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December CC

starfighter onslaught still broken??

how, after all this time, and so many updates, does this mode still not work. enemies fly out of the combat zone and dont come back, or, if you kill some, they are not replaced. it ends up being that, within a couple of minutes, usually less, that you are just flying around an empty play space. i havnt played in a while but fired it up today because to be fair, it sounds like you put loads of effort into making this game rather good. i figured i would warm up with some onslaught, but was instantly hit by the same problem i had the very first time i played it. are you going to fix this at all? is it fixable? if not, why not simply remove it from the menu. i am going to play more. i will give the instant action some play time, as that was the reason i jumped back on. But to come across this issue within minutes of turning the game on leaves a very bad impression and almost makes me want to just turn it off again. whats going on guys!!!


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