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Noob not leveling up question

Hi guys, just got the game 2 days ago, have about 8 hours logged and don't understand why my classes aren't leveling up. I tried a search on here and watched a ton of youtube videos but they all say the same thing. They say the more you play a class, it will level up. I have been playing specialist with many many kills and it looks as though i dont have a single bit of XP at all? Im playing PC and offline as internet is not stable, and the only thing i can think of is that you need to be online to level up? Also not getting any progress on my challenges, for example the one where it says "play a game mode for 10 minutes". I have played plenty of 10+ minute matches. I feel like I am definitely missing something because the game seems to think I basically haven't played at all yet. Any help would be appreciated and sorry for the noob question.


  • just to clarify, I am playing single player but i am technically online, with ea account linked and i have the option of playing online. just not because the wifi is slow. tried every game mode except multiplayer
  • You can only level up in Multiplayer. You don’t even need to level up in Arcade because everything is unlocked and fully upgraded...
  • Oh okay thank you. I was wondering about instant action because nothing is unlocked, but based on what you said i am assuming it will carry over. Thank you!
  • I think it should be the same as in Arcade but they forgot to make it so. So maybe in a future update...?
  • kinda miss the old progression system from 2005:'(
  • They are thinking if they unlock things in Instant Action, they didn't think about it on the first release, so they are locked (it sucks)
  • jonci
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    Your internet may be pants but try online co op see if you get in game and give it a go.
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