on time yet expects you to always be.

Forces you to endure situations and places that you honestly don't care to. But you do in a hope that the future will be better than the present.

Is a game, within a game, within a game...

After a few years in the relationship you sometimes get that fleeting moment of clarity and realize that you have been slowly desensitized to all the problems you had in the beginning and merely accept her now for how she is (think the frog that would jump out of a scalding water pot, yet if the heat is gradually increased he will stay till it cooks him).


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